Superheroes, vigilantes or samaritans?

I say samaritans cause I believe that justice must be demanded, with special thanks to superheroes that don't need guns to kill, cause they never. Those who calls them vigilantes, cause to them, superheroes always barged in the scene, getting all the credits for their heroisms, while cops and law enforcements get treated like mall janitors.

Posted by CrimsonCake

I'd call them superheroes,I usually refer to more brutal crime fighting characters such as the Punisher as a vigilante.

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Some are samaritans. Some are vigilantes.

A lot are a combination of both, though the degree to which they are one element or the other varies.

Posted by BlueLantern1995

A vigilante breaks the law when seeking justice often killing and/or maiming their opponent. Samartian goes and save the innocent even if it causes them problems and so I say Superheroes are Samaritans.