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Is English you're first language?

As to the questions yes and no Metahuman covers all super powered humans

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I'd say not exactly. Mutates were mutated while meta humans have a metagene that allows them a mutation at birth, or to mutate when exposed to certain conditions (such as radiation). Basically Meta Humans can be mutants or mutates

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Mutants tend to be people who were born with a mutation...meta human is a general term which includes augmented humans like Cap and Spider-man Hulk etc...

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Mutates/Mutants is Marvel, Metahuman is DC

Metahumans are anyone with powers, Superman is considered a metahuman

Mutates are people who get their power from some energy/compound

Mutants are people who have the X-Gene.

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Mutants are born with a genetic aberration that can lead to whats known as superhuman abilities. Activation of this aberration can depend on many factors such as stress, puberty, or the fight or flight response. Usually the mutations are completely random. The mutant gene can be passed down to parent to child, there have also been cases in comics where two mutant parents have a child with no mutation at all they are born completely "normal". Mutates or Metahumans are completely different they normally have no genetic aberration encoded in their D.N.A at their birth. They however gain their abilities by being exposed to some sort of catalyst such as radiation, experimentation, exposure to some sort of alien compound, that alters the body on a genetic or cellular level. For example Hulk, Fantastic 4, Ms. Marvel, Rage and many others. I hope this explains it a little bit better for you :)

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stress or puperty? how/what about autisms, does that count?

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Mutants were born with there abilities.

Meta humans received there abilities through other means.

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Mutants in the Marvel Universe are born with the "X-Gene" which determines the special power they will have. Mutants are usually associated with the X-Men series.

Metahuman in the Marvel universe generally means Normal Humans who gained there power through riggurous training or means (i.e. Cap used Super-Soldier syrum, Black Panther trained and uses Vibranium, Iron Man made his suit).

Metahuman in the DC universe usually means the same as mutant from Marvel, but they wouldn't say mutant because they would be accused of ripping of Marvel.