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@novemberx2 said:

I love how marvel cleaning house on its stupid concepts. So here's a list so far of the stupid elements they've got finally got rid of:

Infinity Gems/Glove - Magic stones which make no sense which fit a human hand shaped glove. Destroyed in New Avengers

Galactus - Giant purple clothes wearing man who speaks English and eats planets - sent to insult to ultimate universe before being finally sent into the negative zone to die in Cataclysm

Phoenix - A fire bird that has the unexplained power to do anything (Like the infinity gems), likes to possesses human and do predictable things with them. Wiped out of existence at the end of Avengers vs X-Men

The Watcher - A man with a large head who speaks English and refuses to interfere but all ways does, sometimes just be showing up he interferes. He's gonna die in Original Sin

What is next the cosmic cube? (Aka the magic box that does exactly the same thing as infinity gems)

He'll be dead for like all of Original Sin..

Also.. I love all of the thigns you called stupid.

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Don't understand why Gladiator would be portrayed in this arrogant way. even before the humbling events of Infinity he was always a pretty level-headed, understanding and compromising guy. I like it when characters change because of events but I liked Gladiator as the bad ass he was

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Goodness Gracious I'm beyond Excited for his! It's about time Iron-Fist go his own title again, great character with amazing lore to him, so man stories to tell. Art looks superb also, perfect for this title.

#4 Posted by devourerofworlds (32 posts) - - Show Bio

All the art on this project so far is unreal.

#5 Posted by devourerofworlds (32 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't really remember seeing Uatu with blue eyes before (usually just blank)....? Regardless, this event looks promising so far, pretty fresh idea to have a bunch of skeletons in marvels closet come out and effect the characters individually with meaningful tie-in stories for each one as well as a big battle rather then throw them together in a big battle that seems meaningless to a bunch of the characters and have half baked forced tie-ins. Glad marvel is trying to step their "event" game up ever since the disappointing cluster f**** that was age of Ultron..

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Considering giving this book a shot now that Dillon is off it. His art was just too bulky, motionless and inexpressive for me, especially with such and an action based comic

#7 Posted by devourerofworlds (32 posts) - - Show Bio

Increase of faith and excitement has been born from this trailer, well done. Really glad to see that the whole movie won't be in earth/earth space, its just wouldn't be right. But I saw a Warp jump right before they go fight what looks like the Enterprise's evil older brother.

#8 Posted by devourerofworlds (32 posts) - - Show Bio

Silver Surfer, he sees things as they are without the clouded judgement of emotion and has the best morals. Also with Galactus as head of Planetary security...

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Outstanding scene.

#10 Posted by devourerofworlds (32 posts) - - Show Bio

Dope poster! Definitely is going to have new tone from the first one, can't tell if its Kirk standing there or not but it totally could be. Really pumped for this one, and we haven't gotten a lot of extremely early released material so the wait isn't going to be that long thank goodness.

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