Batman Villains Through the Ages

This is an attempt to catalog all the Batman villains. I've tried to only focus on the costumed characters that are usually referred to as Freaks and not include plain clothed criminals but there are a lot of characters who walk the line. I've finished the Golden Age and the silver age.

The list is chronological, based on when Batman first encounters the character as a villain. The focus is on Bat-villains, so if the character is from someone else's rogues gallery (like Weather Wizard) they won't make it in but if the character is a general villain (like Solomon Grundy) they will.

I'm up to 1975 but I've started realizing how many 1 shot bad guys Batman encounters. I started leaving them out in the golden age, which was easier because most of them were barely more than mobsters with aliases or at most a mask, but the silver age has just such a large amount of one shot costumed villains. I'll have to think harder about some of these foes and decide whether to create a page for them or not.

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