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The Devil's Mark Assassins was a group of female professional killers that was founded by a woman named Charlotte Machiavelli. After her passing, it was passed down to her adopted daughter, Evelyn Queen alias Queen Cobra. She disbanded the team of assassins to form the Devil's Mark Sisterhood.

The Sisterhood:

The function of this collective is to serve as a haven for women of potential or proven evil leanings. Each sister is free to take her own commissions outside of the sisterhood, but if the sisterhood calls, she is required to answer. In return she will be allowed to live as long as she wishes in the DMS house, make use of jobs suggested to and by the other sisters, training, and call for help whether it be in physical, psychological, medical, monetary, or legal. If there is any question regarding the distribution of these charities, it should be brought before Evelyn Queen and the rest of the sisterhood. Along these lines, sisters may not kill other sisters. Any matter of such severity should be discussed with the sisterhood. Sisters may present missions to the rest of the sisterhood and form sub-teams within the sisterhood for that mission.

The House:

The house of the Devil's Mark Sisterhood is a mansion of fifty rooms, twenty-five bathrooms, a large kitchen furnished with a cooking staff, a dinning hall, a lounge and living area, a ballroom for parties, a pool, spa, and patio, a gym and training area including an indoor shooting range, a large garage, and a laboratory and workshop. There is a hired cleaning and maintenance crew as well as lawn care specialists for the outside.

Concerning Expulsion:

Expulsion from the sisterhood maybe a punishment if a member refuses to heed the call or her devotion to the sisterhood is in question, kills a sister, or is consistently found to be a weak link as decided by the majority of the sisters. All of her benefits will be withdrawn.


If you are interested in joining you must apply with the founder and head of the Devil's Mark Sisterhood, Queen Cobra. You must be a woman of either neutral or evil alignment who is willing to do what the sisterhood requires.

The Devil's Mark Sisterhood House