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@FinalStar86 said:

" @Random Bucket said:

" @FinalStar86: I made my  case with the characters snake has fought and then expressed my opinions read what I posted and you'll see my case you either believe what I said or don't stop saying express you're case when I clearly did. Many may have thought me wrong but that's their opinion after reading everyone elses arguments but that doesn't mean I just plain said he gives him a somewhat good fight for no reason. "
That isn't a case [if it is its pretty weak] one of those characters Snake didnt even beat, the others are nothing like Cap. The BB corps are lame, even Lady DS and her Reavers are more dangerous then they are, Gray Fox held back on Snake and Vulcan Raven is just a big guy with a gun, slow and no brains. and Sniper Wolf needs special medication just to snipe which questions her crediblity   Most of these fights Snake won with help and weaponry so really, its just comparing apples and oranges "
@FinalStar86: Correction. The only thing Gray Fox seemed to held back with was his plasma canon. He used his speed, stealth camouflage and reflected bullets, ect.
Vulcan is more than a man with a big gun. He has super-human strength, resistance to cold and magical powers, and the Vulcan can fire 
6,600 rounds per min.
Wolf doesn't need medication to snipe. Her going a week without food and water is nothing to do with the medication. The medication only allows her hands to never shake.
Still, Captain America most likely takes this fight.
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@daak1212: Deathstroke should be able to solo everyone of them, on a one on one fight.
But...if he's like the middle, with them having formed a circle around him, camped in good, I doubt he'll win.
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@daak1212: What kind of armor does he typically use? If you mean Kevlar, it can only take a certain amount of hits, before it starts to break down.
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On a note, it'll actually probably be better if the bullets weren't armor piercing. They would have a higher chance of when they hit an arm to come out the back. While if not armor piercing, they could hit the arm, bounch off through the bone, tear down the stomach and come out the back.
However, they could hit a skull and tear down the insides of the body, causing less-damage. While on the other hand, if they were armor piercing, they would go straight through the brain, causing far more damage.
Basically, it depends on where the bullet hits, to decide the better out-come of which bullet would be more effective.
And for the topic, are we talking about like a Marine Corps or Army Swat, or just the civilian SWAT?

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@Decoy Elite: Well, playing the other games wouldn't help much. Wesker's displayed more and better features in RE5, than any of the other games.
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@Sexy Merc: You don't think Veg was good? xD. He trained so much of his life to surpass Goku.
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@Decoy Elite: I had no problem at all seeing Wesker. Neither did Chris, Jill nor Sheva, in order to get shots that almost connected with Wesker's head.
Of course, I still think Wesker wins this.
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I think it's between Veg and Piccolo.
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@Decoy Elite: Wesker can be seen, he only appears like a dark-black blur.