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@NickA:  That's because Raiden is weak in Outworld.
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1) This is primary a comic-book site.
2) They've not played the classic MK games, so they DO NOT know much about MK.
3) One I use: it's a video game. You can't expect everyone, other than the main character in Conquest, to be supped up on many, many abilities in one game. After all, a game can only hold so much.

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@FinalStar86:  It was empty because he left it, but he was indeed inside of it when it exploded. Look at how far Rex is from Snake in the video, and imagine how powerful that explosion was that Liquid was in the center of. Didn't you hear him yell? 
As for being knocked off, he was. Snake knocked him off in MGS1.
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@FinalStar86: Look at the video, or did it lag out?
Liquid was knocked off Rex, in MGS1.
Sometimes durability can = strength. Like Liquid surviving out in the snow, without a shirt, is durability. But taking the force of that explosion and a fall from Rex would = durability and strength. If one can take an intense fall without any noticeable damage, and still walk, they would have super-human durability and strength.
But yeah, team 2 owns.
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Sorry to say, but Liquid and Snake loses. Snake is just too inferior.
And Solid Snake DOES NOT have super-human strength, Only Liquid does. Like Liquid said "the project was to make the most powerful soldier possible." And super-human strength characters existed before Liquid's time.
Surviving a fall from Rex and an explosion this powerful, shows Liquid does have super-human strength.

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1) Hand-to-hand combat; no powers.
2) The ice warriors gets to use their powers, and Kenshi can as well.
3) Overall fight. Powers and weapons can be used. Meaning, Kenshi can carry his standard weapons and Sub-Zero and Iceman can forge weapons out of ice.
No dragon medallion for Sub-Zero in none of the fights.

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The only thing the rage seemed to did was alter the characters' personality, making them turn on their allies.
Sub-Zero should've stood NO CHANCE against Raiden. Raiden, in an extremely weakened state, held his own against a fully-powered Quan and Shang for an extended amount of time and almost/ could've won. I think it was pretty obviously Raiden was toned down in that part, or wasn't fighting at his full potential, so don't let that fight fool you. 
Anyway, Sub-Zero has not really used any abilities that'll let us say that he'll beat Iceman at an Ice fight. However, empowered by the dragon medallion, he could be in Iceman's league; I'm not sure until he use a big feature. But even if he is; it's not like Iceman couldn't tear the medallion from him.
Until then; Sub-Zero only wins in hand-to-hand combat.

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@NightFang:  Bruce, without his suit, can still win. I think Big Boss would have a slight edge, though.
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@FinalStar86: Don't implied that I stated Batman's endurance is weak, because I did not. 
Big Boss also has survived multi-punches directly in the face, nose, ect by Volgin, who has super-human strength. 
 I guess mixed martial arts are flawed in your opinion? He's not a terrible fighter;, he tagged The Boss and Gene.
Incredibly slow? Yet he managed to tag Gene and The Boss, who was far more faster than Batman. So here, your logic fails.
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Gene - apparently he can change position and move back to the former position so fast that it appears he didn't even move. And Big Boss managed to defeat him.