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@King Saturn: I'm doing what you did: assuming something with no proof.
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@King Saturn: That makes perfect scene.
I need to fight someone just to lift off the ground.
Go play MK. The majority of Kang's and Lao's training is identical. Not to mention they're both shaolin monks, and is on one another's league.
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@King Saturn: Go watch the movie again. I think running at the speed of a car is super-human speed, and a punch is extremely more and easier faster than a person can run. You were saying? Not to mention she punched through a causal human, nothing peak or super-human about him.
I went over this before. Characters like Hulk limbs weights a lot, and their fists are far larger than Raiden's. Why would they need to hit something at super-human speed to cause such damage?
Yes. You COULD tap someone's head and break it easily if your limbs weighted much as the Hulks and had around the same-size fists.
Yes, Kahn isn't that fast. As for Raiden, I'm not sure how fast he is at max-power. I'll at least say peak-human, but teleportion makes up for it.
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@King Saturn: Are you basing on game-play or a cut-scene? Mine is on a cut-scene. And it's not juggling. They did NO juggling.
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@King Saturn: Actually, she hit him pretty fast.
Plus, the guy was locked down into the seat by the seat belt, allowing more power, force and speed of the punch to be displayed.
Raiden has never held anyone, and gave them a direct punch, where all of it would be displayed.
It's like a baseball bat. You can lay it on a person's head or give them a tap, and it's nothing. But, when you use speed, it'll destroy the skull.
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@King Saturn:How when it's it a canonical cut-scene? Do you honestly believe what you just said?
That's like saying I cannot fly unless I'm fighting someone, when it's easier to fly without fighting someone.
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@King Saturn: You're forgetting Kahn neither Raiden are giant like the Hulk. It requires 'speed' to punch through something thick. If Raiden arm weighted a ton, sure, he wouldn't need to move fast at all.
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@King Saturn: Yes, it is.
I stated before after Baraka was stabbed in the chest, he did a flip and attacked Kung Lao. Baraka still was in the air when he fell.
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@King Saturn: Yes, Raiden use hand-to-hand combat A LOT. But you can't assume ones strength like that. Raiden never grappled. He's mostly a stand-up fighter, and no one has been able to overpower him in a full-power state. In when he was weak, and fought both Shang and Quan, in hand-to-hand combat, when he blocked their punches it was with ease. He had no trouble taking their punches.
The same with Kahn. He's primary a striker. And since he's rather slow, you can't expect him to knock a man a mile away. He doesn't have the speed to, but speed and strength are two different things.
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@King Saturn: Is the juggle in MVC actually in a cut-scene?
And the truth is, before they actually attacked, they were still in the air. It's not a juggle to me, it's more of a flight. Even when Baraka was stabbed, he did a back flip, and shot Kung Lao. Baraka didn't even fall from the sky or almost did when he was stabbed.