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SUNMAN said:
"There are rumors of one final Power Rangers movie in the works"
These rumours have been around since 2005/06 and unless the storyboard is at least as good as the end of Power Rangers in Space(Countdown to Destruction 1+2) i think it isnt even worth it better yet i think it would be a DBE level fail.
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Vance Astro said:
"Sentai is better anyway."
I already agreed before you posted lol
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Lethal Weapon said:
  1. Mighty Morphing
  2. Power rangers turbo
  3. Power rangers Lost in Space
  4. Power rangers Zeo
  5. Power ranger wild force
  6. Power rangers Ninja Storm
  7. Power rangers SPD
  8. Power ranger Jungle Fury

  9. Power ranger Time force
and countless others"
O i can do waaaaaaaaaaaay better then that lol
  1. Mighty Morphing Power Rangers
  2. Mighty morphing Alien Rangers
  3. Power Rangers Zeo
  4. Power Rangers Turbo
  5. Power Rangers In Space
  6. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
  7. Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue
  8. Power Rangers Time Force
  9. Power Rangers Wildforce
  10. Power Rangers Ninja Storm
  11. Power Rangers DinoThunder
  12. Power Rangers SPD
  13. Power Rangers Mystic Force
  14. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
  15. Power Rangers Jungle Fury
  16. Power Rangers RPM
And that`s how it ends lol
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King Saturn said:
"The Power Rangers still come on TV... they have a New Series actually..."
Yes but this is about what`s gonna happen next year.
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I feel bad for the Power Ranger fans out there but i`m happy for the rest of us live-action fans its time to go for them so Disney can stop f...... up Super Sentai.
To bad you guys its to late for you but at least Shinkenger is save XD

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Nighthunter said:
"show hasn't come here to mexicoso who has appeared? I know of Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, Green Arrow, Jonah Hex, Bronze Tiger, Adam Strange, The question, Wildcat, Aquaman and the Atom who else?"
Just finishing your list lol
Elongated man, Etrigan the Demon, Red Tornado, Sherlock Holmes, Deadman, Speedy, Kamandi, Doctor Fate, Jonah Hex, The Question, Jay Garrick and this week Huntress by guess of the title^^
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Vance Astro said:
''I haven't seen a post from Res all month..."
look back a page lol
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G-Man said:
"Keep in mind, this show was in the 70s.  Not sure when the Power Rangers started out there.
Already said it but im gonna do it again XD
Super Sentai: 1975 first Robot: 1979
Spiderman: 1978 Robot: 1978
Power Rangers (in japanese Dubs) : 1994 (What the hell where they thinking?)
So in fact Spiderman is the first Japanese Tokusatsu show to use a giant robot and the first Sentai robot came out a year later in Battle fever J that also was a collaboration between Marvel and Toei (and the last) so im kinda getting the idea that it was the Marvel side who made it up the huge robot idea no Marvel no Zords for the Power Rangers that`s for sure^^
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@Sun its Super Sentai lol

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Kurrent said:
"Is that a Spider-Man Mega Zord
ROTFLMMFAO! Spiderman had a Zord before the Japanese Power Rangers had theyre first in 1979 yep Marvel`s fault XD