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@jloneblackheart: No but you guys should make do with Dragon Knight for now that`s cool enough for the moment (in comes Disney lol)
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@eganthevile1: ^what he said you added a lousy page which made no sense 
1 pic of Kamen Rider ZO a different character 
@eganthevile1 said:

" @jloneblackheart: They are all The Masked Rider, just differant secret identities, you know CV rules, secret identies dont count unless they are very seperate from the hero identity "

2 Totally not true in fact all those aliases are wrong from Ichigo to Double its always been another guy with a different set of powers and identity (except Black RX who`s the upgraded form of Black in the original story line) so not different identities of one person.
                                                                                                            Notice how there`s not one Kamen Rider but rather 26
2 The powers of Kamen Rider Super-1 what does he have to do with anything else on the page? nothing
3 i`m assuming this is for the American Masked Rider (which was the American adaptation of Kamen Rider Black RX) and not all riders right? well then i made a bad since i made it into Ichigo`s page instead of that Edenoid loser`s page... so ehhh.. yeah sorry about that but it actually makes more sense that way!!
Guess fans would appropriate it more if you actually took a little bit more time to learn about the characters before you add something blindly to the wiki.
 @jloneblackheart:   i`ve been having those covers on Animevice for months now haven't thought of that yet?
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@CortSether: Right now its a Samurai theme and Go-onger is going be the last Sentai series to be turned into the Power Rangers (RPM rulez) at least for now. So no Samurai`s for you guys next year its just going to be the original Power Rangers remastered into a new hd version. O and new toys also (i for one am looking forward to that). And yeah Super Sentai is at times way darker then Power Rangers especially the older series (1st Yellow ranger died in battle, hell loads of people died just in the first episode) but that doesn't make it better then Power Rangers i can still enjoy the Saban ones more then Go-onger funny as the series may have been.
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@The Amazing Spider-Boy: that was the taboo subject on rangerboard right? yeah i hated them for it (altough Disney is also partially responsible) but atleast they didnt use the VR Troopers or the Mystic Knights for villains :P



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Power rangers with a darker tone? already existed like 15 years before MMPR but it never got trough like that to the west!! blame the American censors for that!!! XD

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Wow $7.99 for a Uncle Scrooge comic? here in Holland the prize doesn't get higher then €2.00 for most Disney comics (more like magazines in most cases)

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@Magnus/Murdock: Welcome o i forgot...

Zaido is a Pinnoy super hero team who actually leeches of Toei`s legendary Metal Hero Franchise (who also helped Saban spawn much better American shows like the Beetleborgs and The VR Troopers). I hate the characters. I hate the Fan boys/girls. and i especially hate the fact that Zaidork Blue is supposed to be a direct descendant from the legendary Shaider and i`m a big Shaider fan so i`m really pissed about that.
And that`s why i was so reluctant about telling about this brown spot on the walkway xD
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Magnus/Murdock said:
Are there any?
Emmm... same question as Mr.Miracle but for the hell of it
Fillipino heroes and Indonesian heroes 

Fillipino Superman is named Captain Barbell and the Indo Superman is Godam ^^
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