My letter to my characters (updated)

Dear Yoshua, Tsukino, Pieter, Jules, Keiro and Ankou  

First of all Yosh give John Constantine a couple of free pints for the trouble of coming all the way to my multiverse once again.
Hope you don't mind but your gonna collect dust for a while, sent Lexi a thanx for all the fun we had over at the 9 Lives.
Give our little girl a kiss for me, and im gonna give you a new look at the end of the week its gonna be awesome.

Pieter be nicer next time!!, don't forget the wedding!! it should be around that time again.
You should be having your own adventure blog any time know.
And sorry but your going to North Korea at least twice this month its gonna be annoying and painful.

Jules YOUR NEXT!!! and you know what i mean!!! so get of your lazy @$$!!! >.<

Keiro new upgrades will arrive soon just remember to train hard and keep going to school.
And give you know who a kiss from me. ^_^

Ankou i just lended you to someone what`s gonna happen ?
i dont know but from my point of vieuw your in good hands from youre point of view emmm.... wel mail me later XD

Tsukino yes yes i sent you to the Playboy its no crime its quite benificial and im said i would add you to the vine within the year.
And did lucky you my masterpiece ^^

Okay the Clubhouse named Ice Escape!! clean it!!!, im not gonna do it for you people. 
And i certainely aint gonna make someone for you to do it >.<
Well that`s it i know im cruel but its for the best hang tight for now we`ll keep contact.

Love you all forever :D
Sincerely Benjamin Carlo AKA You`re dad, God, and worst nightmare!!!.

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Some fav Dutch music.

Cuz im to lazy to go to Youtube over and over again :P


Kane: Damn those eyes.


Kane: Sweetheart (R.I.P Guusje T_T)


Kane: Let it be


Anouk: Michel (first song 1998)


Anouk: It`s so hard


Anouk: Nobody`s wife


Anouk: Sacrifice


Anouk: One word


Krezip: I apologize


Krezip: I would stay


Krezip: Promise

Well that`s about all for now i wanted to add another band but i lve so many of their songs that i will make a seperate blog for them ^^
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