Batman Vs. Ironman

By Adi Granov

First round is Bruce Wayne vs Tony stark. A battle of wealth and resources.

Second round is a man to man battle. Hand-to-hand combat of they're skills and wills to survive.

Final round is is hero to hero. Fully suited Batman vs fully armoured Iron man. Morals off. No prep.

Who wins?


War For Gotham (Movies edition)

Gotham has been conquered by criminals and divided into three separate regions. The first is ruled by Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shadows(movie editions). The second is ruled by The Joker and his gang of the Criminally insane(movie editions). Finally, the third is ruled by Bane and his group of ex-league of shadow members(movie editions).Meanwhile, Batman has been killed and Gotham is without a protector. The war for Gotham finally culminates in an all out battle on the streets of Gotham. The three groups and there masters are all personally involved in the battle. Its to death. Who wins?