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Then why is it that gymnasts and dancers wear tights all the time if its not comfortable?

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As seen recently being a SHIELD Director is tough just wanted to know peoples opinions on them from Nick Fury, to Cap and everyone in between

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I think the reason they wear such skimpy clothing is cuz its comfortable, think about track runner,gymnasts, divers all wear either tight fitting clothes or just less

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Spiderman had a beginning too, hes had his fair share of failures and successes but its time to give someone else a chance. I love Peter of course but im interested in watching someone else go through the struggles he went through. Most superheroes we see work in teams and so get less personal time with Spiderman we really got close to him. I have watched Peter grow up in the Ultimate comics from a kid interested in getting the girl to a man willing to sacrifice himself for the better good now its time to see how Mr. Morales handles some of the same situations. I'm excited

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yes the protagonist is the biggest bada$$ on tv

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I watch both and love both of em although i think i like Justified a little better

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I guess what I'm trying to figure out is that in the MU which is supposed to feel real (at least more real than DC for ex. with their made up cities an all) why is it that there is such a divide between mutants and "heroes". I've never seen anyone hate on Spiderman for being a mutant or on the FF. As time has gone on Marvel has been turning superheroing into a profession almost, with the Avengers being basically strike teams that work for SHIELD and so i am wondering why not bring the X-Men into the fold and make it complete. I think it would be fun, more character interactions and think of the possibilities it you got a team with Cap., Stark, Emma, Thor, Cyclops, Magneto, Ms. Marvel and maybe even a Hulk think of the story potential.

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@Deuce: Just thought that maybe the world wouldn't hate them so much if they worked with the other heroes who don't get nearly as much hate
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Why does it seem as if the X-men are given their own space in the Marvel community. There is of course interaction between them and the rest of MU but I feel like they are left out. For example in Civil War they were officially neutral (ummm what?) and Steve Rogers is Top Cop during Fear Itself but he doesn't seem to have much contact with Cyclops or even Emma Frost who basically run the mutant population. While Wolverine and Beast addition to the Avengers seem to bring X-Men closer to the fold it just doesn't make sense to me that Cyclops leader of a huge population of mutants has not contact with Steve who is basically in charge of coordinating superhero efforts. Just my two cents

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I would, also I understand the Hiro argument I just dont think he can get it done