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I still don't understand why they can't bring both Steph and Cass back. If they want Barbara to remain the only Batgirl, Steph could be Spoiler and cass could be Black Bat. I actually think it would be really cool if they did like a Team Batgirl/Batgirl Inc. with the three of them. They have an interesting dynamic and it would make fans happy. Goddamn it DC.

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She'd totally listen to black metal. Dark, moody and, more importantly, totally satanic. lol

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I just want Claire to at least be one of the main characters. She has been my favorite in the RE series since the second game and I miss her (/sad).

However I would totally be down with Barry returning

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I don't think Tim has met a girl that is "perfect" for him. Maybe one day there will be, but for now I think he is better off single.

As a big fan of both Tim and Steph, I just can't like them together romantically. I've tried and something about them together just irks me. I actually really dislike the couple and I can't understand why they are so popular together. I get that they have history and all but I think they work best as good, platonic friends.

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Kevin Conroy by far. I always hear his voice when I read Batman.

As for live action I would definitely go with Keaton. While I love the Nolan Batman movies, Bale never really felt like Batman to me.

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This is absolutely amazing! I love your shading and ink work. You have really interesting character designs and I like your style.

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Wow, this is some truly professional artwork. I love the style of all of these, especially the details and color schemes. I also love how everything is placed and how you convey the movement of the characters. Well done, I love it!

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Hahah well I guess I'll find out for myself. Thank you guys though.

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Well I'm brand new to this website, but I''ve been a comic book fan for years. Anyway, I recently read The New Teen Titans: Terror of Trigon, which I loved, and I was fascinated by Raven's character. I was wondering what some other good comics/graphic novels that focus more on her are? I know she was reintroduced in the 3rd Teen Titan series. Are those any good? And if so what are some good issues to pick up?

I figured this was the best site to ask.

Thank You.