Beyond! mini review

Beyond! is such a sweet mini series. Love the art, the writing, the twists (some predictable and some not).
It wasn't the most epic of stories but it had a subtle brilliance about the human/mutant/alien/in-human condition.
And it did a great job showing each character's unique personality really quickly in just the first issue.
It was paced well, good characters and dialogue.
Again, not the most amazing thing i've read/will read. but a very good above average series.

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Posted by SamLynn

How many stories are in the mini series?

Posted by Detergenttripod

There are 6 parts

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More like 5/5. That mini is AWESOME. In fact it is one of the books that got me into comics. The story was interresting, the charactors were cool (even Mac "the fail" Gargan), and the ending was EPIC. Truly BEyond! was one of the best comics EVER MADE in my opinion. I would recomend anyone give it a try.