Comic Companies that I recommend for Comic Starters

Here's some Great Comic Companies I recommend for those who are starting to collect comics also you don't have to follow this list all it is it's just my own opinion about how great are these Comic Companies like DC Comics

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Posted by Zaber

What about Top Cow or Image Comics? 

Posted by Detective Vector
@Zaber: I would recommend those two and I'll update my list
Posted by Trodorne

Dark horse for people getting started into comics will often go for any Joss Whedon titles like Buffy, Angel and Faith, or Dollhouse. Others there is any Star wars title that is up on the shelf. 
 Since Top Cow is owned by Image its just safe to say that for both Image and Top Cow one could try there hand in Witchblade, Walking Dead series has been something to bring people over to the shelf and start picking up ahead of the tv show itself and so the gritty series before it became popular.  Invincible is a great young adult super hero comic that almost sometimes does not take itself too too serious.