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Really, it's safe to say that Wildcat has given fighting lessons (Not just boxing) to everyone who has been in the Justice Society, however brief. With the addition of Batman, Superman, Catwoman, and Black Canary(who was also in the JSA). On a non-fighting, but still awesome note: he had a 'thing' with Hippolyta.

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While Jim Craddock did come from England, he'd moved America, where he continued his career as a bandit and a con-artist, and was hung by gunfighter Hannibal "Nighthawk" Hawkes, who thought he was trying to make a move on his partner Cinnamon. This wasn't true (and, as Craddock made clear to Hawkman in the fourth volume, "A gentleman never oversteps his boundaries with the fairer sex."), but it was only after Craddock has been hung that Nighthawk learned the truth from Cinnamon about what happened: that he hadn't tried to rape her, and was only guilty of trying to steal her most valuble posession, that being her sherrif father's golden badge, and when she discovered him, that they'd simply ended up having a scuffle.

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Yeah, I'd say PG is has some of the inconsistent writers for her powers..

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@GundamHeavyarms said:
Yeah, PG's costume works for her, the cleavage window is her thing.  I love how he calls Black Canary a tramp.
Haha, immediately too. "Well she's a tramp!" 
There is a part 2, and a Green Lantern special; but I figured if anyone was interested they would find it on their own..
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 Just to add in my little rant there...  If anyone is mad about scantily clad impractical outfits, I would like to introduce you to the Martian Manhunter.  Take a moment to really look at him sometime, what the hell is that?  He looks like a big green Dom with a cape. 

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Personally...  I think they're all just comic characters, and it doesn't really matter.  Not everything has to make sense, if a character has a cool look; let 'em have it!  If a silly outfit is enough to bother someone that much, they don't need to read it!  Go read a different comic.  Renee Montoya has a pretty plausible outfit, go read The Question if skin tight outfits bother you that much.  To me, part of the whole Superhero theme is to keep with some kind of tried and true tradition; and in that tradition is silly costumes and preposterous body proportions.  There are so many threads ragging on what girls wear, but male characters have some ridiculous things going on too.  Muscles upon muscles upon muscles.  Superman's chest measurement has to be Obscene in some of the comics.  Hell, look at Magneto!  I wish I was in half as good of shape as that WW II Concentration Camp victim is!  Even Professor X has been shown as being pretty meaty, but you never see him curling weights in his wheelchair. (Unless that is, using his mind powers somehow also works out his muscles...) 
All in all, people should just lighten up...

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I've always thought that thought they're similar, Power Girl and Supergirl are still quite different people.  I mean sure Kara Zor-El is a teenager, she'd have to start hitting the super-gym Hard to start looking more like Peeg.  And usually PG is drawn with a stronger (more masculine) chin and jaw...  But that's just me...

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"Totally unchanged (survived all of Flashpoint and into nDCU unchanged)" 
Power Girl is a survivor!  She should remain the same Power Girl that made it through the Infinite Crises to bid Earth-2 fair-well, and retain Some history to all the legacy DC has behind it...

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Coming out first in 1940, being the first superhero team ever in comic book history; I think they deserve a little more respect than it seems they're getting.  I just don't think the DC world is complete without these Golden Age heroes who have been around since World War II, both in the comic world and ours in a way.  Gotta' say, this is one DC fan who isn't looking at buying any new comics anytime soon...  Guess I'll be able to pick up some of the older ones to complete my collection though.. 
(It would be funny if somehow Power Girl was once again, still aware of the universe change.  She's survived so many so far, it's a shame to ruin a good thing! XD)