Power Girl "Makes it work"

Here, we have Tim Gunn (Fashion consultant, "Project Runway" host, Chief Creative Officer of Liz Claiborne Inc.) and  Alan Kistler (Internet personality, author, comic reviewer, "Crazy Sexy Geeks" host) team up, and take a look at some of the finest hero's costumes.   Mr. Miracle, Star Sapphire, Power Girl, Catwoman, Spider-Man and Batwoman, who can "Make it work"? 
(Personally, I agree with most everything he had to say; particularly on the subject of Power Girl. [6:00]  Something I've been claiming for some time now, both girls and guys in comics have ridiculous outfits; but at least hers suits her well.  The bit about Spider-man is also pretty good.[7:10])

And that makes you cool?

Personally, I just don't really understand the fascination with so many characters with godly powers (and are not Gods themselves).
I know, they're comic books; but I like a little spice in my read.  If the characters are so beyond the abilities of anyone else around them, there isn't much point in reading them (In my opinion).  If there is no reason to Worry about the character, I don't believe you can really Care about the character; since you know that they're going to win eventually.  Sure yeah, Superman died...  But wasn't that just to delay the schedule for the wedding in the "Lois and Clark" television show?  Some characters take the Rocky Balboa approach, lose a couple times; have tragedy in their life... And Then come out on top after much tribulation, that makes the story Much more interesting them. "I punched him in the head, and he died... I can move planets around without breaking a sweat." And that makes you cool?

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