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One would think one as he would know worse things.

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@sweetsnowbell: It sounds that way but a lot of the times it isn't. The big words and the academic writing style have created that impression but I don't really feel like its all that. In a way a lot of the continental tradition is just literary worldviews. Its the kind of thing you would think of when you're sixteen and smoking pot but dressed up with a PHD, an editor and a lot of verbosity. Not all the time, but a lot of the time.


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@arquitenens: Reminds me I wanted to teach you. But for the pure enjoyment of it here a youtube video (with subtitles):

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You seem to be educated. I am impressed. Not everyone would have gotten this.

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@strigidae_23: Wittgenstein was an actual genius. Instead of philosophizing on anything he instead philosophized on language itself. His thoughts are intriguing but the deeper he got into them the more absurd they became. lol

The spelling is pretty easy. You could build the same word in English, it would just be several words. In German you simply add several words together and don't separate them. lol The former word in English would be: blueprint for the construction of a holder for a special screwdriver that is used to screw the screws on the door of the cabin of a captain of a cruise ship that sails on the Donau. You could make the word even longer but I became tired. lol

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It looks like someone got the reference. I wonder if you know what I mean if I call you a Modern Prometheus.

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@strigidae_36: True but we were also pretty beast back then. I recently re-read my training post in the Wildcardz.

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@despair_: Yeah, Bentham did the same thing. I kinda get their point; how can you say you have a moral system if it only applies to some things? But at the same time you can't really live by act utilitarianism or deontology. As an intellectual exercise its interesting and enlightening but a useful ordering of the universe must contain an ethical system that doesn't include a cognitive load too great to be practical. And that's my rant ;-P

That's true. The english translations always have these ridiculously complex phrases that defy all sense of proportion hahaha. Probably waaaay easier if you can just build a new word for what you want to express!

If you want to read something really quirky I recommend either Schopenhauer, Wittgenstein or Heidegger. All of their theories actually make sense as long as they remain in their own context but take them out of it and BLAM! they implode. Not even explode, I mean IMplode.

On the other hand there's always a lot of ridicule as Germans can literally build endless words. Donaudampfschifffahrtskapitänskajütentürschraubenzieherhalterungskonstruktionsblaupause is just one favorite example. We even have a game about it. It's called Rhabarberbarbara. ;) It favors philosophers of all kinds but it is the bane of every non-native speaker (and of some of the less intelligent native speakers as well).

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@akira_overdrive: Good thing I learned to save everything I write, hm? ;)


Her interference with the so called "supes" was the result of one single man contacting the female merc, an man she is proud of knowing and having contact to even to the present day. One of probably the most arguable persons on world, a man that has worked as a hero, a villain and a merc from time to time. A legend in himself : Akira Overdrive.

AK 47

He wanted to have her on his team and who was Risky to deny. Working with the legendary assassin was like a license to print her own money. Making her way through the bamboo forests of Japan she sought out the ghost and passed his trials to be one of his agents. Together with a few others they formed a team, the Wildcardz. And not a single minute to late. There was an event on the horizon none of them could really have foreseen but it was a chance for the growing team and their experienced leader.

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I assume you are much closer to birds and reptiles anatomy-wise?