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Life was more cruel to others than it was to the girl that goes by the name of Despair now but few cherish the irony more...

From the start of her life on Despair had more than most people could ask for. She was born into an old and wealthy family in one of the better parts of Chicago. Being the only child of that family she was brought up in the best way the vast wealth of her family was able of buying. A lot of toys, private schools and teachers, her own pony and everything else (and more) that she could ask for. Strangely, Despair was not happy. Being beautiful and smart even then (she could already read at the age of four) she was always the center of attention when she attended family celebrations with her parents and she earned a lot of compliments for her good upbringing and manners. And again, strangely, Despair was not happy. Even when she was a child of three she was already shy and introverted, uncommonly sad and silent for a child of that age, always seemed to be in deep thoughts. A brooding child is only cute for a small time and when she reached her sixth year of life and her condition had only worsened, she closed herself up in her room and would cry for hours without a real reason. Of course her loving and nevertheless proud parents were troubled. But what to do in that condition? Her parents did the right thing.

It was when she was sitting in her room again and laboured over a poem book she had gotten for her birthday when a strange man entered the room. In herself Despair was not interested in speaking to that man but her good manners and her overall inferior complex that dominated her so much forced her to speak to him. And they spoke of a lot of things. How she was feeling right now, how she was feeling all of the time, what her thoughts were, how she thought about herself, her parents and everything else. When they had finished their conversation two things had become obvious to the visitor in Despair's little world:

1: She was a remarkably intelligent child with very good manners.

2: This family had a depressive six year old.

Further test followed to confirm the diagnosis of the famous psychiatric Dr. Jemas Anderson but as expected he was right. A chemical instability in her brain caused a severe depression that took hold of her whole life and that depression would only grow with her getting older. Understandably her parents were shocked and relieved at the same time. Shocked because their little darling was ill and unhappy all the time. Relieved because the affliction was now known and could be dealth with appropiately. So they neared the problem with the most successful method they knew: MONEY!!!

Half a year later they had finally found a medicine that lightened up Despair's mood without affecting the rest of her body at all. Hard thing to get an anti-depressiva for a six year old but with enough testing (of course on other subjects than their loved daughter) and development work, her parents finally accomplished that task. With the help of that medicine Despair managed to get back on a normal level and though she was never an exceptionally joyful child she lived the next seven years without greater incidents. But that unfortunately came to and end as she reached puberty.

Puberty is not easy, not for the parents and especially not for the child. For Despair it was even harder. Boys started to notice her in school and she got a huge amount of proposals but she refused all, not really interested in any of those spoiled brainless sons of rich families. No day went by without one rich brat trying to hit on her and she started to get more and more annoyed. Rebellion and negative thoughts kicked in and she refused to take her pills anymore saying they only surpressed her true self. And suddenly her depression kicked in again. When a teen is depressive that's just normal to most people but Despair (as she was now called by her peers because it was similiar enough to her true name) took that to new heights, or better depths. Taking on a goth attire that only suited her natural paleness and beauty she was soon known throughout the school. Though her excellent notes did not drop her social status did and she didn't care. One could call it a disastrous flashback but the worst was still to come...

The big event happened when she was sixteen. There was a big party staged by the star quarterback of the school and due to her good looks she was invited as well. At first she didn't want to go but after a major dispute with her parents they forced her to go for the sake of "getting back into civilized society again". They wouldn't keep quiet so she went. And hated every minute. Brad, the quarterback, didn't leave her side all the time when all she wanted was to be left alone and talked to her ceaselessly. More and more anger rose within her as he talked and talked and talked and pursued her through the whole house. No place to be on her own. All that trashy music when she preferred classic. Drunk people hitting on her all the time. Jealous cheerleaders throwing bad gazes at her. The whole thing started to get menacing. That was when the REALLY bad thing happened...

More to come soon

Powers and Talents

Despair might be physically weak, obviously lacking the raw strength in her tender angelic frame that other people around her posses but she makes up for that with her powerful mutant abilities and her intellect. In the last super classification run she was ranked in below average in her physical traits but at least one of her mutant abilities was classified as Omega.


Despair does not reach the genius level but is nevertheless extremely gifted and much smarter than most people. She is able to comprehend complex issues and attempt to successfully solve them. Her intelligence has carried her well through school and the rest of her life and serves her to her benefit even now that she has entered the strange world of the superbeings. She is superiorly skilled in mathmatics, physics, chemics, and other sciences as well as an expert in several languages, maybe even breaching the border when it comes to use and comprehend English.


Although this is rather a secondary mutation Despair is also a telepath. And again there are people vastly more powerful than her. Compared to people like Emma Frost, Charles Xavier or even Jean Grey Despair is nothing, a flea against giants. Her power level was ranked in as average, meaning roughly 60% of world's telepaths are on her level and stand a decent chance of defeating her. That doesn't mean that Despair is not dangerous though. She is still capable of invading a non-telepaths mind, reading his thoughts, canceling his powers, controlling him, shutting off certain regions of his brain and even causing a stroke in the opponent's brain. Telepaths may still be strong opponents but unprotected individuals are in danger, especially since Despair is also able to affect their emotions and thus further weaken their defenses.


Despair's main power and her greatest curse. She is probably the most powerful empath on the world even easily outclassing heavily experienced people like Chris Angel, LexiCat or Cordelia Frost with raw power alone. Her powers allow her to affect a huge area, whole countries, perhaps even continents. An unknown mutant who witnessed a display of her powers once called her "the empathic equivalent of an atomic bomb" but even this strong image is not enough to adequately describe the scale of her power. Whole nations would tremble in fear if they knew the true extent of her power. So far she has shown no limit of her powers, in fact it is possible that she could influence the world with one gigantic empathic wave that sweeps over the earth surface like a tsunami. It could be her most powerful weapon in her arsenal.


she could control it. Most of the time Despair has troubles keeping the unbelievable energies in her under control. It is a constant struggle not to unleash her own feelings and give birth to disaster. Even worse she has the habit of absorbing the feelings around her and making them her own, the stronger the emotion, the worse. In the end she acts as a mirror for those around her, amplifying the emotions to a maximum, where it becomes unbearable. This what she calls an "empathic loop" and what often causes major riots in her vincinity. If she would be able to control it she might perhaps become one of the most powerful beings on earth with complete control over everyone's feelings but as it is now she is only a threat to herself and others since she is not able to control it most of the time. So far she wishes to be free of this power, the source of all her problems and her isolation.


This power is the only one that does not stem from mutation. Quite the opposite, it was learned by hard studies and trials. Several years she has trained under the tutelage of Darkchild, paradoxically calle the dark master, to acquire a mastership of the light arts. The price was high, even dire but she was willing to pay it. But why? The answer is simple: To redeem herself. Because even if some people may think otherwise light magic is not about shooting bolts of light, flying or banishing demons the purpose of light magic is a completely different: Purifying. Despair's sole purpose for undergoing the pain and the hardships was to clear herself of the negative emotions that dwell inside her and that she receives from others, she even hopes to purify her own sending and thus finally gain control over her empathic powers not only through the light arts but also through the strong discipline that is required to exercise them.

Until now Despair has shown following feats of light magic (though it is possible that she will display more as the duration of her use of the arts and thus her understanding will grow):

Light Bolts

Usually Despair projects those bolts through her hands although she has also been seen sending them out through her eyes and seldomely even her mouth. They take on the appeareance of spears of light that rush at the opponent with incredible speed. Worst of all they are somehow aim seeking, following their targets around corners and through thin walls once shot at a single target. They can have two effects depending on the intention Despair had when firing them.

The simpler one is creating searing, burning heat. The exact heat is not known but if she chose to do so she could easily burn a human to nothing more than cinders.

The more complex one is purifying a person of sins. Of course this comes with severe regret. Much like the Ghost Rider's penance stare they force a person to experience everything bad they have done as the victim again and again. The more evil a person is, the worse the effect, grown war criminals fall to the ground and cry like little children and dictators can do nothing more than shake heads about their own crimes. On the base of this effect Despair hopes to cure herself some time in the future.

A melee version of this power has also been seen:

The Light Sword


Much like certain users of the darkforce are allowed to use the darkforce dimension as a mean of transporting themselves Despair has discovered a way to open portals to the light dimension. Since the distances in the light dimension are not the same as in the real world she is able to cross great spaces in almost no time. The problem is that travelling through the light dimension is not easy. The heat that constantly dominates this realm is harmful to everyone but the practitcioners of the light arts and even for those it is not without risk. They have to keep a perfect concentration and upkeep their shields not to get burned themselves. Due to her extensive studies Despair is even able to take others with her though she seldomely chooses to do so because it is a great risk since it strains her own mental shields very much to protect herself and the other passengers. A common appeareance for her gates are clouds of white light.


Her light magic also enables Despair to levitate. Horizontal movement is not really limited but very, very slow about the speed of slow walking. It doesn't enable her to fly or pull the same maneuvers that used flyers like Feral Nova do but she can hover at almost infinite height and not even the strongest winds can affect her although sufficient force of solid objects can push her back or even pull her down back to earth. As an added bonus she can let others levitate with her. While she levitates a glorious halo of pure white light surrounds her. To others it may not seem very impressive but it can still save her from falling to certain death or evading otherwise dangerous grounds like lava or grinding blades.

Force Fields

For her own protection Despair can errect force fields of radiant light. The strength of those force fields depends on her concentration. The harder she can concentrate (not such a simple task considering the constant distraction that the feeling of others pose when they storm in on her) the stronger the force field will be. The range of this can reach from stopping simple unarmed blows without superstrength to even deflecting powerful energy blasts that may play in the same class as Andferne's optic blasts or LstPaladin's dreaded god blast though it is unlikely she can bring up the necessary focus for such strong barriers. The size of those force fields is also dependent on her concentration and theoretically she can encase others in them too.


Light is also the element of rejuvenating. Drawing life energy from the light dimension where it flows in abundance Despair injects the person of need with an extra shot of that energy through laying hands on the wounded. The result is impressing. The sudden repowering of the body connects bones and arteries, closes wounds, fixes organ failures and brings the body to revert itself into the original state before the wounds. Despair is even able to "purify" a body from drugs or other poisons by causing the body to "burn" and reject the harmful substances. While she uses this ability the white light of healing covers her hands. Again this feat is dependent from the concentration she can bring up, the more concentrated she is the more severe the wounds she is able to heal and the harder the drug she can cure.


Using the purifying energies of the light dimension Despair can banish beings from other dimensions. Most probably this will be demons who are mostly destroyed in the process if they are not extremely powerful or succeed in resisting the banishing attempt for some reason but also other beings like elementals of all sorts, inhabitants of the 5th dimension, even angels and other more obscure beings are not immune to this effect. Although they are not destroyed like demons tend to be they are returned to their home plane and find it quite difficult to return for they are weakened by the disorientating and burning experience. The big disadvantage is that she has to speak a Latin banishing formular in the process. Although she is perfectly fluent in Latin and the outworlder is caught in chains of light right after the first few words, the verbal component is absolutely necessary for the ritual to work and she can't do anything different than concentrating on the banishing. That means other allies of the soon-to-be-banished can still attack her or if somebody manages to silence her in some way the ritual will be disturbed.