???The Superman Speed Blitz????

On the battle forums theres always talk of DC characters Speed Blitzing ftw. Im only going to discuss Superman. My question is when has superman ever actualy speed blitzed anyone? I will admit that dont read much DC, but from what I have read he doesnt use this tactic in battles. Now if all these people on this website think Superman's opening move is Speed Blitzing I must wonder if I am missing something.

To clarify what I mean by Speed Blitz, I consider it rushing someone as soon as the battle starts. That means no talking, no trading blows, no checking out the enemy. Just attacking as soon as a threat is revealed.

My exact problem is that Superman doesnt kill, so therefore he wouldnt Full Power Speed Blitz a character he doesnt know (thor, hulk, sentry...etc). I dont even think he would even use of his 50% power. It simply cant happen for his fear of killing anyone. So how often does he Speed Blitz characters from his own Universe? If he doesnt, why would he Speed Blitz anyone for from a different Universe?