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@mightypug78 said:

I like it alot. Feminine while still looking like something a warrior like Diana would wear. This would have been a great costume for the new movie coming out. Still cant get over wonder woman wearing what looks like high heels.

Oh, please no high heels. That would be just stupid. She's supposed to be a warrior and not a pseudo-medieval-model...

@viin said:

Don't like the spikes but I can deal with pretty much everything else. Not the biggest fan of the boots either but I will see what its like when I see more artwork.

Same here. Don't yet know what to think about it. Gotta wait for more artwork before I can make a final opinion. But the blade-extensions of her bracelets should be removed. They're totally unnecessary and look out of place.

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He looks too much like Superboy.

More like Superbadboy. Judging by the spilled blood at his feet. Is Superman now going superdark? He kinda looks like he could be a hero for hire...Is that the new way?

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@The Stegman: Sorry, I truly overread the OP. My fault...Won't happen again! :P But still..."New Aventures - Batman" is the same as "JL/JLU- Batman", which is why nothing changes in that case... :)

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I'm going with Batman from TAS. He's superior in every way - intelectually, emotionally, mentally, physically. I think those compilations (not my work) proof that.

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@Lvenger: Maybe I mixed up that case I'm sorry.


And BA has hardly ever used magic aside from the Shazam bolt. He doesn't use magic lightning fists or lightning a la New 52 style.

OP says that New52 feats and other stuff is allowed...I should leave that thread. Still have to calm down from that off-topic, non-CV-stuff...Just waiting for my first apology to be possibly accepted by Ancient_0f_Days...^^

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I was actually talking about that one fight...Here:

But, right, that's off-topic...However if BA uses magic to his advantage, he might win, though it's still a tough call as Zod is still a beast...

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@Ancient_0f_Days said:

@DesertHunter24: HAHAHAHAHA, man, you buggin. I'm only asking for what you said, you said Black Adam beat Superman on many occasions, and you can't show me one? Man, ain that some sh@t ...... doesn't show much for reliability huh, you over there calling me a..what was it you said?

@DesertHunter24 said:

a crybaby-fanboy... who's trolling? Do you even know the definition of trolling? All I was doing was asking for evidence and asking you if you were mad, you sure typed like you were mad, now it's official. But YOU were in fact trolling....and just so you aint got it twisted?


Let me start of by explaining what trolling actually is! Trolling is a user who posts to incite flame wars and continues to post in a manner that is offensive or posting something that has nothing to do with the thread. Baiting other users into an argument and continuing that argument in hopes of offending that user or the community. As such this is not allowed on comicvine and will be dealt with according to the comcvine guide lines! again if you can not debate civilly and with out trying to ignite a flame war then comicvine is not the site for you.


I know what trolling ist...Sorry, man, there was some other off-topic stuff that totally killed my patience! So, here's my official apology! :D

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@Lvenger: Whatever...on one of the scans BA stomped Steel, WW and Guy Gardner into the ground. I think It's impressive enough as we know that WW can beat Supes...

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@Lvenger said:

@DesertHunter24: None of those scans actually prove that BA can beat Superman by the way

@Ancient_0f_Days: More on the topic point, nor am I. Both are ruthless but Zod has better combat feats whilst BA has more general feats. Tough call

Right, however in that fight Supes didn't beat Adam. Captain Marvel did though that was possibly part of the plot to introduce Billy in a good way...Sorry, but I don't have the rest of the scans... :/ However! That's all I said: tough call...No, idea why everyone is tryin' to kill for that...

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@Ancient_0f_Days said:

@DesertHunter24: so basically you can't show me Black Adam beating Superman....huh, surprising.....not LOL.

Dude, I don't have all the scans in the world! At least I found a scan where they fought to a standstill. However in that fight Supes couldn't beat BA. Captain Marvel did...However the Spectre scan is the more impressive one...Btw, stop provoking me and trolling around. What've you proven? Nothing...What are you actually trying to? To prove me wrong? That's trolling. Come up with some useful scans on your own, or stop replying to me...