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@granitesoldier: Flash being the only true hero isn't really a plus for me. I don't care if Eddie gets the symbiote but I wish someone other than Flash would get it so he would become a villain again.

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  • Vixen

She really hasn't appeared in the new 52 so I can't say if I want to see her in book.

  • Stargirl

She could be interesting for short term.

  • Mera

Never saw the appeal of the character.

  • Black Canary

Not fond of how she's been written in the new 52.

  • Zatanna

If they get her away from Constantine and the JLD sure.

  • Hawkgirl

Not the way Earth 2 has been going end of the world. It seems like DC is leading to a merger of the two worlds which has left me uninterested. Before that it would have been interesting.

  • Poison Ivy

Big no

  • Cheshire

Not interested in the new 52 version

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With what they've been doing to Superman's universe this news has me worried.

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@risingbean said:

@dboyrules2011 said:

@risingbean said:

@dboyrules2011 said:

@wolverine08: I posted on this thread to make my posts count higher.

I still don't give a f*ck. Period.

You can have 13,000 posts and not have a damn thing worth listening to.

For that matter what does it matter what a users post count is? Is that how you rate people? I rate people who actually have comments worth reading, as most mature people do. Anyway, I'm sure there is a Sesame Street thread that needs your attention. Go and raise that post count!



I'll break it down Barney style.

1. You say you posted to raise your post count.

2. Post count isn't a sign of anything. It isn't a badge of honor. It doesn't elevate your status. It simply shows you post. Maybe you post stuff worth reading, maybe not.

3. Odds are that if you post to simply raise your post count, what you post isn't worth looking at.

4. You sound immature.

5. I'm sure that you don't care about point #4 and thus will continue your current path which is sad. Good luck with that.

1. Okay.

2. I never said it was. What are you talking about?

3. Maybe, maybe not.

4. Whatever.

ok I think it's time to give this conversation a rest and move on.

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@dernman: Nah, I saw the previews for it. But I never gave it a chance. Were those episodes good?

It's better than the previews but not something I'd get exited over. Maybe it gets better. I'll eventually give it another try. It's different than the movie though it does follow the Gecko Brothers if I remember correctly.

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@silkyballfro94 said:

@dernman: BRB The Gecko Brothers (George Clooney & Quentin Tarantino)

BRB Robert Rodriguez

BRB Bar in the middle of nowhere

BRB Harvey Keitel

BRB Vampires

BRB Vampire Cheech Marin and Vampire Danny Trejo

Have you watched the tv series yet? I've only caught a couple episodes,

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From Dusk Till Dawn. You couldn't ask for a more badass movie.

I liked that movie.

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Sorry to see you go. Hopefully after some time off you'll come back like others who have left over poor modding. A few are mods themselves. Keep that in mind.