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Unconfirmed Rumour regarding Superman's New Power

I probably won't put this in the OP since this news is totally unconfirmed and comes from a post on CBR's Superman forums who saw a comment on a Facebook community page from somebody claiming to have read Superman #38 somehow:

Thus, the credibility of this source is weak. But the idea is rather interesting so I thought I'd share it on this thread.

Sooo sorta just like Supergirl except she doesn't lose her powers after?

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@thedailybagel said:

@theacidskull: hiro kala does have a hulk form, he's just never used it.

That's not the problem.

He's technically dead.

Comics the only place where you can honestly say death isn't an obstacle. :p

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I may not like Doc Green for long term but the series is good and it's doing one of the best things possible. getting rid of all the other Hulks.

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I can't stand Ultron's voice. It's way too human sounding.

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@squalleon: I still think it's too far up the hand but that just be bad art by a bad artist. Seriously some times I can't even make out the page.

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Stupid race change. Stupid character change. (he's not suppose to be "big and hunkish") Stupid Jimmy Olsen even being on the show.

Too be honest the whole show sound dumb.

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What's wrong with it going all around the belt if I may ask? Superman's costume is supposed to be bright and filled with primary colours yet Lee's design involves a rather muted colour palette. This at least makes things a little more balanced. I'll have to disagree with you on the Smallville belt buckle because that's my favourite design for a Superman costume thus far so I look on it rather favourably.

To answer you question I don't think there is an answer that wouldn't just come down to personal preference and taste. Maybe I might have liked the yellow going all around if the whole belt strap was yellow but the stripe just bothers me. I say might because I'd have to see it. Anyway I was fine with the buckle just not with the strap because the yellow going along the borders of the red. EDIT: Perhaps maybe original Lee red strap belt with Smallville yellow buckle would be good.

I agree that fan designs on Deviant art and other online art sites are much better than the majority of Superman costume designs. Any specific alternatives you would have preferred?

I'll try to find them again and post them if I do.

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Terrible choice for Sarah Connor. She's a pretty doll not a bad @ss like Linda Hamilton. Also don't like what I'm hearing about the story.

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@lvenger said:

@dernman said:

I don't like the yellow belt and HATE the fingerless gloves.

But the yellow belt's part of the classic costume. And it's worked really well on other Superman costumes e.g the Smallville Season 11 suit.

The underwear was also part of the original costume and I'm glad that is gone. Anyway it's not so much the yellow itself but how they inserted the yellow. Take Smallville's belt. I would have been fine if they had the yellow on the buckled but they then made it go all around the belt. That ruined it for me. I just thing it could have been designed better. I would have liked to see some alternatives.