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I'd like him to have several persona's and aliases that he uses to accomplish things he needs done. John Jones would be one of them. He would be retired from the force working as a P.I..

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I don't if you mean a cosmic being. He should be what he is an Alien . Now if you mean cosmic character maybe I'll be open to it. Though I'd miss his detective side along with my vision of him being the guy who works behind the scenes in the DC universe. The one who secretly gathered the JLA together and the like. If Superman is the first, symbol to all heroes and people, the guy everyone looks too to lead the board, Martian Manhunter would be the unknown grandfather and one who's been secretly molding the field for the heroes.

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Tri-Force@deadite @rouflex

' but on a serious note, dude these threads are forbidden @gumflabica

heh There is Storm trying to get a moment to shine but the spotlight is stolen by two other X-Woman. I'm sure Storm fans can be trolled with this somehow.

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Yes and I ruled with an Iron Fist. I took their things and plundered their woman. Then I got bored and went home. The world doesn't speak about it but I'm now immediately related to 4 out of 5 families that were located in Europe at the time. It would have been more but I'm only human.

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@jayc1324 said:

I do not wish to start a flame war, so I'm not gonna say wolverine.

As someone who likes Batman but goes on and on about his PIS, I believe he can with prep.

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@avenging_x_bolt I was actually thinking "thread created by embittered Bat-fan to rustle jimmies of detractors of the character by lumping them all together ". Not to say that there isn't any truth in your words but this hardly seems like a mature, classy, or original way to handle it,


I don't think you know what irefutable means. Sure some people may disparage batman for the reason you give but some people simply don't like the character while others just like to watch bat fans freak out about it.

I like batman but it can get pretty damn funny watching you guys get all defensive.


Also lets acknowledge it seems any form of criticism is called hate and that many of the people doing the criticizing actually like Batman if not among their favorites.

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I cant wait to see someone take this new, practical costume & just hyperly oversexualize it. Because her costume covered 99% of her body, & only looked like it was body paint over her very large boobs & sucked into her belly button because someone drew it that way.

& another thing, this word REALISM, please LOSE it when talking about superhero comics. She is a lady with spider powers fighting aliens. But YES, lets have her dressed realisticly. You know what would REALly happen if Jessica was exposed to WTF ever gave her powers? It would probly kill her, or give her cancer. Thats REALISM for you.

Whatever, its the same basic design. Just not sexualised, assuming that was an issue to anyone. If it sells more comics, it worked, if not her book will get canceled.

Now, can we just kill Jessica & bring back the REAL Spiderwoman Julia Carpenter?