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Nude photos of all the DCU woman.

Superman's b@lls.

A man lasso.

Blackmail Photo of Luthor in a dress.

A prototype Robin Robot because they keep growing up and leaving him.

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Gods meant different things back in the day. They were not all powerful all knowing beings. Take Greek Mythology. People were getting cursed left and right because they were better then a god at something like racing, hunting, looks or outsmarted. They were much more human and with faults. It's only recent times with the rise of certain religions where there is only one allknowing/allpowerfull perfect being that became more popular that the idea of a god has changed. Now religion from countries other then the western world. You ask them about god you are going to get a different concept then you would from the western world.

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@ComicMan24 said:

Bye bye CV. It was fun while it lasted.

Darn it fix that thing and come back. You say it only happens on CV so it must be something simple.

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@daak1212 said:

@Dernman said:

No she chose neither. Ya she took Wolverine up on his suggestion but she didn't want to be at the school anymore then she wanted to be at Utopia. She didn't want to be with the school because of the way they treated and looked at her like they were afraid like she was this monster that could kill them at any time. She said she didn't fit in with them.

She still on Wolverine's side though, they both just know the school isnt the best place for her

Nah man there is nothing that suggest she is anymore on Wolverines side then Scotts. Ya she is cool with Wolverine closer to Wolverine but she's cool with Cyclops also. Plus unlike Wolverine he doesn't treat her like a child (her words) nor does she share his belief that the kids shouldn't fight.  It's everyone else who has a problem with Scott letting her be in X-Force but as she said it was her decision. Both places for one reason or another wasn't right for her that's why she didn't choose. No scratch that she did choose she chose Avenger Academy. It wasn't just that she felt both places weren't right for her which is true but she actually wanted to go there. Hell if it was the school that was the only problem then she would have followed Havok and Polaris to X-Factor like Wolverine sent them to do. 
As it is she went from one school to another.
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Then it's a no go. TGO is an anti-bearite.

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Well...........Do they speak french?

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You all should just quit and let the winner (Dernman) win.

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pfft 98% of the people who said they were not into her would go for her if she gave them a hint of a chance :p
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JLD: Justice League of Dernmen

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@ReVamp: Oh I got a better idea. What if Risk wasn't a TT but one of the NOWHERE kids that were captured and are working with them already. 
They could do an arc where TT stop NOWHERE from capturing Risk not knowing it's a set up to get him on the inside.