GS and DM's Swole your Role- Second Instalment ANSWERS!

Answers thread to our second edition of SWOLE YOUR ROLE!

: Hey what are your guys opinions on running in the morning versus running at night?

GS: Personally, I find no difference when you do it. The best time to do cardio is when you choose to do it as long as you do it. If you do it in the morning you may burn more calories since you start in a deficit but you can't go as long and you lose out on some of its other benefits because of the lack of time. If you do it at night you can go longer and at the end of the day you are still burning calories.

DM: There are both positives and negatives to doing either. If you run in the morning on an empty stomach, you'll burn more fat although you'll potentially have a poorer physical performance due to not being fuelled. At the same time, it basically comes down to availability and preference.

: Does running help tone your body?

GS: In a sense, yes. You look at a marathon or track runners in the Olympics and you will see all those guys are very defined but some of those guys are actually kind of squishy muscle wise. But that's because they have a very, very low body fat percentage to where they just look tone. I don't think it is the same as actually doing toning exercises, so high reps low weight, as that promotes some muscle growth but tones them out. You can be super skinny and look really tone but if you want that kind of tone where you look somewhat muscular and have solid muscles, you would want to lift some weights or do some body weight exercises. The running in general would just keep excess calories from building up.

DM: Tone your body in what sense? Lot's of exercises can do that. If you're trying to build muscle, then weight lifting can help you can get a toned or muscular look. Running or any type of cardio for that matter helps increase endurance. It obviously can help you burn calories and lose some fat, but it shouldn't take precedence over weight lifting or full body exercises for cutting down some weight as cardio only burns calories while you're performing said exercise. Lifting weights allows your body to burn calories for up to 32 hoursafter your workout!

Your opinion on the no carb diet?

GS: I'm very against this. Carbs are essential, they should honestly make up about 60% of your calorie intake on a regular basis. Carbs are what you use as energy and help stimulate muscle growth. If you're looking to tone up or weight loss I would recommend carb cycling. Which basically means you simply change up the amount of carbs you eat everyday. So say Monday you eat carbs with 4 out of 6 meals but then Tuesday and Wednesday you eat carbs for just 2/6 meals. Then Thursday you eat 3/6 meals etc.

DM: Depends on what you're trying to do. If you're trying to cut down fat really fast, then it's a decent, but dangerous thing to do. In general, you'd be in a constant cutting phase and you wouldn't be able to gain or maintain muscle as your body would be focusing on eating your muscle for energy as you lack carbs which your body uses as it's main source for energy besides fat. If you're trying to build muscle, then ignore it completely. Carbs are your biggest calorie and energy source and the only way to gain muscle is by eating more food. Protein has the least amount of calories out of everything you eat when regarding muscle growth.

How many steroids should I shoot into my neck at night....and how do I cure the backne ??

GS: Use bovine roids. It's like buying something in bulk and you don't have to use as much every time. Proactive

DM: Pills work better bro and just rock the makeup ;)

: I know it's against what is advised, but when lifting weights on smaller reps it is easier for me if I don't breath everysingle rep. Try to change that?

GS: Breathe anyway.

DM: Oh mate, breathing is the most essential thing to do while lifting weights. If you don't breath, you aren't transferring any oxygen to your muscles, which in turn doesn't allow them to grow. If you learn how to control your breathing, it will help you lift better and in turn, allows the muscles to recover better as they need oxygen just as much as any other body part, even more so because your physically exerting your body.

nick_hero22: Do you have a 6 six pack (I had to ask a slutty question)?

GS: Yes if its a must know. But, with bulking season upon me soon it might go away but I bulk in necessity so I just have a surplus of calories without overbulking and it going to fat.

DM: Haha, yes, but as I'm in my bulk season, it's impossible to pack on muscle/weight while maintaining a ripped six-pack.

cattlebattle: On a serious note...what is the cheapest method of gaining weight ......and, how much time do you spend and how often do you do cardio

GS: Creatine powders. Gained 20 pounds in 2 weeks but I looked bloated and gained a lot of water weight. I won't knock creatine since it is a necessity and your body makes obtains it naturally from some foods we eat like meat and fish. I spend maybe 4 days a week doing cardio due to my job but on my own terms maybe once or twice a week. So 5-6 times a week at most.

DM: Cheapest way? Dirty bulking. Eat anything you want. Go to McDonalds, eat at buffets, or basically eat anything you want. The majority of body-builders go down this route because it's the cheapest and easiest way to get your food rather than spending it on several different types of supplements, etc.

When bulking, I do single body workouts everyday of the week, but when I'm cutting I usually stick to 2 body splits and cardio every other day.

Xanni15: Are there certain body types that no matter what you do (outside of injecting stuff. :\), you won't get bulky? Like say some people will always have longer muscles while others have more compact and bigger muscles?

GS: Nope. A lot of bodybuilders that don't shoot up are even said to go against their genetics. As long as you eat the right foods in a good amount and a solid workout program, you can put on size. It comes easier to some but it is possible with the right program.

DM: You're referring to what is called a specific body type. There's most commonly ectomorphs and endomorphs.

Ectomorphs are constantly skinny and thin and have an extremely hard time putting on weight as their body just burns more calories.

Endomorphs tend to have high body fat counts and easily gain weight albeit they have extreme trouble cutting down. (I fall in this category).

Mesomorphs are the lucky few who have best of both worlds. They can easily cut and gain weight and have the best body shape for athletics.

Favorite exercise? Most efficient exercise? Hardest/most difficult exercise? Most painful exercise?

GS: GS: Deadlift

Most efficient exercise?

GS: This is a very general question. Depends on what you're doing and what muscle you are working. For weight loss, my favorite is a dumbbell squat with shoulder press. For muscle building, the powerlift squat as it works a large muscle group and having strong legs generally helps with plenty of other lifts such as bench press, military presses etc.

Hardest/most difficult exercise?

GS: Proper squatting form is difficult to learn when a certain weight threshold is breached. Harder exercises that you should have a spotter or be careful on that I do are half bubkas, guillotine press, and seated behind the head military press with a barbell.

Most painful exercise?

GS: I don't think exercises should hurt. Soreness and a good contraction is one thing but if you're wincing in pain don't do it.

DM: Obviously this will differ completely for every person but here's my personal opinion:

  • Favourite exercise= Pull-ups
  • Most Efficient= Squats
  • Hardest/Most difficult= Deadlifts
  • Most painful= Anything can be painful without proper form.

YNCG: What is the most unhealthy/fatty food you've ever laid your eyes on?

GS: Anything by epicmealtime but a lot of the stuff they make looks delicious.

DM: Definitely poutine, probably one of the most unflattering foods I've ever seen.

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nick_hero22: Do you have a 6 six pack (I had to ask a slutty question)?

GS: Yes if its a must know. But, with bulking season upon me soon it might go away but I bulk in necessity so I just have a surplus of calories without overbulking and it going to fat.

DM: Haha, yes, but as I'm in my bulk season, it's impossible to pack on muscle/weight while maintaining a ripped six-pack.

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