Deeper into the demented....

The smell of wretched rotting flesh loomed in the air. Another round of deaths remaining piled in a corner. Most were unable to distinguish as human to begin with. Aurora did not care nor did it bother her to be around it. She followed orders to the letter. The death of the demented cult was demanded and quickly carried out. Aurora walked out of the gathering place where these men and women worshiped a deity of old. She had no need for a deity or saw a point in praying. She lived for the kill and destruction of any she was ordered to kill.

Aurora was a complex creature of many mysteries upon more mysteries. Her eyes were as cold as a hungry shark and as deep as any void. Aurora loved rock-n-roll music and became a big fan after killing some young teenagers awhile back. They got too close to the headquarters blaring music on the radio in a drunken rage to take on Ten In in a small mob that was easily dispatched.

Head phones were created to move in shadows with here and an I-pod to match with several songs played in her ears. She favored two short kitana like swords and her wardrobe changed as well. In a normal setting she wore what appeared to be rebellious rave attire. Boots that went up her legs, a short skirt, and a change in hair style created a whole new look. Her hair was long and tied up into two pony tails on each side of her head and sharp blades adorned the ends of the hair.

On mission her hair was short and her ninja style outfit was worn in different colors depending on what she grabbed to wear. Aurora had a split persona for each style she wore. The ninja outfit, she was quick to move and fierce combater. In the raver outfit, she was calm and calculating. Little was known of the silent killer that stalked the shadows.

A voice was never heard and could not be uttered for anyone to get to know her. Even those close to her lacked the knowledge of her own inner mind set. She acted independently without orders and yet followed orders to the letter. It made the superiors who gave her orders; gave them direct and specifically leaving little to interpretation. Only thing that held Aurora back was direct sunlight. Once in the beams of daylight a slight sizzling sound can be heard. It does not actually begin to hurt Aurora until hours pass. Her skin blisters and boils. It was often wondered if she stayed in the daylight all day would she simply vanish or would her uncanny ability to rise from the dead take place.

Aurora made sure none would know the answer to the question. Her mental capacity was vast, but she lacked the comprehension for the slander. When people called her names, she did not realize it was meant to be hurtful. Aurora had a few men flirt with her, but again the intention was not clear to her. She lacked the social parameters to understand what it meant to know emotional ties with words. This made her a much better killer in the long run. No reason to slow her down from plunging her blade into anyone. Aurora did not care for anything or anyone. She feasted upon the flesh of her kills and thrived in a battle.

The eyes of this killer changed in color naturally from every shade imaginable. It meant nothing because they changed as quickly as time did. Sometimes they changed frequently and other times they changed as little as thirty minutes at a time. Aurora was indeed a mystery in most ways, but one thing was known. She was dangerous to those she fought against. Resorting to dirty tactics to kill was not uncommon. It was not about honor or glory. It was about how much blood she could spill in battle nothing more.