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Star Wars Dark Empire #6 0

After reading the first 5 issues of this series, I was looking forward to the conclusion! Being a fan of Star Wars and the extended universe, I had a vague idea of this story, but finally reading helped fill in a lot of holes I had in the universe. The first five issues had started a great story and this was a climatic finish!After the return of the Emperor, Luke and Leia have to team up using their combined force powers to defeat him! The Emperor finally attempts to destroy his enemies with the...

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Angels and Demons #1 0

Being a fan of X-Force, I was looking forward to reading this issue.  Being a fan of Clayton Crain's artwork, I was even more excited to read this issue!  I hadnt been following a lot of the X-Men universe books before I read this issue, but the story was excellently written, and filled in a lot of questions I had.  There was enough backstory to get me interested and enough new story to keep me interested.  I was looking forward to the artwork, and was not disapointed!  Crain's dark and brooding...

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Ultimate Spider-Man #160 0

     Im reviewing Ultimate Spider-man #160.  The death of Spider-Man!       Let me start off by saying that I'm not a big fan of Spider-Man, but I was hoping for something more exciting then what happened in this issue!  I hade not gotten any of the previous issues of this story arc but had followed it enough on Comic Vine that I wasnt going in totally blind.  I like the story Bendis had crafted and what Spider-man was doing during the final battle.  The thing that killed him..............Very L...

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