A dark day!

A dark day has arrived! The world is in shambles. The zombie apocalypse is eminent. Good people die and bad one thrive. The earth has shattered and opened up all the creatures of hell upon the populace. Hell has frozen over! I cant explain it (ok,maybe it was Remeders writing).

Actions have transpired and ....I.....don't.......hate.......Deadpool......anylonger!

I know, I'm as shocked as anyone! But after reading the Uncanny X-Force series, I found myself not despising him. Like I said Remeder writes a great story so that was a big help but I have a growing fondness for Wade.

The world is ending!!


Villain against villain?!

Was wondering why the villains dont attack each other? I know a lot have personal reasons for hating a particular foe........but theres just as much who want to conquer the world! If They wanted to conquer the world, wouldnt they have to go through other villains who want to conquer the world as well? If I was a bigger villain (Mags, Doom, Luthor), and found out some other shmuck wannabe was trying to do what I had planned, I would go after them!

Makes it easier for the heros that way right?

What do you guys think?


My daughter's new characters

     My 8 year daughter Morgan decided to create some new charaters. 
THe first one is Death Light.  Her powers are the abilites to freeeze time, fly, super strenghth, and invisibility.  She is from the planet Sibatron.  And her enimies are: Labo, Petra, Rargra, Treder, and Letray. 

The second is Green Calltra.  She can fly, has razor sharp claws, and super speed.  She is from the planet Cetooleoo.  And her enemies are: Strioo, Caldroo, Tiroo, Betoo, and Setroo. 



And the final ones is Ceto Gram.  SHe has no powers and is from Earth.  Her enemies are: Semo, Citel, and Neli 




She always is drawing something new and has new ideas.  She drew an all female Avengers one too but she lost that one.


My son is so cool.........

Today we were watching the Incredible Hulk movie..............and he kept calling it the credible hulk.  And he kept calling Abomination...........Obamanation!  Too funny!

What to watch?

Ive been craving to watch some older movies but I dont know where to start! 
Ive been wanting to watch 300, Sin City, Snatch, Fight Club, and Usual Suspects.


Ive followed Wolverine for a lot of years.  But Im just not sure about Daken.  Im not sure if I want to get involved in his new series or not?
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Dc tpb's

I dont know a lot of history in the DC universe, what are some good tpb's that I could pick up to catch up on some history?

Today was nice

Got paid, got some overtime for next week, didnt fight with the wife, got to go to the comic store.  As Ice Cube so famously said, "Today was a good day"!