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That Face!!! 0

I’ve only recently developed an appreciation for Wonder Woman, but ever since then I haven’t been able to stop reading about her. Wonder Woman #2 continues where the last issue let off and Diana is bringing Zola, who is pregnant with Zeus’s child, to Thymescria so the girl might have a place of rest and some protection. Their time of rest is cut short though when the goddess Strife invades the island. I have to say at this point though that I’m not the biggest fan of Cliff Chiang’s art, especial...

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Not Sure Where They're Going With This 0

Out of all the new 52 books Red Hood and the Outlaws had the most controversial start. The first issue contained some offensive content in regards to Starfire that was a bit difficult to comprehend, and it took a couple of interviews from the author Scott Lodbell to set the record straight. The second issue seems to make a start at turning things around for the title. As it was with the last issue Jason Todd’s presence in the book is the strongest. No longer is Jason the whiny brat from the stre...

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Confidential Records 0

I have to be honest in saying that I was not impressed with the initial release of the first issue of the Justice League, but with this release of the second issue things are finally starting to pick up some. In Justice League we can see that the world does not trust superheroes and there is not yet and organized group of crime fighters to take on the enemies of the world. This story, much like New Frontier, is about the organization of the very first incarnation of the Justice League. The heroe...

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Shock Value 0

Supergirl happened to be one of the titles I almost missed thanks to a shorted order at my local store. I had to pay $10 just to get my hands on a first printing of the first issue, but since that misfortune I made sure I would get the second issue. Supergirl #2 continues in with telling the origin of Kara Zor-el, but really there is nothing different. The biggest difference is that right off Kara goes on the offensive when Kal arrives and says that she is his cousin. The entire issue consists o...

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Welcome to the _____ Corps 0

When I first started reading Green Lantern comics about a year ago I always thought the only lantern that I would ever find myself caring for would be Hal Jordan. Kyle Rayner has always been a close second to Jordan, but for me personally he never seemed to have the exact same presence that Jordan did. With the release of Green Lantern New Guardians it seems like I may soon be developing a new appreciation for Rayner. Green Lantern New Guardians #2 leaves off where the last issue did and where W...

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Solitude can be such a lonely place 0

The reason I've always loved Superman is how he soldiers on in the face of whatever challenges him. In the last issue we saw Superman not only take on an alien entirely made from fire, but we saw him witness the destruction of the old Daily Planet building which held great symbolic meaning to him, and we saw him loose the woman he loved to another man. Superman #2 just adds to the challenges that Superman faces. As we've seen from other comics in the New 52 the world doesn't seem to be taking to...

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Eyes Up Ladies and Gents...Especially Gents 0

Teen Titans #2 follows up directly after the last issue. Tim is still focused on getting a team together to fight against the agents of N.O.W.H.E.R.E and Cassie is still adamant about keeping out of it. We are also introduced to some new characters in this issue. The first of which is Skitter who is a half insectoid half human teenager that seems to be having trouble holding onto her humanity. The other is none other than Solstice who has undergone a serious cosmetic change. Though not as action...

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