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Posted by lykopis

Nice. I have been looking into the origins of these characters lately.

Posted by Trodorne

Im surprised Soranik Natu is not here. Im guessing something else for these stories? i cant wait to see a Kyle story.

Posted by Delphic

@Trodorne: Sora might show up in the future, but it's way way too early to tell. I would love to do something with Sora in it though. To give a pretty big hint about what's behind the question marks: It's A Kyle Rayner origin story.

Posted by Delphic

@Trodorne: If you're interested I've posted the first chapter of that Green Lantern Story I was talking about all this time ago. The link for the first chapter is in the List description under: Whatever Happened to the Green Lantern?

Posted by dngn4774

@delphic: Starfire is in your Superman series as well.

Posted by Delphic

@dngn4774: thanks, I actually meant to put her down for Superman, but I put Corrupted world instead.

Edited by wildvine

Cool Idea.

Posted by Delphic