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I'm honestly very excited to see the creative team change, because I believe Judd has taken Selina as far as he can take her. The past several issues have been enjoyable to read, but mediocre. (A three and a half star rating at best). There's been no real development or interesting/unpredictable plot twists.

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@BlackLace said:

@Delphic: I think one in a million is a bit high. I get what you are saying, it just seems to be what pop culture or Cosmo would have you believe, not what is real.

Well the point of this blog is not to state what everyone does, but what has happened. I've actually seen real instances between women that are friends that actually mimic Kara and Helena's conversation in Worlds' Finest #3. I've seen women run into things at stores because they were preoccupied with checking out the posterior of a passing man. I've seen women at my work go bug eyed because the other girl they are talking with said something suggestive. That's what the real point of the blog is. Just to point out what actually does happen in real life, and how it is reflected then portrayed in a comic.

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Is there always one in every group? None of my girlfriends have loose morals. What a funny statement.

Well bully for you. Glad to hear that you're one in a million.

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@Delphic said: ,

With the new 52 though, a sort of exchange happened in most books where sex was only just mentioned was actually pushed to the forefront of a character. With Power Girl it was as if a direct exchange was made. The “Boob Window” was done away with and replaced with a full body suit, and her breast sized was reduced, so far so good right? Wrong. Instead of a running gag, the sex became a serious part of the character. In Worlds’ Finest Kara has been represented as beyond promiscuous in her attitude. At times she is even comes across as slutty, and I really hate using that word, so that’s saying something. Since her arrival in the New 52 she has slept with Michael Holt (which was fine, and was actually even an interesting development in the relationship of two character that have been associated with one another), and several other un-named persons as suggest by Kara herself in issue #3 of Worlds’ Finest.

So what is DC’s game plan with all of this? It would seem to me that DC is stick to the old “Sex Sells” approach. Now in my opinion I think there is nothing wrong with sex in a story, but it can be overdone, and DC in my opinion has definitely been over doing it. When sex intrudes on a character, and overrides the very fabric that has long been associated with that character the fan base will shift, ultimately leaving that character with fewer fans than it initially had. In the case of Power Girl it’s still early in the game for Worlds’ Finest, so hopefully things can pick back up by taking the focus of the promiscuity of Kara Zor-L, and judging by the actions of the creators with other books that probably will happen, but the question remains: will it develop into a mediocre book, or something that is actually decent? Most likely, but for fans of Kara Zor-L this will remain one of the less than stellar moments in the history of Power Girl.

This is beyond ridiculous.


Conversation goes.

Helena: You see parademons under every bed
Kara: Well..... Not under every bed
Helena: KARA! *smacks kara
Kara: What?

Its official guys, Kara is a slut because of this sentence where she may or may not have slept with more than one man. Also note, its doesn't matter if that guy was her boyfriend, her date or just a fling.

Yups, Kara is a slut because she may or may not have slept with more than one man.

Hey ladies, this is what Delphic is telling you. If you slept with your boyfriend (more than one) you are considered "beyond promiscuous" and even come across as "slutty".

So quick question for OP, have you slept with more than one women? If yes, does that make you a manwhore? Or does this applies only for women.

Here are a list of characters than have slept with more than one person.

Bruce Wayne

Dick Grayson

Oliver Queen

most of the xmen.



Black Cat

etc etc etc

I like how you used one page, and didn't continue with the rest. the line Kara uses after that is "Just checking comparative anatomy" and is drawn in such a manner where every male in the panel is checking her out. The next suggestive panel to my argument is when her assistant describes Micheal Holt as "hands on" and Kara's immediate action is to dress up and reply "Let's see how hands on he is." In my opinion though from this was developed one of the more interesting sexual representations of Kara. Kara and Michael being friends with benefits is actually okay. There is actual interaction there.

The point of the entire blog is what DC comics is doing with Power Girl, not Power Girl herself. DC has done away with any development that was made with her since Pre 52, and made her more promiscuous in place of the running gag which made the 2009 run popular.

As far as every single one of these characters that you've mentioned most of them have at least had some sort of passion or emotion in their sexual activity. DC is apparently not doing that with Kara. They did with her relationship with Micheal Holt, which I have said myself that was actually interesting. I would have actually liked to have seen more develop there.

Also I would appreciate you not putting words in my mouth. I could care less if a woman has sex with their boyfriend, regardless of how many they have had. That's their business. That doesn't make them "sluts" in my eyes either. So next time before you state what my intention is be sure you actually know it.

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@jrock85 said:

Great blog, but I wouldn't use the word "rape" in this context because it somewhat trivializes it's actual meaning.

@InnerVenom123 said:

I love how the title is


and the actual post is just like "This is a less than stellar time in her history."

False advertising.

Not exactly fellows. I did some rather hard thinking before using Corporate Rape in the title. A rape is as everyone knows a forced assault of a sexual nature on an unwilling person or persons. When you look back on Kara Zor-L's history the "sex sells" approach is all she's ever really been used for. Pre-52 it was sort of a running gag, and it started to disappear a little causing her to develop into an actual character rather than a joke. Yet when DC comics came out with their new 52 and changed things it seemed as if Corporate decided up the sexual nature of all characters. One was Power Girl. Corporate decided it was better to throw away all development of the character, and instead make her seem more loose and flirty. In a way at least to me, that is a forced action taken against the action of other creative teams that have worked on Power Girl. DC seems to have decided to do away with all development in favor of a more sexual nature. That's why I chose "Corporate Rape" other than "RIP Power Girl" or something like that. It's all the direct result of executive meddling.@PowerGirlFan said:

I don't get your point. Sex with Michael Holt and mention of sex with several other persons makes her "beyond promiscuous" and "slutty"? Her reduced boob size is "good"? This supposed promiscuity (or beyond) is the least of my problems with this book. Give her a decent artist, hair-do and costume and then we can talk about other problems, though I'd be happy with that.

As I said in the blog inside of parenthesis, the sex with Micheal Holt didn't bother me. I actually thought that was an interesting development, because the two character have always been involved with one another (as friends) since before the New 52 came out. Also the reduced boob size thing was me being sarcastic, but I guess not everyone will pick up on that. The definition of Promiscuity is the practice of a person having casual sex with multiple partners, but I'm going to suppose that you already knew that. In the under lying meaning and actions of Kara's words and behavoir to Helena in issue #3 it suggests that she is promiscuous. Kara pre-52 was not this way. Instead the sexual nature of Kara was sort of a running gag with the use of lines like "Eyes up here" or through comments made by other characters. It was during this time that Kara began to develop anymore than she had in the past, but when DC made its new 52 they decided to do away with all development that had been made (and Kara is not the only one they've done this too).

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@Delphic: That really wasn't my point at all. In fact I thought I made it clear that i thought the first twenty issues or so were quite outstanding

I sort of realized that a little later on. I was in a bit of a hurry to have Novocaine injected into my face :( However, I have seen similar instances in other comics. I noticed it here yesterday in the current issue of World's Finest in Power Girl's character. Originally sexuality was a joke with Power Girl, and one of the main sources of that joke were this size of her breasts. Now with the new 52 gone is the boob window and the over sized breasts of Power Girl, and it is exchanged for a much much more promiscuous Kara.

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From my understanding, Grimm Fairy tales has been this way the last several years. Almost every person you talk to that has actually read the comic sort of sneers at it, and replies with "there are better things out there."

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Congratulations on the achievement.

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Throughout Marvel, DC, Image, Dynamite, or even Zenscope there have been countless different stories told. Each one with it's own unique twists and grabs. What is the one story though that regardless of prefered publisher, character, or creative team that everyone calling themselves a comic book fan, should know a little something about. They don't have to know exact details of the story, but they know the summary of what happend. Share your opinion of what the 'One Story" is in a small paragraph explaining why every comic fan should know this stoy. For an example I will start:

Batman: The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke is probably one of the best Batman vs Joker stories I have ever read. This one story changed a lot about the Batman mythos. Most particularly it changed how the Joker was depicted, and served as a sort of an inspiration for many incarnations we see of the Joker today. In this story we see Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) receive her crippling injury that ends her career as a costumed crimefighter (which was recently changed), but rise up from it in future stories afterward. We also see a very chilling origin story which seems to make somewhat sense of the Joker's insanity, but goes a step further at revealing a very disturbing insight at the relationship between the Joker and Batman. For what this one story does for Batman is why this is one story that every comic fan should know about.