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UGH...I am already seeing the demeaning comments about Wonder Woman on this subject on the internet.

anyway nothing I can do but just wait and see

Well there have always been demeaning comments about WW and Superman. I don't think this will really change anything. Best thing to do in this scenario is just to be mature and have nothing to do with that sort of nonsense. Like you say though, we can only wait and see, but in the end I think it will be alright. If not, we can always speak with our wallets.

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Superman as a character as nothing to lose from this.... after all "he gets to tie another notch on his belt" that is how I believe most superman fans will see this. However, Wonder Woman is a little more complex and I believe a lot of who she is would be seen in her choice of men from what I have read over 3 volumes of Wonder woman .

For now I see nothing in Superman that the current Solo Wonder Woman book would fine interesting.

Unfortunately I agree about most Superman fans seeing this as another notch on his belt, and that it pretty much brings Diana down to a side show. If it could be done creatively, which it's not, I would say that this is a phase for both characters who are at this point in comics emotionally damaged. Superman is unable to win over the woman he loves, and he's dealing with the loss of both Earth parents. Wonder Woman, as far as we know, is the last Amazon, and supposedly will have just dealt with the death of Steve Trevor. A relationship founded on that, I think, would be fun to see play out, and both characters could grow from it, but you would know that it could not last based on that alone, and if it did work out it could so in a natural manner and we could see all new sides to both characters we have never seen before. (I should totally work for DC :P)

Also a Superman and Wonder Woman book crossovers could never really work. Diana often deals with the supernatural side of things, while Superman deals with intergalactic/Meta threats on a worldwide and sometimes galactic level. The main thing about the Supernatural side of things is that it often deals with magic which is one of Superman's primary weaknesses (Superman can't handle Wonder Woman! haha). With Diana it's hard to say what she would dip into. A lot of times Diana has proven herself time and again against Superman's rogues. That could really get old really fast. I think if you kept the two characters action wise within their respective books, with sparse mentions of the relationships, perhaps the "relationship" could surprise us, but the likely hood of that happening I think is very low. Still as you say they can still surprise us.

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@WDW: I really don't think this is being done for Superman's benefit at all. I've stated my opinion before that I believe this is a corporate decision rather than a creative one. In my opinion this is all about boosting sales, and making more money which seems to be DC's direction this day and time. Geoff Johns says this is the new status quo, so evidently the two will stick together for some times, but out of the entire period they will be dating there will possibly be three issues which will sale the most, and people will buy all the in between issues to have the chance of seeing these three events happening. Those events are: The start of the relationship, the consummation of the relationship, and the break-up. There is the possibility of a "marriage" issue instead of or before a break up issue, but I personally don't see that happening. Still DC gets what they want: more cash, and they don't care how many long time fans have nervous breakdowns.

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@RazzaTazz said:

@fodigg: @InnerVenom123: You guys seriously want to start this here? When people go around posting on Jhazz's threads of stuff related to Storm, it is no longer Jhazz that is posting Storm stuff everywhere, is it?


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@RazzaTazz: Of course, In my opinion today it's more like "Corporate Couple" than "Power Couple".

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Very interesting considering that this is the exact same scenario that is going on right now.

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@RazzaTazz said:

I read yesterday that Wonder Woman and Superman are to start being a couple, then I read the final issue of Voodoo, then I read that she was going to continue in a Liefeld led book, then I read that Liefeld is leaving DC. I will take my small victories where I can get them I guess.

you know its stunts like this which really make question where DC is going atm.

Oblivion...That's where it's going. X_X

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Emma Frost

Optimus Prime or Superman

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Though, I will join the masses in seeing Liefeld gone, I want to comment more so on the idea of executive meddling going on in DC Comics right now. Wasn't the entirety of the New 52 an executive decision instead of a creator based one? It doesn't seem logical that the writers and artists would up and say "let's scrap 70 plus years of story". Wasn't there also something mentioned a while back about the editorial meddling being the reason behind why Grant Morrison was leaving superhero comics?

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I am interested in seeing how this WW/Superman relationship will play out, because every writer can do things differently, and can do things that cause us to consider things that might not have worked in the past will work now. This though, I do not see as lasting very long, but I do see it as an understandable path for both characters to take. I think that both characters are a very vulnerable points in their lives, so seeking companionship in one another sounds like a very "human" thing to do. In time though, their differences will override their relationship, and they will be forced to split.