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Dear DC Comics,

Rocket Raccoon, an obscure Marvel character, is going to be in a movie before Wonder Woman, Flash, or Aquaman. So DC please, get your $#!% together.


The Fans

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it is a sad fact that serial killers quite often target prostitutes.This is likely because of one of two reason though – that it is relatively easy to get a prostitute to do what you want her to, and that prostitutes represent a form of feminine corruption to the criminally insane.

I have to disagree. The reason that prostitutes are often targeted is due to the Serial Killer's own inferiority complex. Many males who target females (not just prostitutes), feel powerless in their own lives and the only way they can retain a sense of power and domination is to dominate those who they feel are weaker and lower than themselves. In our society today and in the past, prostitutes have always been looked down upon as a form of lower lifeforms. When a serial killer targets them, they see a being lower than themselves, and know in the back of their minds that if this person were to suddenly disappear no one would really care. To them taking the life of that lower lifeform is a form of claiming power of those lower than them.

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As long as it explores the aspects of the Flashpoint universe better than the comics did, and actually gives us a better story than "they all destroyed the world because Barry Allen missed his mom." then it might be a pretty decent film.

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I really like the feel of the fake, and it has sort of a pulp/Noir feel to it, but maybe it's better that this doesn't happen. Even sound ideas can go bad if they are handled improperly.

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Meh No

Batman + Portal Gun

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With the direction that Fox took Daredevil and Elektra in I hope they give up the rights. Though I have a lot of fond memories of the Daredevil movie, it still wasn't that good, and I'm in denial of the fact that Elektra even happened. I've always had a hard time liking these characters too, even in comic format. I want to like them, but unless something comes along that really grabs my attention that's not going to happen. Perhaps the answer for this would be for a different company that fox producing a daredevil film.

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Grant Morrison wins.

Morrison can be confusing as heck when reading single issues, but most of the time when the story is completed is when he really delivers. Bendis likes to drag on and on about nothing for several issues, and when he's finished with an arc it is still mediocre.

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Because I"m stranded in space.

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A marvel game that is not about Spider-man. Hmmm....I might actually get this.