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@wildvine: You're official spot within the group is waiting for you. All you need to do is finish this up, and you're in.

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@wildvine: Long story short, Connor Kent gets called in by Wonder Woman to investigate a terrorist ring that has been using the same cloning technology that created him. Connor tracks the clues to Keystone city where he finds that one of the people behind the cloning is former Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. Connor defeats Kyle and a clone of Supergirl, but is eventually bested by the terrorist leader "The Outsider" and his Elite team. Kyle Rayner destroy's the White House, and in retaliation the Order (World Government led by Superman) nukes Keystone City.

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@impurestcheese: Thank you, I was a little nervous considering the very end, and that the majority of it was dialogue.

@tommythehitman: Thank you. It will be some time before I'm able to work on World's Finest though. There's another CORRUPTED title that takes place on Earth that I have in the works, and I also have other writing commitments.

@4donkeyjohnson: Thank you, and Thank you again for sticking with this story for so long.

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I don't believe fan fictions are a bad thing in the truest sense of what they are. They are just a creative outlet like any other. Ray Bradbury, the Author of Fahrenheit 451, wrote fan fiction when he was a kid. He said in an interview once that he wrote a continuation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Warlord of Mars stories, and her wrote stories about Tarzan. Fan Fiction is just a way for someone to express themselves creatively, some do it for a little while and that's all they do. Others eventually break out of writing Fan Fiction and move onto their own original work. I personally enjoy writing Fan Fiction, because when I write these stories I feel like the characters become my own. It's a very amazing feeling.

Neil Gaiman once said, "If you don't try to make things then all you've done is deprived the world of something only you could have brought to it, because the only one who has your point of view is you."

Also think about something. Geoff Johns, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison? These guys did not create Superman. Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, so essentially wouldn't that mean that the very comics we are reading today are at their very core fan fictions, based on an original writers work? Think about it.

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The Block, Two Weeks After Keystone

“I really don’t understand why you had to come all the way down here, Jonn.” Dr. Veritas said as she marched down the corridor with the green skinned martian in tow. “I sent you all the reports from the Keystone Incident. If you’re looking for more information then perhaps you should have thought about that before nuking the city.”

“Keystone was lost.” The Manhunter retorted, but, Dr. Veritas never looked up from her tablet, showing little interest as the martian continued to talk. “As soon as our operative in the area was lost, and the subsequent attack on DC, there was no other choice..” The Manhunter and Veritas left the corridor and walked into the main operations station, “This will send a message to the rebels that their folly shall no longer be tolerated.”

“It also sends a message to the people.” A strong voice echoed from above. Dr. Veritas and the Manhunter looked up as Connor floated down from the upper deck and landed in front of them. Fitted perfectly to his form was the blue and red uniform of the man of steel, the Kryptonian symbol of hope emblazoned on his chest, and the scarlet sheet hung from his shoulders. Connor stood tall and glared into the red eyes of the Martian Manhunter “It tells them to be afraid of us, and I thought that was the last thing any of us had ever wanted to do.”

“Mr. Kent, you’re timing is very opportune, but your choice of attire is most...interesting.” The Manhunter scowled back at Conor. Out of the corner of his eye Conor could see Dr. Veritas smiling. He had offended the Manhunter. In the last week, after surviving the battle with the clone of Kara Zor-El and Kyle Rayner, and nearly dying at the hands of the Outsider and then the Order itself; Connor felt that offending a few members of the Order would be a good place to start in the steps to make change.

Before it had all just been about stopping the rebels from making an army of monsters, but in that battle he had realized that there were more monsters out there than just the mindless clones that were being manufactured all across the country. This war had bred monsters of a completely different kind, and some of those monsters he had once called friends. One of them, had almost been brought back from the brink of total destruction, and she had paid for it with her life. The look of pain and regret on Kori’s face as she had died would now haunt him for the rest of his life, but she had also given him a gift. She had woken him up to the truth, and he was not going to let what happened to her, happen to anyone else ever again.

“I believe you have come here to talk about more than just fashion, Jonn.” Connor spat.

“Indeed, I have come for your report on the Keystone Incident.”

“Dr. Veritas sent the reports to you right after it happened. I don’t see why you need to hear it again?”

“That’s what I told him.” Vertias chipped in, and walked over next to Connor where she stood opposing the Martian Manhunter.

“I rather hear it from you in person.” The Manhunter said gesturing toward Connor. Connor glared at the Manhunter, and then sighed,

“Very well. Follow me.” Connor said as he walked over to the holographic display panel that stood in the middle of the room. “Good morning Block.”

“Good morning, Mr. Kent..” A computerized voice echoed over the the intercom system laced throughout the room. “How may I be of assistance to you today.”

“Show Jonn everything we have gathered on the Keystone Incident.” Connor commanded.

“As you wish sir.” A holographic display came on displaying the ruins of Keystone City, exactly as they were the day that Connor and Starfire had been there, “The Keystone Incident happens as follows. Following a lead on the Outsider investigation,given to him by Dr. Robert Gordon, Connor Kent reported to Keystone where he joined up with Order Operative and Military Forces General Koriand’r a.k.a. Starfire, and led an attack on what was believed to be a rebel forces research and development facility.”

The display changed showing Connor and Starfire fire doing battle with the Supergirl clone before the voice continued. “Both Mr. Kent and General Starfire were met with heavy resistance including the genealogical reproduction of one Kara Zor-El, formally known as Supergirl, and what intelligence confirmed to be Kyle Rayner, formerly Green Lantern of Earth, whom had been previously believed to have been slain in a terrorist attack ten years prior.”

The display was now showing Kyle in the Green Lantern armor. “It is unknown as of yet how it was accomplished, but somehow Mr. Rayner had managed to activate Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern Corps ring, which was only recently discovered to have been stolen from the Order’s armory and replaced with duplicate. Theories highly suggest that due to residual willpower, from which the Green Lantern’s power is based, manifested itself over time, and combined itself with the will of Mr. Rayner creating a form of override command of the Lantern Corps Treaty to Cease Operations in this sector of space.”

“Mr. Kent managed to defeat both the clone and Mister Rayner, but was ambushed by rebel team reportedly lead by the Outsider. The team managed to subdue Mr. Kent, allowing Kyle Rayner to use the Ring’s power to destroy the memorial district in Washington DC. Reported losses from this attack include extensive irreparable damage to the White House, much of the grounds surrounding it, and nearly eighty nine percent of the operations staff there. Superman and Queen Diana were not present at the time of the White House’s destruction.”

The display changed one last time, and it unnerved Connor how eerily similar it was to the very image that he had when lying on the ground in front of that group, entirely helpless to do anything to fight back.

“Afterwards it was believed that Kyle Rayner was killed by the Outsider, at this time reasonings as to why are unclear, but we do know that the Outsider’s motive appears to be a turning over of governmental powers from the current administration back over to humankind. After killing Mister Rayner the Outsider and his entire team escaped from the site, and an executive order was given by one J’onn J’onzz to fire a missile carrying a nuclear warhead into the city where it was detonated at approx 4 AM on April 27, 2065. End Report.”

“We should be thankful that you survived.” the Manhunter stated matter of factly, “, but some of our own images at S.H.A.D.E. show you leaving the scene with someone. It appeared to be the clone of Supergirl. May I asked what happened to it?”

“She died.” Connor spat coldly not taking his eyes away from the display. He couldn't stomach looking at the Manhunter right now. The nuclear blast had killed thousands of people and hundreds more had died afterwards from radiation poisoning. Clean up teams had to sweep in quick to quarantine the area and prevent the spread of the fallout. That attack committed by the Order had killed more people than those who had died at the hands of Rayner’s attack on Washington. The entire thing was a travesty, and the thought that he had once called the Manhunter his friend, made him sick.

“Where is the body?” Jonn continued.

“I threw it in the sun.”

“That’s destruction of evidence. Mr. Kent.”

“You wouldn't have learned anything more the corpse and you know that, besides Kara was a hero, and she was murdered protecting the people the people she loved. It’s bad enough that the Outsider cloned her. I’m not going to let any more damage be done to her legacy by letting you and S.H.A.D.E. poke around that body like it was a science experiment. Also that clone, her very existence was torture. She was in pain and afraid. That creature was a product of something evil, and I did the only thing I could do. I showed her mercy.”

“Be that as it may, I will have to take this into account; however, you are not entirely wrong. We have gathered more information from the Outsider’s operatives than we would have gained from the corpse of the clone; however, this particular matter shall no longer be your concern.”

“What do you mean?”

“You have as of right now been taken off duty, and all you’re investigation rights to this case have been revoked. If you set foot anywhere near any rebel activity, or any of the Order’s operations, you shall be treated as an enemy of the state and you shall be arrested.” the Martian declared, “That by the way, was the other reason as to why I have came here. So Mr. Kent take off that outfit, return to Smallville, and by all means live out the rest of your days in peace. Consider it a gift for your time in service to the Order, and for your actions in the war.”

“Spare me the pleasantries.” Connor spat, “What of Diana, she surely must have had somthing to say about this.”

“In light of everything that has happened, the Queen has little say in anything anymore. She is also preoccupied in the search for her child.”

“Just her?” Connor raised an eyebrow. He was no telepath, but even through the emotionless barrier that Jonn carried, Connor had lived long enough to pick up on small ticks. The order of words as he spoke. The smallest hint of distaste in the syllables as they slipped off the Martian’s tongue. In Connor’s eyes, the cold empty stare of the Manhunter, might as well have been a reeling glare of disgust. Despite Connor seeing through the facade, the Manhunter simply narrowed his gaze at Connor.

“Wonder Woman is more than capable of tracking the abductors down, and Superman must continue to deal with the day to day problems we are currently facing with this rebel uprising. You no longer have any role in this, so I say once again Connor. Turn in your things and go home. You have twenty-four hours.” The Manhunter said as he lifted up and phazed through the ceiling of the Block.

“Well,” Shay sighed, “That went well, so now what do we do?”

“I had a feeling that something like this would happen.” Connor replied, “If Jonn thinks I’m going to stop here then he’s mistaken.”

“You know if you try anything they will arrest you, and no offense Connor, but despite how strong you are, I don’t think even you could fight off all of SHADE by yourself, let alone the Order.”

“I have no intention too, and besides I’m going to do what he asked me to. I’m going to leave, but I’m not going home.”

“Come again?” Veritas asked as puzzlement covered her face.

“I did some research into the treaty between Superman and the Guardians. The treaty stated that no Green Lantern would be able to operate in this Sector, so long as we proved we were capable of defending ourselves, and did not invade other sectors. Kyle Rayner being able to activate that ring, obviously means something, so I’m going to go to the Guardians, and find out what that is.”

“You’re going to Oa!?” Shay cried, “Are you insane? It will take months for you to get there, even with your speed. Also, You’ll be seen leaving, which will obviously be a direct violation of what Jonn just told you, so if you even make it back they will more than likely be waiting for you with a cell that has your name on it.”

“I’m going to be gone for a while, and hopefully when I come back I won’t be alone. I’m going to convince the Lantern Corps to come to Earth, arrest Kal, and then we are going to focus on rebuilding” Connor gently laid his hands on Veritas shoulders, and looked into her eyes, “I need you to trust me on this. Do you?”

Veritas pushed away from Connor, and turned her back to him, “Now I don’t, because this is insane. You’re needed here, and you’re running away! Connor you are the best thing that has happened to this world in a very long time, and you expect me to be okay with you leaving us behind. What are we supposed to do? Hope the world doesn’t burn up, before you make it back. Hope you even come back at all!” She she shouted as she threw her arms up.

“Shay, this is something I have to do. I can’t fix things as they stand now, you know that.” Connor replied to her outburst. He knew that it wasn’t a very good retort, but it was all he had. He just had to hope that she would take it on faith, and for Veritas thing such faith was not in her nature. A silence passed between them for a brief moment, until finally Veritas spoke.

“It’s not like I can stop you.” She grumbled, and kept her gaze away from Connor. Connor reached into his belt, and pulled out a small disk drive.He walked over to Veritas, took hold of her hand, and placed it into her palm.

“II need you to do something while I’m gone. On this drive are files on the Outsider and his team. There are also files on various other rebel factions around the glob. I’ve flagged each of the persons on that file as either dangerous or as potential allies.”

“Allies?” Shay looked even more puzzled now than she did before. “You don’t mean that you want me to help you gather an army to fight against Superman!? Okay, now I know you really are crazy. How could you ask me to do something like this!?”

“Because there’s no one else I can ask.” Connor stated, “You’re all I have Doctor. I believe you are my friend, and that deep down, you know that this world has to change. Shay you’re the only person I can trust here, and I need you, but I won’t force you. You can walk away from this if you want to, and if you do I will not hold it against you. If you do walk away though, I can promise you that nothing will change, but if you help me, then together we can make the first steps into making a better world and to putting an end to this senseless war.”

“Oh, just shut up. I hate speeches about petty idealism. They’re all mostly just talk.” Shay grumbled, and then sighed, “Fine I’ll see what I can do, but don’t ask for a mircale.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less.” Connor smiled. For a brief moment there was silence in the Block, until a voice spoke up from behind a support pillar in the far corner of the room.

“Um...Is he gone?” A small feminine called out from behind the pillar on the far side of the room. A young girl with blonde hair and blue eyes poked her head out, and cautiously began to look around the room.

“Yes” Connor laughed, “You can come out now.” The girl stepped out from her hiding place, and then hovered over next to Connor and landed next to him. It was the clone of Kara Zor-El, and she was dressed from head to toe in the exact image of the original. The blue female Kryptonian garb was there with the House of El crest emblazoned on her chest, and the red cape cascaded down her back in a similar fashion to Connor’s. The red boots she wore rose up her shin and came to a point just above her knees. The young girl clutched the edge of the cape, and figited slightly.

“Does it look alright?” She asked, shyness all too obvious in her tone.

“It looks great on you.” Connor replied, “You wear it well. You’re predecessor would have been proud.” The girl smiled and looked away.trying to hide her blush.

“Well, I see that you’ve recovered well.” Shay piped in, and scowled at the clone girl. “Now do you mind telling me why you are wearing that?”

“I’ve asked Kara to come with me.” Connor spoke up, causing Veritas to turn her scowl toward him.

“You’ve named it?”

“Her,” Connor corrected, “Yes I’ve gave her the name Kara Kon-El. In a way you could say she’s my little sister, or cousin, which ever you prefer.”

“You can’t be serious.” Shay groaned, “Connor that thing almost killed you, and you’re going out into space alone with it. Did some of her punches give you a concussion?.”

“Actually…” Connor went to speak, but was cut off by Veritas.

“Don’t be a smartass! I can’t justify you leaving with that thing.”

“I can’t justify leaving her here. If I do Jonnr will come back, take her away, and lock her in a lab somewhere.”

“From what I’ve seen it can take care of itself.” Veritas spat. Kara didn’t speak, but simply kept her eyes on the floor.

“That may be so, but with me she has a better chance. I’m going to help her, and I’m going to be there for her.”

“I don’t know what you think you’re trying to prove Connor,” Veritas muttered as she leaned in toward Connor, “but this thing is not your daughter. I know how you feel about how things ended up with Lyla, but this is no way to make up for it.”

“That’s enough!” Connor shouted, causing Veritas to jump back. When Connor saw this he quickly softened his tone. “Shay, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, but do not begin to think you can talk to me about Lyla. That is off limits.” Connor stood up straight, and walked past Veritas, “Come on Kara.” He called back and the young girl ran past Veritas catching up to Connor, but not before looking back at the doctor one last time. The girl opened her mouth to try, and say something, but it was as if she couldn’t find the proper words, so Kara she just looked away, and headed out the door.

“You’re wrong about her Shay.” Connor said, but Doctor Veritas did not look at him, “I’m sorry about all of this, but this is something I must do, and I’m trusting you with everything here. I know I can count on you.” Connor turned and headed out the door letting it close behind him.

Approximately Fifteen Minutes Later.

Doctor Veritas sat quietly in her chair as she watched the video feed of Connor and the clone leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. She scowled at the screen and twirled the information drive he had given her between her fingers. She couldn’t believe just how much of a fool he had been. To leave Earth behind like that, and she thought he had learned something in Keystone. She had hoped that perhaps he would have realized that his efforts were needed here on Earth, but now he had run off on some damn fools crusade. She couldn’t believe it, but then again this wasn’t the first time she had been wrong about a Kryptonian.

She never noticed the figure that snuck up behind her, and her first sign of an intruder was the sound of a body hitting the floor. Before she could turn around the info drive was snatched from her hand and she came face to face with the tall dark armored frame of the Outsider. Shay didn’t tremble in fear in the face of what was currently known to the Order as enemy number one, but instead looked down at the floor.

Lying on the ground in a pool of blood that continued to spread was what remained of the Martian Jonn J’onnz. His skin had been burnt to a crisp, and those once scarlet eyes had faded into darkness.

“You killed him?” She muttered under her breath.

“The Manhunter was a threat, and had to be eliminated.” A dark computerized voice echoed from beneath the face mask.

“The Order is not going to take the disappearance of one of their top operatives lightly. They’ll scour the planet for you. You will be found.”

“The proper arrangements have been made, and the Martian’s replacement is on his way back to S.H.A.D.E. as we speak. His clone will have no knowledge of our encounter, and will continue to operate as though he simply left this establishment, but this Manhunter shall be under my control.”

“Well you’ve just thought of everything haven’t you?” she purred, and a faint smile began to appear at the corner of her mouth.

“I have.” The Outsider stated, “Does Kent expect anything?” Doctor Veritas reached up and pulled the mask up revealing the Outsider’s mouth, which she only seconds later placed her lips on. She reached up and wrapped her arms around the Outsider and hugged him tightly. When she finished she let go, licked her lips, and smiled.

“If you mean Superboy, then no. He thinks he’s going off to find help from the Guardians, and will come back and lead the world into a bright tomorrow. We could have used him you know?”

“Kent is damaged goods, and a relic from the old era that is responsible for the world we live in today.” With the mask off, the computerized tone had been replaced with a more human tone, but no less menacing.

“Still, I don’t think you should have let have let Virgil hit him that hard. He’s run off with the clone from Keystone, you know?”

“Hawkins did as he was asked, and I would not expect any less from a member of my Elite. As for the clone, it is of no consequence. When the time comes she will die too, as will many others.”

“A lot of people are going to die.” Veritas said as she ran her fingers down the outer lining of the Outsider’s uniform.

“In order for the world we have envisioned to be achieved, then yes people must die.”

“What of us? Do we have a place in this new world of yours?” Shay asked, but the Outsider remained silent, until he grabbed hold of her, passionately kissed her, and pressed her up against the hologram display panel and ripped open her uniform. The two clung to each other, forever lost in their dark union.


Connor will return in World’s Finest.

Connor will return in World’s Finest.

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