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@batkevin74: like you said, it's a lot shorter than usual. I have to say though, I'm a lot more interested in Ozzy's investigation than I am Reynolds revelation that he is the most powerful being on the planet (and possibly the universe.)

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@henrydwr: hmm, no thanks. I'll pass. Good luck with your group though.

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@henrydwr: I haven't read any Amalgam comics, but do you suppose a Red Soldier (Red Hood + Winter Soldier) would work?

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...Oh well, good show people. It was fun. :P

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@cbishop said:

@cbishop said:

Okay, we only have a few days left. Calling out some voters: @wildvine, @razzatazz, @bumpyboo, @dngn4774, @johnny_blaze, @joygirl, @irishlad, @The_Deathstroker, @pyrogram, @waezi2, @dagmar_merrill, @4donkeyjohnson, @whatle02, @henrydwr, @sophia89, @neongamewave, @dboyrules, @superdrummer, @frisky4,

Please, all, read the four stories in the OP and cast a vote for your favorite. I've called you out because either you've been known to vote before, or your name appeared on the first page of the fan-fic section. So please join in and cast a vote. Thanks. -cb :)

Time for your last minute votes! :)

Seriously people, vote! Vote for me! :P

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The theory doesn't really make any sense, and feels like a grasping at straws type of thinking

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@khrome: I suppose this is for mortal kombat, because of the "animality/fatality" mention.

First thing you need to keep in mind is that when it comes to good and evil you need to simply ask what kind of person your character is? What are his values. He's a Ninja, he hides his face, so he doesn't want people to know his true identity, so he is secretive. He uses his ability to form "stabbing" weapons. In other words he intends to kill.

If you want to go by the Mortal Kombat mythos, then it helps to know what the history of the ninja clan are. Around the time, all clans were mercenaries, and assassins (as most ninja are in all stories) and in Mortal Kombat they were all making the move to moving towards cybernetic enhancements (like Sektor and Cyrax) Being Cybernetic makes you cold and unfeeling like a machine. There is no human error there is only the programming.

The rift in the clans came from those who wanted to remain human, and those who chose cybernetics in order to achieve perfection. Which side you character falls on is your choice.

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Honestly, I'll wait till the summer to see if they really "end" the Ultimate universe, because I was under the impression that it was supposed to end with Cataclysm, and apparently it didn't so. I'll wait till next summer to see what happens, and in my opinion that's a long ways away.