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I what I thought when I saw this Thread:

How I felt When I saw this Thread:

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@Kal'smahboi said:

It would get him out of the carrier. That's the only purpose of the glass cage. Get the Hulk out of the ship.


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@BKole said:

@MutenRoshi said:

He shagged one of his students, then allowed her to pass her exams.

This Dr Strange is old enough to be her grandfather

So, lets look deeper shall we.

She isn't one of his students, she's a grad student looking to get some "experience" from Strange, for her Thesis. As it clearly states in the text, I don't really know where you got the idea of him being one of his students, and him allowing her to pass her exams, as it doesn't actually mention anything about exams, Secondly, Strange states in the first Narration box that it was a mistake, you can also tell he isn't exactly doing the funk-chicken at the idea of it, by him laying with his head hanging off the edge of the bed. Yes, he is arrogant, but that's part of the character. Clea wasn't that much older than this girl when they first got together, and she was allowed to mature through the years of character development. Also, she wasn't strictly human being part energy being, but we'll skip over that.

Hardly my favourite incarnation of Strange, but I still love the character deeply and I'll follow Defenders and everything else he appears in as respect to the character. Even if they are trying to transform him into something he isn't. Alas. I do rather like Fraction as well, so, I guess that is another notch against me.

@The Stegman said:

the girl was in college, she had to at least be 18, stop blowing things outta proportion

THIS, THIS, and let me see


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Title: Bare Secrets

Price: One Pair Fishnet Stockings

In this Issue: The Return of Delphic Featuring Three All new Tales:


Is It Cold in Here, or Are You Just Burnin Up?

Red Heads and Silky Nylons

Gone Commando: She Bares All For You to See

Special Article:

Lingerie Favorites from our sexy models past and present

Ladies and Gents, The Delphic has Returned ;-)

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Gambit for fun, Pixie for fun, and Cyclops so I can bust a beer bottle up the side of his head!

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@AweSam said:

Who's your favorite and least favorite person (Viner) on Comic Vine?

Rule: Can't name yourself.

I would suggest you ask the mods to lock this thread before a problem gets started. A topic like this is only egging on negative attention and will cause a lot of arguments to get started. It can turn into a form of harassment very quickly.

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One word: BUDGET! I'm always updating my budget to see what I have available to spend on comics. Usually every month I set aside $100 for new issues, and believe me it adds up quickly. Comixology is a great website that I use to help manage my pull list. It helps to keep track of what I'm subscribed too, and how much it will cost.

The main thing to do when affording comics is set yourself a dollar amount limit, and make yourself not spend any more than that within a given period. Like I said for me it's $100 a month. For others it might be a lot less. The main thing to do is when you finally figure out how much your pull list will cost you in that given time you've set for yourself adjust accordingly. More often than I would like I have the problem of my pull list ending up being $10 to $30 over my set $100 amount. I go over my list and take out what I "Don't want as much". I say "Don't want as much" because I want them all, but I ask myself what is the likely hood of me reading this comic as soon as I get home vs me putting it down and reading it later. That's how I deal with new comics.

Now with back issues and TPB's things can get a little trickier. I count TPB's as a completely different purchase. It's not included in that set $100 amount. I only by TPB's if I have enough left over from other expenses on my budget, and even then I question it. Word of advice do not buy at retail price if you don't have too, and more often than not you don't. Look for sales on Trades or go on the internet and find something cheaper than retail. NEVER PAY RETAIL YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND IT CHEAPER! For example one store I frequent was selling the Grimm Fairy Tales TPB box set for it's retail price of $90 and I bought it off ebay for $70.

Back issues are similar to TPB's. A lot of comic stores, thrift stores, off the beaten path grocery stores, and gas stations sometimes have comic bins of back issues that run from 50 cents to $1 an issue. You can get entire runs for really cheap this way. I got the majority of Justice Society: Thy Kingdom Come for $14 when the three collective trades cost $60. Another method of doing this is searching online for complete runs and even single issues to fill out that one thing your missing. Just remember though. Do not pay retail. If you a relatively new comic going for $3.99 online forget it. You can always find it cheaper.

When affording your comics think smart and budget. That is the key to affording your comics.

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@abeyance said:

Pretty sure Superboy has an issue with Miss Martian scrambling brains because of Cadmus doing the same to him and Match. I'm surprised the Justice League approve of her methods seeing as Supes tried to save some of them. Maybe they're not aware of the effects her mind reading is doing. I think Aqualad is probably just a mole, Justice League is stooping to the Light's level. Nobody notice Black Manta is inducted to the Light the same episode Aqualad is revealed as a villain. I hope I'm wrong though. The fact the apocalyptic weapons are frequently being used throughout the series makes me think Darkseid is definitely going to be introduced. I know it's too much to ask for but I hope Superboy Prime makes an appearance on the show. That would be epic.

I don't think Aqualad is a mole, but we won't know for sure until we learn more about what happened. Superboy has a problem with Miss Martian scrambling brains for more than just because of what Cadmus did to him. Superboy has been spending a lot more time with Superman, so he probably has developed a more defined moral base, also he doesn't like seeing Megaan being so brutal. She's crossing that line that Superheroes always vow not to cross. In the case of Superboy-Prime, I don't think he will appear because technically Project Match is Superboy-prime, but also is very similar to Bizzaro

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Ultimate Avengers - 20

Ultimate Avengers 2 - 10

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow - 1 (-1)

Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme - 15 (+1)

Hulk Vs Thor - 7

Hulk Vs Wolverine - 12

Planet Hulk - 14

Thor: Tales of Asgard - 10