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@Primebonnick said:

Man i still hated what they did to him in that titan pis crap. Since they left him in the source wall though i see him being unaffected by the reboot so he may come back when the next multiversial crisis happens. Still i would i preferred if they left him alone after Blackest Night perfect ending to a tormented character like him i see in a couple of years him coming back.

That's the thing. Johns had planned for Superboy Prime to be left alone after his role in Blackest Night. J.T. Krul though for some unknown reason decided to bring him back for absolutely no reason at all, and then have him make an army of Superboy's to attack Superboy and the Teen Titans. Then they leave him embedded in the source wall. It was a stupid move on Krul's part. I honestly do hope Superboy-Prime returns, but not as the monster that DiDido and Johns turned him into. I want him to return as the Hero he originally was meant to be from Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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@Dumbseid said:

Before the man was something of a plot device, could do any magic, fix everything like silver age superman. Today he can't stop Hulk even with Zom power, or couldnt do anything about Sentry (crap psycho version of superman), couldnt prevent Ironfists jet from crashing, has sex with his students, gets schooled in magic by the Xmen in Vs battles

Voodoo or Wanda should replace him...oh wait...they canceled Voodoo and messed up Wanda's character. Even in his 'Defenders' team he's a fifth wheel

New Stephen Strange is almost worthless

he should retire and teach yoga or something.

I've been reading the old Marvel Masterpiece collections of Doctor Strange and he has been quickly turning into my favorite magical character. Personally I've been enjoying the Defenders, I'm still wondering what he said to Betty that made her De-Hulk in issue 2 or 3. Technically though he's not supposed to be that powerful now right? He lost the Sorcerer Supreme title to Voodoo right?

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@Strider92 said:

@Delphic: I did think of that first actually it's just what with Spider-man 2099 being more popular i'd guess it would have a better chance.

I've never read 2099, so I can't really comment on it. Another method they could use is just have a separate universe for MAX Spider-man. They did that with Nick Fury once:

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@Strider92 said:

This could work with Spider-man 2099 as Miguel has a disposition of being a lot more brutal and some of his enemies (2099 Vulture was a cannibal) are more disturbing.

To make a good Spider-man series you don't really need to go in that direction you just have to look at the 90's TAS. That had some awesome storylines and the way Spider-man and his villains were portrayed was excellent.

You could also do the same with NOIR Spider-Man

Spider-Man Noir
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@PATTX: I would think a MAX Spider-man would be difficult to do, because of how the character usually portrays himself with the whole "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man", and "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility." He's sort of designed to be moral and sacrificing.

Now if a Max series was done with Spider-man it would involve some sexual content probably, and it would involve a darker criminal aspect. It would involve Spider-man getting personal. Spider-man normally busts Bank Robbers, or Super-villains with some form of genocide on the mind. I've rarely ever seen Spider-man deal with a murder of a small child or a rape in progress. Something brutal that maybe Peter showed up too late to stop, and the end result made it personal for Spider-man.

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@pspin said:

Having her survive until the Legacy Era (40 ABY and beyond) would be cool because if she could interact with Luke it would be interesting to see how he reacts to someone who really knew his father as Anikin instead of Darth Vader.

Or they could kill her on screen by Anikin's hand would also be pretty cool

There was that one point where Ashoka saw her future self and warned her about Anakin, so it would be cool to still see her grow into that adult role.

I doubt they will kill her considering SW: Clone Wars is supposed to be a kids show. She will probably go into hiding. If they did kill her though, she would probably have an ambiguous death like falling into a chasm or something.

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@primepower53 said:

@TheOptimist said:

@primepower53 said:


I'm gonna totally save this little story kernel, and in twenty years I'm going bring Equinox back, with some super-elaborate story that ties into every major event in comicdom from Zero Hour to that point. You just wait and see.

*saves thread*

I'll be seeing you in 20 years.


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@JSAVen said:

@Delphic said:

She never had sex with him. Arion did use some Magic spell. The baby had ADN from the Evil creature. who Equinox will kill later. (i know, is so weird)

Still man, magic or not, you got to think. Kara was impregnated by her "great grandfather". That's just...I don't know. Traumatic. Like keep you in therapy for years traumatic.

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I'll Start:

Ultimate Avengers - 10

Ultimate Avengers 2 - 10

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow - 9 (-1)

The Invincible Iron Man - 10

Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme - 11 (+1)

Hulk Vs Thor - 10

Hulk Vs Wolverine - 10

Planet Hulk - 10

Thor: Tales of Asgard - 10

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In 2004, Marvel Entertainment struck a contract deal with Lions gate Entertainment to produce eight animated films. All of these films are critically claimed failures, and were huge flops with their audiences. Though most of these films are considered horrible and never to be watched again, the question is which of these was considered the best of the junk pile? So Viners it is time once again for Take a point and Add a point to find out.

The Rules

  1. For each post, you may add one point to a character and subtract one point from a different character.
  2. Add labels to all points that you change. For example, if you subtract a point from a character, then add (-1) after their name. Add (+1) to the character you are giving a point to.
  3. You may also bold the names and points of the two characters you make a change to. This makes it easier for other users to see what you changed. Since you may only subtract a single point and add a single point for each post, there should only be two bold names in your post. (This rule is optional if you follow rule 3)
  4. Characters with zero points are eliminated. They are removed from the list and cannot be brought back.
  5. You may only vote once every 24 hours, although you can vote for several days in a row. Your votes do not have to be identical each time.

Ultimate Avengers - 10

Ultimate Avengers 2 - 10

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow - 10

The Invincible Iron Man - 10

Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme - 10

Hulk Vs Thor - 10

Hulk Vs Wolverine - 10

Planet Hulk - 10

Thor: Tales of Asgard - 10