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@impurestcheese: Well pardon me for trying to be nice. :P

we're the same height by the way. What is it with all you freakishly tall ladies? Either that or I'm a hobbit. XD

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@rorie: Well it's working now, but I was getting that 500 Internal Server error page. Perhaps I should have just waited a while to see if it eventually fixed itself. Anyway, just go ahead and lock this. thanks.

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Pretty much as the title says. Is there anyone else experiencing this? I can still access my inbox, send and receive PMs. I do notice though that my notifications aren't showing.

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@impurestcheese: Ah, don't get all down hearted little lady. They won't be complicated for long. Just remember that someone here decided to write a character that is practically a god. ;)

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LowTown, Madripoor

A hole shimmered in the sky and out charged Code: Blue, Rage and Portal. Each was covered in muck and gore.

“WHAT THE %^$& WAS THAT?” yelled Rage shaking the goop off his hands.

“Hail Mary full of grace! Hail Mary full of grace!” muttered Jackson between vomits.

“I want a pay rise!” moaned Rigger as she drained slime out of her ponytail.

Portal shrugged “I told you I do DIMENSIONAL teleporting. You want point A to point B get Nightcrawler. I’ve got to go through…”

“A hellish zombie dimension full of flesh eating zombies” coughed Stone.

“That’s why I work for A.R.M.O.R” replied Portal as he checked his gun “Now did anyone get bit?” The group looked at him in stunned silence “Well did you?”

“NO!” came the collective reply.

“Good. Coz if you did, I’m mandated by Federal & International law to execute you,” replied Portal.

Rage grabbed Portal by the helmet and dragged him to eye level “Really?”

“Set him down son.” said Stone “We’ve got a drug dealer to capture and a kid to rescue from a country we arn't supposed to be in.”

Rage let Portal go with a shove and then mimed “I’m watching you!” as Code: Blue spread out.

LMAO!!!! That was one of the funniest things I've read in a while. I'm really enjoying this so far.

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Where I live if I was homophobic and racist, I would probably fit in a lot better, but you never want to be sexist. Never tell a Southern Belle her place is in the kitchen unless you want to be eating through a straw the rest of your life.

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@cbishop: I'll keep this in mind, and by that I mean I'll look closer at it after work.

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@richgenx: Impressive. I couldn't have given better advice myself, and I agree with the majority of it to and extent. Individuality is key in creativity and style. The biggest and most important thing for any writer is to find what works for them. I also tend to encourage the more experienced writers to challenge themselves and write outside genres that they are used to. I'm not the best at doing this, because I also love writing drama, but I want to learn how to write comedy and my struggle with it has been so great that I have been unable to write a story that is humorous.

Another bit of advice I would give to any writer, fan fiction or otherwise, is that you need to read. You need to read a whole lot. The greatest teachers of writing are those who have gone before us. From exposure, we can gather what is good and what is not. Also don't just read one genre. If you want to write great big epics go and read romances, or non-fiction. The more you know the better you can write.

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@impurestcheese: Hmmm...Black Widow is dead. A rather dramatic death too. My dear Imp though, since she's alive in the future, aren't you breaking your own rules set forth in "Marvel Mayhem - Legion of the Unliving"?

Other than that, I really enjoyed this series. Hate knowing it's not going to continue anytime soon.

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@impurestcheese: I'm finding this more enjoyable as I go along, though many of the characters I am unfamiliar with. Tried looking up Omen, but I couldn't find anything on a female version.