If Only (A Bleez Story)

(Originally this story was meant to be my submission for @awesam's Fan Fic Versus Tournament, but circumstances prevented this one from being posted, so I decided that I would go ahead and post it on my own for those who might like to read it. Also this is rated M for violence and language, so beware and all that. Now that is out of the way, I hope you all enjoy.)

If Only…

What is it that causes your body to break out into a cold sweat after a nightmare? Is it the fear of what you witness? Is it the exertion of rage from witnessing the events of the mind? Or is it the struggle of the subconscious attempting to realize that what you are seeing is not real?

Bleez let out a short scream as she quickly sat upright in her bed. Her heart was racing, and it felt like at any second it could just leap out of her chest. Her hair was damp from sweat, and her hands were shaking. She attempted to slow her breathing, because even in the face of a nightmare she did not need to hyperventilate right now. She closed her eyes, and took in a deep breath.

“It’s not real, it was just a dream.” Bleez said, “Just calm down. Think about the baby, and calm down.” Bleez reached down and rubbed her hand over the bump on her abdomen. She was well along now, and it wouldn’t be long before she brought a new life into the world. The last thing she wanted at this point was any complications.

Bleez tossed the sheet off her and walked over to the window at the far wall. The window was covered over with a shade, but when she reached up to the frame of the window the shade faded away, and granted her the view of the emerald city covering the surface of the Planet Oa. Bleez smiled as she looked out across her new home. She had to admit that even though Oa was not Havania, she had become quite fond of the homeworld of the Green Lantern Corp.

As she stood there looking out it she found herself slightly amazed as she thought about how much her life had changed over the past couple of years. She recalled how the Yellow Lantern had killed her mother, and imprisoned her on Ranx where he tortured her and took away her wings. As a matter of fact in her nightmare she was back on Ranx, and she had just leaped out into the vaccum of space in an attempt to take her own life, but the Lantern had not let her. It was bad enough to dream about that time of humiliation while he grasped hold of her in the blackness of space, running his slimy disgusting tongue down her throat.

Then there was the monster. It was the monster that terrified her; it had appeared in a flash of red light, with bone wings, sharp claws, and spewing blood all over the both of them. In the nightmare she had watched in horror as the creature ripped the Lantern apart, and was helpless as the monster finally turned on her.

That was when she had woken up. What bothered Bleez the most was that the dream had seemed so real, regardless of how crazy it seemed. Thoughts of the nightmare continued to race through her mind as she walked away from the window and into the bathroom. She felt a cold shower was in order. The feeling of the water rushing over her skin normally helped her to sort out her own thoughts, and calm her when she was restless.

Once inside the bathroom, she eased the straps to her nightgown off her shoulders, and let if fall around her ankles. She looked over in the mirror, and could see the long scars in her back where her wings had once been. At one point, she was devastated that they were gone, but she had since forgotten old sorrows. She stepped into the shower which seemed to wash away a lot of the previous night’s tension, and instead of the nightmare she tried to focus on the more pleasant side of the dark memory.

In reality there had been no monster. Instead, it was a lone Green Lantern that would come soaring into the middle of the scene to pry her away from the hell she had been forced to live in. He struck out at the Sinestro Corpsman with a rage unlike anything she had ever seen.

“Get her to safety!” he had screamed, as she had been suddenly enveloped in a green light and carried away by other Green Lanterns. Even as they carried her away she still saw the lone lantern smash through everything her captor threw at him, and finally ending the battle with a roar as he sliced through her captor with a sword construct, separating his upper half from his lower.

At first she had been angry at the lantern for not letting her be the one to finish of the Sinestro Corpsman. She had felt like she deserved it more than anyone, and she made sure the Lanterns knew how angry she was about it by causing a scene at the hospital on Oa. The Lantern that had saved her had arrived at the hospital that day, and somehow he had managed to calm her down.

Later on she would meet with the Lantern again, and as each day passed she would speak with him more. He had treated her differently than she had been back on Havania, and over time she felt herself growing closer to him. Then a few short months later they were married, and she was living in the civilian sector on Oa carrying his child. Back before all of this had happened she would have never dreamed that she would be living like this today. As a matter of fact, if you had told her that on Havania, she might not have hesitated to have the offender imprisoned. Now, despite being wingless and living as a commoner, she couldn’t think of a time when she had been happier.

As she stepped out of the shower, she finally felt a sense of relaxation wash over her. She wasn’t about to let a nightmare ruin her day. Her husband was off-world at the moment, so she had plenty of time to fill, and despite the pregnancy she still didn’t like the idea of being the type of wife who sat around the house all day. She had made plans to go into the market sector today, and bad dream or not she was going.


Civilian Marketplace, Oa...

Bleez sat down on a nearby bench, and let out a long breath. She was thoroughly exhausted, and had once again underestimated just how much carrying around an unborn infant took out of her. Her feet and back hurt, and not to mention she was hungry again. She rubbed the hump in her dress and let out a long sigh,

“I know I shouldn’t rush it, but honestly I can’t wait till you’re out.” She said to her unborn child. As if it had heard her the infant let out a hard kick, causing Bleez to flinch. “Ouch!” She yelped, and rubbed the place where the child had just kicked.

“Seems like you’re going to be a handful. Well you can wait till your father makes it back, but any longer and there’ll be hell to pay for the both of you.” Bleez chuckled slightly. It seemed kind of silly to be talking to the overgrown lump, but some part of it was nice, and despite all the physical agony she was going through, she was excited, and honestly couldn’t wait to hold her child in her arms.

For a moment Bleez thought about her mother, and how long she had begged her for a grandchild, and now she was finally going to have one, but her mother was dead. She felt a little sorry for her late mother now, and sometimes wished she had done as her mother asked, and not been so selfish. If she had, then her mother might still have been around, and she would have never suffered like she had. Then again if she hadn’t, she would have never met the love of her life, and might have not been happy.

Bleez shook her head trying to rid herself of the thoughts about her mother. It would do her no good to continue thinking about it. Her mother was dead, and that’s just the way it was. There was no going back. She tried to focus on the things about her life now:

“I’m an excited mother to be, and I’m the happy wife of the most amazing husband in the universe. I’m living a good life. I don’t want any other.” She thought to herself, and as she kept repeating the line over and over she felt a warm feeling rise up in her chest, and the sad thoughts about her mother, and what could have been disappeared.

There was a ringing throughout the plaza where she sat on the bench, alerting all of the civilian sector that certain areas of the market would be closing soon, which coincidentally meant that she would need to be getting back home soon. As she grabbed her things which she had bought at the market that day she noticed something strange out of the corner of her eye.

The civilian market was always crowded, and Oa was home to a multitude of races. Some didn’t look so different from her, some looked bizarre, and some even looked absolutely vicious. Before her marriage she would have never associated with any of them, but she had come to learn how it was wise to not judge by appearance. This creature however looked so vicious that she knew it was bad news.

It stood tall over most of the other races in the crowd, it’s yellow eyes and sharp teeth matched went along perfectly with its red tinted skin and crimson uniform. Bleez looked at the creature’s chest and noticed a strange symbol. It reminded her a lot of the Green Lantern crest, but the one on it’s chest was sharper and more angular in appearance. There was something strange about it, and she couldn’t look away from it. She started to feel strange, and the feeling intensified the longer she stared at the symbol. It felt like her heartbeat was pounding in her ears and she could taste blood in her mouth. She pulled her eyes away from the symbol, and that was when she noticed that the creature was starring directly at her.

She noticed the small trickle of blood running from the corner of the creature’s mouth, and felt then it was best to get away from it as quickly as possible. She started to move as fast as she could through the crowd. She had to get back home, as far away from that thing as possible. She thought about the baby, and reached down to see if it was alright. In her panicked state she was worried that something might happen to her child. She looked back, and a cold chill ran down her spine when she realized that the thing was following her.

She picked up the pace and moved as fast as her legs would carry her, and praying the entire way that nothing would happen to the baby.

“Dammit all! Where is the corp, do they not see what is happening!” She thought. It was becoming harder and harder to breathe. The taste of blood in her mouth was overwhelming now, and the sound of her pounding heart had been replaced with strangevoice that were saying things she could not make sense of.

“Red Ring…Red Ring…Atrocitus…RAGE!” The voices shrieked, becoming louder and louder. So much it made her head reel with pain, and it made it hard to see as the pain caused the tears to well up in her eyes. She pushed on though, thinking only about the safety of her home, of her husband, and her unborn child. She had to protect her child, and keep the monster away from it.

She finally made it to her apartment, and looked around. The monster was no where in sight. Maybe she had somehow got away, and lost it in the crowd. All she wanted now was to get inside, and call her husband. She needed to hear his voice now. She just didn’t want to be scared anymore. She had left that on Ranx. This wasn’t supposed to be happening.

The door had just slid open when suddenly, from inside the darkness of her apartment, a large red hand grabbed her around the throat, and lifted her off the ground. She screamed out completely terrified and unsure of what had happened. When she opened her eyes, she saw the monster from the market. Its breath was utterly foul, and its face was scarred. The words “Red Ring” and “Atrocitus” were screaming now louder than ever.

Bleez screamed out hoping anyone would hear her, and come stop the monster that had her in its claws. The monster brought her close to his face and growled before saying:

“Into the Ocean with you.” Suddenly Bleez felt a sharp pain in her stomach that took her breath away, and then she began to feel something warm run down the inside of her legs. She was afraid to say anything, and even more afraid to look down at where the pain was coming from. The monster snorted at her, and tossed her away from him.

She felt her body slam up against the wall of her apartment, and then crash into a heap on the floor. She finally was able to breathe again, but she hurt all over.

“No, No, please no.” she cried as she reached down to feel where the baby was supposed to be. Instead she only felt something warm and wet, and she could feel the holes along her abdomen where the creature had dug into her. She brought her hand up to her face only to see it stained red. She could no longer feel the child moving inside her, and tears began to stream down her face. It was gone.

“Why!” She screamed out at the monster, but as she looked around for it, she could only see darkness. “Where are you, you bastard!” She screamed, but this time something else came out of the darkness. A red light appeared, and out of the darkness came the creature from her nightmare. It stood in front of her wearing the crimson outfit, the bone wings protruding out of its back, and its talons bared. At first the monster’s eyes were yellow like the creature that had attacked her and killed her unborn child, but as in creeped closer the yellow glow began to fade, and Bleez’s eyes went wide with horror as she starred into its eyes, realizing that she had seen them before. In fact the creature’s eyes were the same eyes she looked at every morning when she looked into the mirror, and she finally realized that the monster was her.

She tried to scream, desperate now more than ever to get away, but the monstrous version of herself was too close. It roared and a torrent of blood came flowing out of its mouth covering Bleez.

She screamed out in agony as the blood burned her flesh, and her mind was filled with visions. She felt everything about her life melting away only to be replaced with memories of a monster that served a being known as Atrocitus. It was a monster that ripped through its victims; slaying them without mercy. A monster full of rage, and then suddenly everything went black as the woman who was once Bleez was finally no more.


The Blood Ocean, Ysmault...

Bleez rose up out of the blood ocean on Ysmault, only to meet the eyes of Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lantern Corps. She felt a rage rise up within her as she remembered everything since the day she first received her ring and before. The bastard had taken away the mindlessness where she was free from those horrid thoughts, and had given back to her nothing but pain. As looked into her leader’s eyes she silently swore that he would pay dearly for what he had done, but for now she would play her part and do as the monster before her asked. After all she was Bleez, Red Lantern of Sector 33, and a slave to rage.


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Read it when you sent it. Great story.

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Wow. This was... wow.

Wowity wow.

This is really incredible, what you did here was just... simply outstanding. :o

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@joygirl said:

Wow. This was... wow.

Wowity wow.

This is really incredible, what you did here was just... simply outstanding. :o

I'm glad you liked it, because I was expecting this to be your reaction:

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woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooahhhhhh! This is...0__0 Good. 0___0 Too good! 0________O

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Was a very fun what-if. The only issue I have with it is that I can't ever see her fantasies going in that direction, but the story worked very well with it.

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@pyrogram: Thanks, I guess ^_^

@joygirl: The main idea was I wanted to present a world where Bleez actually found happiness, only to rip it away from her (hehe, I'm a sadist).

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@delphic: The imagery at the start was immense, LOVED it!

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good detail and nice length

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Wow, this is awesome. Seriously, good job on this. ^^

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