Delphic's New (Old) Merchandise Report

It’s been over two years ago now since I started collecting comics. I still remember that day. I was at a Books-A-Million, and I had just picked up a hardcover of Titans: Old Friends. Now I had read comics in the past, but this was something sort of new to me at the time. When I read through that book I was mesmerized and instantly hooked. I had to have more, so I bought more books like: Gotham City Sirens: Origins and Battle For the Cowl, and then before I knew it I had expanded into single issues. Ever since that day comic collecting has become a huge hobby for me that I just can’t get enough of. Eventually my love for comics spread into comic memorabilia such as figures, and novels. I still have the first figure I bought (a Mini Lead statue of Power Girl), and since that first figure I have been collecting, but I’ve never really shared my collection or what I have thought about it.

In this blog I want to sort of show and tell (and maybe review a little) about the newest merchandise that has crossed my desk.

DC Armory: Power Girl as Nightwing

I am a huge Power Girl fan so there really is nothing that needs to be explained as to why I bought this figure. So far this happens to be the best Power Girl figure I have bought. I love the amount of detail that has been but into the figure, and it makes for a really gorgeous display piece. Out of the package the Nightwing helmet is on the figure, but that can be removed and replaced with Kara’s actual head, which is what I did immediately. The wings attach to the back of the figure, and just so happen to be one of the things I don’t like about this figure. The wings are very difficult about staying on, and you have to be very careful about placing them how you want, because go too far and the wings snap out forcing you to start all over again. Also for my particular figure I noticed a certain amount of looseness in the joints. Also the wings sort of make her back heavy, so I would recommend using the stand that comes with. The stand helps the figure to stand up right decently enough, but I have considered using superglue at times to make sure I don’t come in from work to find the figure has fallen over. Luckily though this figures attention to detail was so good that I just had to go out and get it’s Supergirl counterpart which leads me into the next portion.

DC Armory: Supergirl as Flamebird

Though at first glance I wasn’t very impressed, as soon as this Supergirl came out of the package is when it really began to shine, literally, there’s a good deal of gold paint on this figure. If I wasn’t such a Power girl fan I would say that I like this figure better. Supergirl is a little more colorful that her counterpart, and there is more attention to detail in this one. There seems to be a little more articulation because I was able to position the figure just so to where I could make it look like she was holding her helmet under her arm. The most frustrating thing about this figure though is the wings. They are huge, and heavy too. My figure, I’m not sure about all, has a harder time keeping the wings in the sockets located in the back of the figure. It’s worse than the Power Girl figure about this. Also this figure does have sturdier joints than the Power Girl figure, but the wings make it so back heavy it will want to fall backwards without the stand. This is another figure which I’ve considered using superglue on. With luck though, maybe I won’t have too.

Marvel Select: Black Cat

Now on the Marvel side of things, I am a huge Black Cat fan, but I was a little cautious about this figure at first. The biggest reason was because it seemed from the package that there was less attention to artistic detail, and more attention to the appeal. The first thing anyone will notice about this figure is the excessive cleavage the figure displays. As I was looking the figure over I noticed that the eyes looked a little strange. Looking at the figure inside the package it looked like one pupil was bigger than the other, giving Black Cat a cross-eyed look. I gave the figure a few days before I actually bought it, and when I took it out of the package it was then that I noticed that it was the angle of the plastic packaged that had caused her to look that way. Taking it out though unveiled some new issues that, I don’t entirely like. It’s a magnificent piece with a lot of attention to detail, especially the Spider-man looking through the window which in my opinion has more detail than the main figure. Now this may be central to my figure, and not all, but I noticed a lot of flaws on the Black Cat figure. It looked as if the paint had faded in some spots, and in others like the mask the paint wasn’t completely filled in. The figure is not really posable, and even though there are a few points of articulation there are so trivial, and take away from the figure that you’ll wonder why they didn’t just leave the whole things stationary. The movable parts feel extremely fragile, as if they could break off at the slightest increase of pressure, and they also appear to be of a lesser quality plastic than the rest of the figure. There is nothing in terms of support for this figure. You can set up an interesting display thanks to the base, but the positioning of the Black Cat relies on the base to prop it up. To an extent it will stand on its own, but I can’t express enough that you DON’T TOUCH after you’ve set it up. It might look good, but honestly I wouldn’t recommend that you buy this figure unless you really want too.

Wayne of Gotham Hardcover Novel by Tracy Hickman

Now I know this is not a figure, but it still fits in the comic book memorabilia category. I haven’t had a chance to read this novel yet, and I probably will not for quite some time, because of a large stack of other things I have to read. The interesting thing about this though is that I first saw this in a Previews Catalog back before Christmas, and that was when I ordered it. Usually Previews only displays upcoming merchandise that is three months away from hitting the shelves. This book though, displayed back before Christmas, did not come out until July 4 of this year. I had almost forgotten about it by then, so you can imagine my surprise when the clerk at the store handed this too me. This is really just more of a showcase rather than a review, but the pictures below will show you what it looks like. It just sort of grinds my gears that I ordered this book before Christmas and it didn’t come in till now.

Now I’m always getting in new stuff, so you’ll probably get to see another one of these “New Merchandise Reports”. As a matter of fact you’ll probably see one soon, as just yesterday I won a Jason Todd Batman figure from the Batman Reborn series in an auction. With any luck that report will be smaller than this one. Now if only the Batman Reborn Series Batgirl figure wasn’t $125.

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