Corrupted: Kon-El Part 0.5 (Little Corner of Smallville)

Notes from the Author: When I first wrote this I had intended it to be part of my Corrupted story, but I cut it out because I felt it didn't really fit with the story I wanted to tell. Despite cutting it out this piece still meant a great deal to me, because in many ways this is a part of my life, and I feel it wouldn't be right to let this sit in a file on my desktop. So without further ado, I present...

Little Corner of Smallville

Smallville, Jun 19, 2034 4:32 PM

Connor took a deep breath as he looked at the old Kent farmhouse. In truth it had seen much better days. The paint was peeling, a couple of the windows were broken, the back porch had fallen in, the doors were boarded shut, and not to mention the grass was at least waist high. The barn was now a really a large pile of burnt wood, which was the result of a lightning bolt strike that had happened a few years ago.

Before Metropolis, Connor remembered how Kal-El often talked of fixing the place up in his spare time, but the only problem was that he was Superman, and Superman didn’t have spare time. The good news for him though was that a retired Connor Kent had all the time in the world. Connor knew he had a lot of work cut out, and a long life ahead, but despite that he couldn’t help but smile. For the first time in many days he felt like some of the burden had been lifted.

A whimper came from around his knees, and Connor looked down to meet the longing eyes of his newly adopted, yet longtime friend, Krypto the Superdog.

“What’s the matter boy?” Connor said to the dog as he knelt down and patted him on the head. The dog merely whimpered more in reply, and then moved his head slightly before he started to lick Connor’s face. Connor quickly pulled away, and laughed.

“Don’t worry okay.” Connor said while rubbing the dog’s head slightly, “It doesn’t look like much now, but before you know it, I think this will be a good home for the both of us.” Krypto let out a bark and began to pant, and Connor smiled.

“You know what boy. With you and me, I bet we may just be able to pull this off.

30 Years Later…

Connor hadn’t been sleeping much for the past few days, but this time around it wasn’t nightmares that were keeping him up, but instead a sense of responsibility that fueled the restless nights. He had only slightly dozed off, but Connor could tell it was time and he would not be going back to sleep. He stood up and walked slowly over to the bathroom, turned on the sink and splashed some cold water onto his face. When he looked into the mirror placed over the sink, it was no longer a young boy looking back at him.

Connor was pushing 50 years old now, but for what Earth considered old did not appear that old to Connor. In truth he looked like a human who was just starting to hit thirty. His hair still had color, but the gray was showing, and he had grown a full beard which was showing gray as well. Physically speaking though, it was as if he had the body of a person in their mid-twenties. He still stood tall and his frame was still muscular and toned, of course being part Kryptonian had a lot to do with why he looked the way he did.

Connor remained standing there for a few moments, staring back into his reflection. He didn’t want to move, but he knew what he had to do, so he took a deep breath and closed his eyes focusing in on a particular sound with his Super-hearing. It was a quiet night in the Kent house. In the house, Connor could only hear the sound of two hearts beating, one a lot slower than it used to be. He took one hand, ran it through his hair, and sighed deeply. It would do him no good to beat around the bush any longer. He had made a promise after all.

Moving with a steady stride he left the bathroom, and began to descend the stairs that led into the living room. From the living room he could see the Kitchen, which still had its light on. The sound emanating from it caused a lump to rise up in Connor’s throat. He wanted to turn back, because he didn’t want to see what lay beyond that door frame, but after all, he had made a promise.

He let his feet do the work, with each heavy foot fall bringing him one step closer to what lay in the Kitchen. Within what seemed like forever, he finally stepped into the Kitchen. In the floor, lying on his bed was Krypto. His chest heaved heavily as if each and every breath he took was more painful than any hit he had ever taken from any villain. His heart beat which rung like thunder in Connor’s ears, began to have longer and longer spaces with each passing beat.

The dog had grown frighteningly thin, his fur was discolored and crimped. His eyes were wide open darting from left to right around the room, full of fear. His lips began to curl inward causing his teeth to show, and his tongue stuck out sideways in between the gaps.

It took everything Connor had to make that next step, as he moved over to the dog and sat down into the floor next to him. Connor picked the dog’s head up and laid it in his lap. He brought his hands down and fixed the dogs lips to where the fangs wouldn’t dig into them. Krypto looked up at Connor, with eyes longing for mercy and relief.

“It’s okay boy,” Connor said, his tone shaky. “I’m here now.”

Krypto let out a half whimper and brought one trembling leg to rest on Conner’s leg. Connor ran his hand down the dog’s side, rubbing him gently.

“You don’t have to fight anymore boy. You’ve done an amazing job. All that’s left now is to let go, I’ll be all right. Don’t be scared okay, because I’m not going anywhere.” Krypto’s eyes seemed to change at that point. They were no longer filled with fear, but instead a look of thankfulness and acceptance. Kyrpto moved his head and laid it flat on Connor’s lap, no longer looking up into his face. Connor remained there holding the dog and petting him until there was only one heart left beating in his little corner of Smallville.

In Memory of B.C.

Rest in Peace Old Friend.

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Aw. This really touched me. Well done.

Posted by AweSam

Great job. Nice break from the usual fast pace fics.

Posted by wildvine

@delphic Oh wow. Short, but powerful. Especially since I know where this came from. Different, but touching. *Wipes tears away*