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    I try to finish games, but more often than not a lack of time to commit to the game, and the arrival of something new will distract me from it. I'm currently on my 7th attempt to finish Dragon Age Ori...

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    Hello there, Thought I would just drop in for a second, and see how you were doing.
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    I'm fine, I've just been building up my knowledge of other fandoms. Recently went through a Transformers phase, and now trying to work my way though the whole of Dragon Age.
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    @kgb725: I'm dumb, stupid, and slow. Even though they pretty much mean the same thing. That doesn't make what I'm saying mute. That doesn't change anything.Most men like women. I don't care what you l...

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    Oh, those uncanny X-Men

    I just finished reading silver age X-Men comics, issue #1 to #66. That Marvel Unlimited subscription is really proving to be valuable! Along the way happened to discover the First Class X-Men series, ...

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    @nimamindtricks: Beating Kaine doesn't equate to beating Parker IMO.Stealth strikes? How stealthy is Bullseye? I can't imagine stealthy enough for someone who has detected Bruce, and someone who can f...

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    Hey man you ok? I haven't heard from you in awhile. Just thought that I'd check in.
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    I don't think you people realize how little I care anymore.
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    Been on a Transformers kick here lately.
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    @jayc1324: The Static book wasn't the fault of the character. There was s lot of BS interference with the book that made it fail.

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