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Animal Man, Aquaman, Justice League International and Suicide Squad are the three that I must have the day they come out. Which is odd for me because I barely knew anything about Aquaman, Animal Man or the concept behind Suicide Squad until the new 52.

Justice Leauge Dark I've been tolerating because I'm a huge John Constantine fan but it wasn't until issue 9 that I thought it actually anything more than a midly okay comic. Teen Titans I keep getting in hopes that one day... it will be an actual Teen Titans book and not "teenage angsty a**hole heros"

I still pick up all the Batbooks except Batwing and Red Hood.

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@aztek_the_lost said:

Clearly this is the dialog had at DC when it came under new management:

  • When were modern comics at their peak?
  • The 90's!
  • Yeah, let's bring those back
  • Great idea!

That's definitely the impression I've been getting as well.

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@AgeofHurricane said:

@John Valentine said:
No. She was still an honorary X-Man because the Xavier + Mystique/Shortpack case was entirely different, Xavier didn't have anything to hold on Sage, Mystique was more or less his agent for protection and in the end she ended up turning on him anyways, whereas Sage actually went through X-Men training and the lot of it, he found her and actually considered her a member but he didn't think her specialities were needed for the main team.

Are you so sure about that? Because this image says different. Pretty much saying that Xavier did not consider her an X-Men but instead a spy for him to use. Which he did, against Sebastian Shaw.

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Lian Harper, if there was one death that could be defined as worthless it's hers. And being an oldschool Teen Titans fan, I miss the joy she added to those comics.

Also 616 Sage. I think her "death' at the end of Exiles was a lame way to get rid of a rather intriguing character.

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Uncanny X-Men #245. Cover and interior by Rob Liefled with Wolverine sporting some serious Youngblood's disease on the cover. Got it from a fourth grader when I was a second grader. I'm 31 now, and still read comics. I lost that comic somewhere between five moves, but recently re-bought it at this years Megacon, just as a nostalgia for what got me started.

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There's some truth to that as well.  I think Superhero Squad however is more making it so parents can watch with their children without getting bored, sort of like what childrens movies do today as well.

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Full disclosure first.  I'm 30 this year, and I got into comics around the age of 8 years old.  I had to ride my bike to the local convenience store to get my monthly fix.  When Spider-Man and X-Men went animated  I was elated.  When the movies came out it was just icing on the cake.  I wished I had been around the same classmates that used to tease me because I knew they all went to see X-Men and Spider-Man; and they used to tease me for reading comics and watching the cartoons.
But aren't we as a community putting all of them on a pedestal?
I recently got the orginal X-Men animated series and the Spider-Man animated series on DVD and as I was watching... I felt ashamed.  I looked on it and though "first is not always best."  X-Men was so childish, they didn't seem to think we could even understand Wolverine's healing factor as he was always bandaged up and in the "Medbay" whenever he got hurt at all.  They would each other by their code names even when Scott and Jean were on a date.  Yes it did the Dark Phoenix Saga almost line for line but that was it, the rest was just... childish.
Then I went to Spider-Man the animated series.  And it was just more of the same, villians origins were changed to have impact and more "let's have fun," or "Let's include as much of the Marvel Universe as possible."  A good example is Chameleon's "holographic costumes" and tying Electro to Red Skull.  Hobgoblin and Shocker were his primary enemies.  They threw in "alternate Spider-Mans" for a Clone Wars style story and even just threw in the Beyonder to have a "Secret Wars" story-arch.
I look back on these and go "WTF!"  I look on X-Men Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men and Spectacular Spider-Man and go, how did the originals get a minimum of 4 seasons and these three shows that were original and interesting get 7 seasons between them all.
Is the fan base so tainted by their childhood that they rose taints their world?  I'd accept that but elseworld and what-if comics sell so well that it seems we can accept alternate interpretations of our favorite characters.
What do you think?  I've been banging my head on this so much that I practically have a perpetual headache.

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Holocaust was my favorite villain in the AoA I even played him on a MUX at one time.  If he's back in the 616 I'll do the "Dance of Joy"

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Honestly I think the destruction of his hands was much like Karma's leg and the members of the 198 that were killed during Second Coming; to show that "s**t just got real!"  Me and Alice Malice were talking about this recently on why he didn't get replacements when Karma got one right away and it came down to priorities of Utopia over anything else.  Hellion isn't on a combat team, recently caused problems for the X-Men, and is Telekinetic (and needs to practice fine control since his power boost anyways.)  Karma is a Mind Control, on a combat team, and needs to move around.  With Forge gone (maybe dead) and Beast quitting really only Box is there to make prosthetic.
With him going to Magneto in Divided We Stand, and I don't think that had anything to do with going evil.  The X-Men had disbanded and he is still basically disowned by his family; with Xavier believed dead at that point, the only place to go for guidance was Magneto.  Basically the irrational actions of a teenager who had lost his way and wants to hold on or find anything to still believe in.
His actions in Utopia play up to this characterization completely.  We then see him wearing Kid Omega's sweater vest + button up shirt combo and talking about rioting.  He was just looking for purpose again, especially since Cyclops didn't seem to be putting the "New X-Men" back together after Manifest Destiny.
I think we'll see the majority of his story get played out in X-23's comic and Hope's part in X-Men.  I don't think he'll form TK hands for himself, I just think one day they'll give him cybernetic prostetics, when resources are plentiful enough to allow it.
But honestly he's one of my favorite characters so I do want to see more of him. 

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"but sadly, the love interest from the first film, Eva Mendes, will not be returning for this sequel. Considering this film takes place eight years after the first one. Who will Johnny Blaze eat jelly beans with? Who?"
Honestly I hope no one.  Not ever comic movie needs a romantic subplot, especially when it is usually the weakest part of the script.
Honestly I'm one of the few who actually liked the first Ghost Rider movie and was looking forward to the sequel.  It's in 3D but you know what, ah well, I won't be watching it in 3D anyways.

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