Characters and Their Popularity

Lately, I have been thinking about character popularity. Characters have varying fanbases. My two favorite characters Crossbones and Carnage, are 2 prime examples. Crossbones seems to be hated almost universaly, just yesterday I read an article which called Crossbones a "rascist skinhead, coward, D-bag, and all around loser." Why are this Crossbones hate? I think he is a cool character, with a great design. On the other hand, Carnage, seems to be somewhat popular. People claim him to be a "90s Charatcer", based around killing and murder sprees. In addition to this, many people say that Carnage is a one-dimensional character, and while I agree somewhat, the fact that the symbiote enchances Kasady's personality is interesting aspect of the character, which is why I enjoy symbiotes so much. 
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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@DegradingCarnage001 said:   
 "rascist skinhead, coward, D-bag, and all around loser"
Because this is exactly what he is and what he was meant to be.
Posted by God_Spawn

Wait so what was the point of this?