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@degraaf: 1) Thank you for reminding us how Lobdell effectively turned Tim into Dick's clone brother. /end sarcasm :)

2) I know a lot of people liked that. Me... I hated that exchange, not because of how Dick viewed Tim, but because his choice more or less shunted him out of the house at perhaps the worst time imaginable.Tim's time before all of that had not been an easy one thanks to some twat editors idea that no Robin could exist without tragedy... so Tim lost his dad, his girlfriend was tortured to death, his two best mates died in the line of duty, he got a psychopath in the Batcave that wanted to kill him (along with fruitcake Todd outside of it that nearly managed it) and then on top of everything else: Bruce 'the Batman' Wayne also died and then he had to hand over his mantle. If it was anything, it was an honorable but involuntary discharge from service.

And to be frank, I would have found a Batman & Robin as equals an interesting direction. Who knows, if Damian had run off, he could have joined up with Todd (or Deathstroke) and made a better anti-B&R partnership than Todd got with 'Scarlet' (?).

I would have been completely for Damian running off and joining Jason or Deathstroke as well but if Damian isnt with the bat family i couldnt see him going to Deathstroke, only back to the League.

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Bruce did say in the New 52 that Tim Drake is better than Dick and Jason.

i still hate how much they changed all their stories. I agree Tim Drake was the best robin for Batman but they messed with the characters to much.

Tim shouldnt be better then Dick at acrobatics. I was fine with him being a better detective and he can be closer to batman in abilities then the rest but he should not be able to beat Dick in ACROBATICS. I had to say it again. Dick is supposed to be the best gymnast in the DCU alive and 2nd best ever in the DCU (behind Deadman)

As far as I am concerned, Tim is the best Robin and Damian is the most problematic.

Like the others earned the job through various ways, Damian didn't at first, he just sort of muscled his way into the house because he's Bruce's kid and because his mom and grandpappy wanted him there. Then Bruce went and got Omega beamed and I still dont get the reasoning behind Dick then caving in and giving Damian what he wanted by being obnoxious.

To this, Damian is the only of the Robins that really needed watching while wearing the mantle, because despite all the development, he is still perfectly willing to kill people if he has to. Which to my mind, is not how a partnership like this can work on.

I actually like the way things unfolded when Dick took over. He didnt need Tim to be his sidekick bc thats not how Dick saw him. He saw Tim as an equal that needed little to no advice from Dick. Damian on the other hand was ill tempered, short sighted and had a chip on his shoulder.

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@malachi_munroe said:

@youknowwhattodo: can I get your honest opinion on her new origin?

One of the more understated aspects of a good origin is simplicity and historically, in the case of Donna Troy, no character in DC has had a more convoluted origin than her. So in the case of her new origin, I'm on board, it's simple, she was made of clay and conceived in a ceremony to ultimately challenge Diana for the Amazon throne and serve initially as a foil to Diana. There's nothing about the new origin that prevents Donna from growing into the character we love and the conflict set up immediately makes her relevant in the DCU (unlike most of the legacy characters). All in all, I really don't see any problem with it or how she was depicted as when living things are born, they are naked (hence the term 'birthday-suit'), on another note it's nice to see that she looks like a woman unlike Diana.

By the way, it looks like we could very well right when we said that the mystery figure in the solicit for Wonder Woman #39 was Donna

Wonder Woman returns to Paradise Island, and she’s in for a surprise: The Amazons have chosen a new queen to lead them! The identity of this new queen will send shock waves through the entire DC Universe! Guest-starring the Justice League and featuring the introduction of Diana’s craziest new cast member in, well, ever!

Also for #40.

Wonder Woman faces a challenger to her throne created solely to defeat her. But how can Diana stop a foe whose every strength is matched to her every weakness?

nailed it?

I was thinking of the #40 solicit as well. What are Diana's weaknesses? According to Batman she doesnt have any but some of the monthly readers should be able to point some out

@ms-lola said:

So Wonder Woman's original origin is now Donna Troy's? Except, instead of being molded from clay by Hippolyta, she's been created from the actual clay of the former Amazon queen's statue?

This would take away the demi god portion of Diana, meaning Donna wouldn't be half god. Right?

Okay, DC. I am intrigued. Donna is here and I am happy about that.

not necessarily. Just because Hippolyta was turned to stone and then sacrificed doesnt change the fact that Hippolyta was still Diana's mother. When a parent dies their child doesnt become half a person.

@ms-lola: yeah Donna won't be a demigod. I have a feeling Hera is going to power her up..

why would this change Diana's origin/DNA?

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wasnt my first choice but he is a great actor and a great fit for the role. I might have to get Netflix to see this

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@senglord said:

Talon Formula.

monster man formula.

A dozen other things can cause the Joker to seem metahuman.

I think James Junior may be Patient Zero.

maybe Joker was a Talon all this time......just maybe.

honestly that would be an interesting and acceptable explanation for me. He could have started the whole court of owls (or one of the first, or even one that simply went rogue a while back) He could have simply been a guy that went crazy decades ago after being put through the talon process (or maybe be a failed talon recruit) and didnt become "The JOKER" until he met or discovered batman for the first time.

This would also explain his relationship to Dick Grayson (not that there is one but the little respect Joker should him compared to Jason Todd) and could explain why he killed Jason (since he wasnt Dick [a fellow potential talon])

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who's the other character with Darkseid?

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Who is Maxima?

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it seems easy enough to re-retcon later. Just say Magneto was protected by someone with a spell or something.

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Burn Groot to death.

Just squash Rocket Raccoon

Drax would be the next threat. He is strong and everthing but i dont believe he is as strong as Wonder Woman (with her bracelets on)

I think it would come down to Gamora and Star Lord and maybe Drax (if he isnt taken out yet). WW would lose bc they would work as a team. Gamora would be her biggest threat IMO with Star Lord being a good distraction and a smaller threat that i think could injure her with his guns (if he could hit her) I dont think Starlord would be be a match for WW at all by himself but his suit i think would be powerful enough withstand a hit from WW.

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who would lead the resistance? Superman would try to reason with Batman and with that Batman would know to take Superman out as quickly as possible. You know it would have to be a kryptonite gas (similar to what was used when Superman was becoming Doomsday) or a kryptonite bullet out of a gun that can shoot faster then Superman can react (probably while Superman is distracted). Batman would also be able to fully become a yellow lantern then if he did go down the darker path.

I think Martian Manhunter possessed by deadman (similar to Shazam) could take batman down but would anyone think of that?