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Meh. Ultimate Marvel ended back in Ultimates 3 when they suddenly decided they weren't Ultimate Marvel anymore and drew and wrote everyone like their main 616 versions.

Then killed everyone.

Then started bringing people back from the dead.

Then had it cross over with main universe.

Honestly at this point, they ruined it. The purple of Ultimate was to be a more realistic take on them. The psychological problems these "heroes" would have, no crossing over with main marvel, when characters died they stayed dead, etc. Now its just another What If-averse. There's no appeal to it anymore.

We can thank Ultimate for having Nick Fury go "And now for my long lost son, Samuel L Jackson!" in the main universe, and for bringing us Marvel Zombies and a badass Toad, but that's about it. Its gone with the wind.

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Who is the green robot?!

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I'm not looking forward to seeing horrible special effects for Quicksilver's superspeed. Does anyone else remember Calypso's half assed "standing jog" superspeed from X3?

Only two times have I ever seen Superspeed look good in live action. Kung Fu Hustle, and Faora in Man of Steel.

Otherwise it's just been crap like Smallville, X3, and DB Evolution with cheap B movie special effects for superspeed

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oooh my god....

Lex Luthor....AGAIN?! SERIOUSLY?!

Do movie writers even understand, even COMPREHEND, that Superman does, in fact, have other villains besides Luthor?

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Doesn't help that there's another EXTREMELY SIMILAR (re: brutal) Spider out in texas at the same time.

Even more so since the Texan spider-man is the same guy who killed Doc the first time around, before his second "death" led to him bodysnatching Pete.

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Exactly. I'd rather him going back to being the tech guy of the Titans, rather than just the "Token Black Guy" of the League.

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No. It's not that "Everyone WANTS to know". It's that "Everyone SHOULD know." Because its painfully obvious that it's not Peter Parker, since its a guy who talks and acts like Dr. Otto Octavious wearing the Spidey suit.

That's why I can't choose just "one person". Because there's no feasible way for just one person to know, since there's no feasible reason why everyone shouldn't know.

But for the sake of the topic, Mary Jane. Just so she knows not to sleep with Doc Ock in a Peter suit.

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Without sarcasm, I say EVERYONE should know. Since he doesn't even bother ACTING like Spidey or Peter, which should be a MASSIVE TIPOFF to everyone, especialyl since there's been around a dozen "Spider doppelgangers" in the past, from clones to disguises to bodysnatching to robots to an actual Doppelganger, etc, etc.

That's why I'm so disgusted by all of this. Dock effectively is wearing another man's SKIN to take over his life, continues to talk and act like Doctor Octopus....and nobody's saying anything? REALLY?!

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I really hope that's sarcasm.

This cliche old "Body snatching" thing got old months ago. Moreso because there's no real reason (or WAY) that it could have gone on this long, considering how many other Spider Doubles have been around over the years, and how Otto doesn't even bother TRYING to actually act like Spidey or Peter. But terrible writing means that nobody really noticed that "Hey, this isn't the real Spider-Man, no matter HOW you look at him"

For the record, I'm actually with Ock turning over a new leaf (again) and being a hero. But the fact that he did it by bodysnatching Spidey and usurping his entire life just undermines any heroics he might do. He's not an "underdog", he's not "relatable", he's certainly not "heroic". He's a sick perversion of Spider-Man. He's literally just Doctor Octopus wearing Spider-Man's skin as a costume, and I'm sickened by the writers and panelists trying to act like that's totally okay.

Welp, luckily all I have to do is wait for another writer to decide to bring Peter back and kick Ock out so this idiotic mess is over with. Until Ock gets his comeuppance for doing what is probably the sickest thing he's EVER done, I have nothing but disgust for the writers.

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