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Almost all Hulk villains are stronger than Hulk at his default, but the catch is always that NONE of them keep getting stronger like he does, so he always overpowers them through rage.

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There's been 4 Reverse Flashes, one for each of the flashes.

Jay Garrick, the original Flash, had his Reverse Flash, known as The Rival.

Barry Allen had his Reverse Flash, known as Professor Zoom.

Wally West had his own Reverse Flash, simply known as Zoom. (HE was horribly mishandled by later writers and had to be removed)

Impulse (I forget his name), his reverse flash was the kid in green, I forget his name, too.

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Look at it like this.

Everyone would have flipped out at the new Ultimate Spider-Man as well, if they had just made Peter Parker some completely unrelated black kid. Instead, Miles Morales is his own, separate person.

This New52 Wally is a completely different person, and it all would have been fine, if they hadn't decided to actually name him, "Wally West", when he's obviously a completely different character.

Honestly, I've stopped caring about DC for the most part. New 52 erased the characters I liked (Bombshell, Jade, Cyclone, etc), and revamped the others I liked into unlikeable and unrecognizeable messes (Wally west, Zoom, Warblade, Creeper, etc)

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This makes me angry because its easily the BEST Live action DC show to date.

Been trying to watch The Flash and Arrow, but the terrible highschool drama CW writing leaves me cringing constantly.

Then again, I just watch it on Hulu. But if it goes to Sci Fi channel, then the special effects would probably go to hell.

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Not a "new52 version", but THIS zoom?

If you look back at his debut story, its revealed that like how Flash generates the yellow lightning when he runs (The Speed Force, essentially), Zoom generates red lightning, which it turns out is fractures, windows into his own timeline.

And the last we saw of him, he was making some arrangement with a known time traveler, the original Professor Zoom, Eobard Thawne.

Is it possible...that Thawne helped Zolomon get his powers back, and he was able to escape the reboot (like Power Girl before him escaping the original Crisis' wipe) by escaping outside of the timeline before it was rebooted? Either simply being "outside time", or retreating into his own personal timeline?

It would also be interesting to see him trying to analyze the New 52 wally west, and being left with no purpose as he realizes that this is a completely different person who happens to have the same name.

Although if they DID bring him back like this, I wish writers would remember that due to his power actually being time relativity rather than outright speed, its not POSSIBLE to be faster than him, which is what the terrible writers did after his debut arc, trying to turn him into an outright clone of Thawne. If I ever got to write for DC, I'd bring back Pre52 Hunter Zolomon, and Ame-Comi Jade :)

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@eternalgrandmaster: I don't have the comic, what happened to her and why was she refusing help?

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You'd think they woulda learned, what with most of everything already getting canceled and rebooted constantly after the New52 reboot, to stop remaking characters to the point they don't even RESEMBLE the original. Ah well.

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@kingwillie: because it doesn't look badass. it looks goofy. He looks like that fish guy from the new ninja turtles nickelodeon cartoon.

Not saying the old look didn't have its fault, but he looked downright badass once they changed the ponytail to the mohawk and stuff. Now? just some...metal, grinning, fish. I can't take him seriously, at all, he looks too silly.

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I am SO tired of them trying to retcon the comics to cash in on the movies.

First they bring back the black suit to cash in on Spider-Man 3.

Then they replace Nick Fury with his long lost son Sam Jackson, who can't match up to the Colonel, and nobody takes seriously.

Now they try to erase the only bonds Magneto ever really had (Granted, they never did much with the fact that they were his kids), to cash in on Avengers 2.

I'm guessing they'll also get rid of Ultron's iconic face, and replace it with the movie's generic robodude look, and retcon it so it was actually Iron Man influencing Pym to make Ultron, or some nonsense.


Also, at least its still better than DC. I still don't bother with them, because continuity doesn't even exist there as a CONCEPT. Constant cancels and reboots all the time. Nu52 was ill conceived and like, everything that wasn't Batman (which was barely touched by the reboot) got almost immediately canceled and rebooted over and over and over because they hadn't thought any of it out, like usual.

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I thought it would be a bigger issue. That a man who has been part of the regular military, dealing with normal enemies for the most port, suddenly being shunted full tilt into the superhuman lifestyle. Doesn't seem like he had any trouble adjusting at all...