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@eternalgrandmaster: I don't have the comic, what happened to her and why was she refusing help?

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You'd think they woulda learned, what with most of everything already getting canceled and rebooted constantly after the New52 reboot, to stop remaking characters to the point they don't even RESEMBLE the original. Ah well.

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@kingwillie: because it doesn't look badass. it looks goofy. He looks like that fish guy from the new ninja turtles nickelodeon cartoon.

Not saying the old look didn't have its fault, but he looked downright badass once they changed the ponytail to the mohawk and stuff. Now? just some...metal, grinning, fish. I can't take him seriously, at all, he looks too silly.

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I am SO tired of them trying to retcon the comics to cash in on the movies.

First they bring back the black suit to cash in on Spider-Man 3.

Then they replace Nick Fury with his long lost son Sam Jackson, who can't match up to the Colonel, and nobody takes seriously.

Now they try to erase the only bonds Magneto ever really had (Granted, they never did much with the fact that they were his kids), to cash in on Avengers 2.

I'm guessing they'll also get rid of Ultron's iconic face, and replace it with the movie's generic robodude look, and retcon it so it was actually Iron Man influencing Pym to make Ultron, or some nonsense.


Also, at least its still better than DC. I still don't bother with them, because continuity doesn't even exist there as a CONCEPT. Constant cancels and reboots all the time. Nu52 was ill conceived and like, everything that wasn't Batman (which was barely touched by the reboot) got almost immediately canceled and rebooted over and over and over because they hadn't thought any of it out, like usual.

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I thought it would be a bigger issue. That a man who has been part of the regular military, dealing with normal enemies for the most port, suddenly being shunted full tilt into the superhuman lifestyle. Doesn't seem like he had any trouble adjusting at all...

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Seriously, seems like they didn't think this through at all lol. They better have him do at LEAST one Falcon Punch.

He's not Captain America just because he's holding the shield lol. At least Bucky, John Walker had the sense to change his costume and everything. Not just be "Winter Soldier with Cap's Shield." Even Falcon himself actually donned the full costume with the shield before.

But this? This is just...the Falcon carrying Cap's Shield. Nothing more.

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DC movies are usually a whole lotta meh, and judging by recent trends, I'm not looking forward to the inevitable comic book where Comics Deadshot is replaced with Will Smith Deadshot out of nowhere, just to try to cash in on the movie.

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Meh. Ultimate Marvel ended back in Ultimates 3 when they suddenly decided they weren't Ultimate Marvel anymore and drew and wrote everyone like their main 616 versions.

Then killed everyone.

Then started bringing people back from the dead.

Then had it cross over with main universe.

Honestly at this point, they ruined it. The purple of Ultimate was to be a more realistic take on them. The psychological problems these "heroes" would have, no crossing over with main marvel, when characters died they stayed dead, etc. Now its just another What If-averse. There's no appeal to it anymore.

We can thank Ultimate for having Nick Fury go "And now for my long lost son, Samuel L Jackson!" in the main universe, and for bringing us Marvel Zombies and a badass Toad, but that's about it. Its gone with the wind.

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Who is the green robot?!

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I'm not looking forward to seeing horrible special effects for Quicksilver's superspeed. Does anyone else remember Calypso's half assed "standing jog" superspeed from X3?

Only two times have I ever seen Superspeed look good in live action. Kung Fu Hustle, and Faora in Man of Steel.

Otherwise it's just been crap like Smallville, X3, and DB Evolution with cheap B movie special effects for superspeed