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@sad_max said:

@degalon: you're full of shit dude. you give more importance to appearance than characterization. For example downey Jr. Ironman is only similar to comics ironman only in terms of appearance but in terms of characterization they are completey different but that's not important for you is it and deadshot was never as charismatic as Roberts iron man.

And why are you only looking at wills summer blockbusters and conveniently ignoring his performance in Ali , in pursuit of happiness or even his performance in I am legend. If the director wants wills charming usual self to rake in cash he does it and if it involves taking on a more complex role he does it just as good and believe me playing deadshot is no more difficult than playing Mohammed Ali.

Johnny depp is not versatile to you. Have seen any of his performances other than Jack sparrow ( which itself is original to the bone). His performance as Wade walker? Ed woods? J.M Barrie?( for which he got an Oscar nom),Edward ? Or the one in fear and loathing in las Vegas or any of his lesser know but critically acclaimed performances?. So if some performances have similar qualities they are the same to you? .

No. I give EQUAL importance to appearance and characterization, as both are what make up an iconic character. You just don't care about either.

As I said, I didn't ignore his performance in those at all, I mentioned he's done dramatic roles, I just didn't namedrop them because they are in the minority of his roles. Also I Am Legend was freaking terrible and I'd rather forget it.

I've seen Johnny Depp in films as far back as edwards scissorhands and Nightmare on Elm Street. Again, as I said, there's always a few exceptions but the vast majority of his roles are "kooky goth". Even Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas wasn't that far off, except he wore colors other than black there.

What's needed for comic book roles, specifically, is Character Actors, which these guys are not. For reference, Character Actors are people whose roles are so wildly different that they are almost unrecognizable from role to role. Whereas with will smith, it's almost always just will smith.

Funny how you're conveniently ignoring like half of my posts.

@nite_nite said:

@degalon: now you're just going in circles and making the same excuses while trying to sweep the prejudice under the rugs.

No such thing as a race card. Only truth.

And the truth is you're racist and prejudice and wanna hide behind it by claiming everyone else is, got it.

You keep claiming prejudice, while the rest of us keep getting mad when adaptations are "in name only"

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See how you just cut the crap and pointed out

1) it's because he's black

2) you're tired of "race" swapping. I assure you "everyone" isn't tired of it. There's a reason they keep swapping out characters to make them black in film. Which was what I was trying to get across to the other guy.

However, I KNOW it has something to do with racism. Probably not everyone but that doesn't mean much when the ones who mean it and the ones who don't are covering for each other.

The racism comes from people not being honest like you just were and coming up with BS excuses which like I stated just equates to "he's black" in all honesty. You might not consider mbj as Johnny storm, but I do. Get it? It's a race thing. Whites, not all, but a majority of the ones complaining are white. The ones who don't care or like it with less complaints generally are black.

How could he neither look nor act the part of Deadshot? He's never acted as Deadshot before and you didn't see the movie yet. As far as your opinion on his acting, it's your opinion, wrong as it may be. Fresh prince Will and Robert neivelle are two totally different characters played by the same actor. Which themselves are separate characters from Nikki. I could go on but I'm willing to bet a majority of people on here dismissing and criticizing Will's talent are white here. I'm new here and I already picked up that. It's not a good thing. I consider him a fantastic actor.

you guys should actually watch him in the movie to see how he acts out the character role he's been assigned? We saw about as much of him as we did of Harley and Boomerang and katana on that clip. Only difference is he's the only "race" swapped one and coincidentally the one most of the complaining and slander is about. You'd like to convince me it's a coincidence. Several "aww hell nah" comments say otherwise. Correct your buds before you go for the guy reacting to the people at fault.

Ah, no, you're just ignoring what I"m saying and making up what you wanted to hear.

1) Its not "he's black".

It's "He doesn't look like the character. At all." That's not racism, that's pointing out bad casting choice.

2) The only people okay with the race swapping are the ones who don't read comics and so aren't aware of all the diverse heroes that aren't getting promoted/should be in movies instead. Or worse, the ones who ARE aware, but just want to get rid of white characters instead.

Like look at Avengers.

Correct way to have racially different heroes.

Have Tony Stark and James Rhodes, Iron Man and War Machine. Have Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson, aka, Captain America and The Falcon. That's diversity with both black and white heroes.

The Wrong Way to have racially diverse heroes.
Arbitrarily make Tony Stark black, or Steve Rogers black. It's not racist to point out that's not what the character is, it's racist to try to replace a characters race with one you want instead.

Like Assault on Arkham (Which is the same thing as this film) did it the correct way, by having Deadshot, actually look like deadshot, but they went out of their way to bring in a black character for diversity. Whereas this film just arbitrarily cast someone who can't even pass for the character. Whether that's to force diversity or just ride on Will Smith's name, the result is still the same thing: That's not anywhere close to what Deadshot looks like, and THAT'S what people are mad about. Same thing is happening with X-Men. Their version of Apocalypse looks more like Ivan Ooze than the comic character, and that's what fans are angry about.

So again, please stop trying to play the race card. That's not what any of this is about, not matter how many excuses you make.

As for Will SMith's acting, most movies I've seen are the same character in the same way that Keanu Reeves always plays the stoic savior, Jack Black is always the goofball, Christopher Walken is always Christopher walken, Johnny Depp is always the kooky, vaguely effeminate counterculture goof, etc. There's always exceptions, but most of their roles are the same character. Its type casting.

men in black, wild wild west, independence day, i robot, fresh prince, hancock, etc, were all just "will smith". There's storyline differences, but each character was otherwise exactly the same.

And again, just going by the trailer, it looks like he's doing that again, rather than any emotional pull like some of his dramatic roles.

I'm not saying he's not a good actor. I'm just pointing out he's a poor fit for the role. It's not his type of character. Again, Deadshot is more like Robert Downey Jr's version of Tony Stark, but a little toned back.

I know i'm gonna see this movie, and i'm just gonna be seeing "Will Smith", not "Deadshot", is all.

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@daredevil21134: Here is the Apocalypse they made

And here is a simple fix with Photoshop someone else did

They could have easily fixed him with costume design but nope, we get stick thin/Ivan Ooze Apocalypse for some reason. I wish they had cast whomever did make-up/costume design for Guardians of The Galaxy, they got it all right.

That looks SO much better.

@marveldcfan001 said:

@thunderscream: My question is, why did they choose Storm to be a horseman? I really wish they had more minor characters become a Horseman, like Sunfire.

Sunfire would've been cool, but since we already got Sunspot in DoFP...the power effects would probably look too similar. It makes sense with Storm since she used to be a pick-pocket in Cairo and Apocalypse originated from Egypt.

the problem there is that, like with Colossus, they didn't bother making Sunspot look like, well, Sunspot. They just made him a generic "human torch" knockoff, rather than the "black fire and superstrength" guy that he was supposed to be, which would have differentiated him from Sunfire.

Plus maybe they'll use Sunfire in the next big hero 6, so he's off limits?

Though with how goofy Apocalypse looks, it makes me concerned for Archangel. Surprised they didnt go with Death wolverine though.

But yeah Storm and Magneto were lazy choices. So many better options, but I guess they wanted to mimic X-Men Evolution a bit.

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How/why did they screw up apocalypse so bad? He doesn't even have his signature lip lines. He's supposed to look like a cross between a robot and hieroglyph. Instead we get Ivan Ooze.

Psylocke looks surprisingly spot on.

Hopefully they don't turn this into another "all about wolverine" like they did for every other xmen movie.

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@degalon: well to be blunt. It's the truth, not a "race card" thing. That's just something white people came up with.

Now I actually read all the comments before posting. Literally someone posted something along the lines of "It's not Deadshot, DS is white with great aim".

Or does someone only have to be straight up blunt and post "I don't like it because he's black" for you to see what's going on?

I hope they make Sue black in the next FF movie so you can be there to defend the "but her hair can only be golden and straight" hate comments. Lmao.

As far as "act like Deadshot". I didn't know you saw the movie yet. Can you provide links? Preferably hd quality.

Well, it's true. Deadshot is a cleancut white guy. Everyones pretty tired of race swapping in movies, like what happened with MBJ in Fantastic Four. He may be a human torch, but he's in no way Johnny Storm. It has nothing to do with racism, it has everything to do with the fact that they look nothing like the character they are supposed to be portraying. Lately films have been less "adaptations", and more "Loosely inspired by", and its irking people.

So to clarify, its not that will smith is black, its that deadshot ISNT. That's what people were getting at.

But I'm just talking about how Will Smith has pretty much always played "will smith" in the vast majority of his movies, and this looks to be the same old thing for him. So putting aside the fact that he doesn't fit the part physically, his acting the part is already in question. So yes, as of right now, it looks like piss poor casting choice since he neither looks nor acts the part of Deadshot.

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@maccyd said:
@xwraith said:

Joker gets my approval. Deadshot doesn't.

Deadshot looks more like Will Smith playing Will Smith to me tbh.

Which is pretty much my main concern with this movie. Floyd developed as a character in the pages of Suicide Squad. I fear Deadshot will be relegated to cliche one liners like "Aww, hell naw" and "Wooo!" in this movie.

Preeeettty much.

The problem with Will Smith, is he has the same problem as other people like Johnny Depp/Jack Black/Christopher Walker...

He doesn't play characters, he just plays himself.

And Deadshot is just Tony Stark as a gunman, and Will Smith is the farthest thing from that. Shame they couldn't get Robert Downey Jr to just be Deadshot as well.

@xwraith said:

Joker gets my approval. Deadshot doesn't.


Once again, the Joker's laugh is totally off key and Jared Leto looks more like a Joker wannabe from Batman Beyond than the real Joker. Viola Davis' haircut for Amanda Waller is way too butch. She should have gone with that New 52 look. I'm a little worried because Joker's initial monologue in this trailer is weak.

I'm more annoyed they didn't even bother to put her in a fat suit or something. Amanda "The Wall" Waller is a huge lady, its a signature part of her character.

@squalleon: He looks perfect. Definitely more true to the character than Ledger.

Oh so true. the problem with the Nolan films is there were only Batman characters "in name only". Bale was nothing like Batman or Bruce, Ledge was nothing like The Joker, and whatshisname was nothing like Bane. Scarecrow was the only one like who he was supposed to be.

@jtmac005 said:

So they're trying to make deadshot the "relatable" one. he has a family and is the only member who doesn't have a deformity or layers of tattoos. I expected as much. Still can't get over how horrible Harley looks. And I think croc could be better.

I feel the same way about this film as I do the joker: hoping for the best, but feeling really skeptical

Other than Deadshot being a suicidal sociopath who shoots the first chance he gets and works hard to screw everyone else over for kicks. But I'm guessing since its will smith, there's be nothing "Deadshot" about him, and he'll just be "Will Smith with a gun".

Such terrible casting there...

@scouterv said:

I'm confused. People keep saying "Will Smith is playing Will Smith." Like, what does that even mean?

It means he's just acting like his usual self, rather than acting like Deadshot.

@drlove said:
@scouterv said:

I'm confused. People keep saying "Will Smith is playing Will Smith." Like, what does that even mean?

he is almost always the same character in every movie...


Jarred letto looks amazing and is ripped out of the comics. (Especially Batman RIP). Its more true to the comics then ledger was anyway. Ledger played the joker in name only but he isnt like that in the comics


Waller: looks amazing. They found that balance between post and pre flashpoint. Seems like she'll be that untrustworthy and manipulative, "I'm better than you" lady- all for the greater good. With the cross We'd probably be treated to her getting her hands dirty.

Joker: Honestly if/as soon as he wears a suit most of y'all will stop b!tching. The teeth are "whatever". You could barely see Ledger's teeth. "B-But Nite Nite Mark Hami-" shut up. Mark Hamill was only the voice behind an already designed and animated character. Yeah he's the definitive joker for 90's babies. But it's not "him", it's the cartoon character. Like it or not Heath's the definitive joker, if someone had to be chosen, right now. Like I said give Leto a suit and you guys will be men about this.

Harley: No accent. At least not noticed in the trailer. Other than that looks good.

Deadshot: All the petty "H-he s-s-said this" and "but will smith" comments are being deciphered via my BS vision as "he's black though." People here just not man enough after they wet their pants about human torch. The complaints only make me love it even more. Don't like the mask completely yet but it looks Way better in action. Btw "I bet deadshot says aww hell naw" comments are easily viewed as racist. Didn't see anyone betting on "gee golly" statements from Joker.

The plot/story/why: people crying about this go wrap your head in plastic. The movies not out yet. When you watch it. You'll know the plot/story and all 5 Ws you care about. Keyboard critics.

Not to be mean, but you're being an idiot. Race shouldn't even matter since he wears a mask (Or is supposed to), but the "Oh hell naw" Isn't racist, that's just something WILL SMITH IS KNOWN FOR SAYING. When the hell did ledger ever get known for saying "Gee golly"?

This is about the fact that Will Smith isn't even bothering to act like Deadshot. Yaknow, the thing he's paid to do as a supposed actor?

Quit trying to play the race card on everything.

Anyways, Will smith and the nonames look terrible but Joker, Harley, and Croc look amazing. Katana looks out of place wearing an actual costume and mask when everyone else is wearing regular clothes though.

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oh my god why is EVERYTHING DC puts out since 2011 such crap?

Then there's also nonsense like "pretty boy imposter" Lobo, and we have to keep pretending that Cyborg isn't hilariously out of place in the justice league. Seriously he's like the Zoidberg of the JL now.

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@furiousweasel: THANK YOU, exactly.

Also on the note of "Miles makes no sense because Kaine and Miguel were in line first", keep in mind there's also a last Iron Spider out there (The last MVP Clone), as well as the Steel Spider.

And the same even applies to Kamala. Ultra Girl was the one given Carols blessing (Even her old costume) before Osborn had the costume taken back for his dark avengers. So ULTRA GIRL should have been the successor to Carol not Kamala.

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I'm still not cool with Falcon being Captain America.

Good thing he's not then, lol. He's just "Falcon carrying Cap's shield". That's not enough to make someone Captain America.

Which is said because sam actually WAS Captain America before. He did it right back then.

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@degalon: You might also consider looking up the definition of "diverse".

Yeah because a team made up of a black kid, several women, a blue alien, a green alien, a pink alien, pseudo-scandinavian twins with german heritage, an orange cat woman, several hispanic heroes, black men, black women, asians, etc, etc, doesn't count as "diverse".

But according to you, just having a team of "female version of existing hero, black version of existing hero, kid version of existing hero, etc etc" IS diverse?

I think it's you who needs to look up the definition of "diverse".

Methinks its you who's the bigot here. You actively fight against diversity in favor of just having copies and stand ins.

Also no, situations like back when dc remade green lantern and flash arent anywhere CLOSE to the same thing. That's not "Just tossing the mask around". That's an entirely new generation in a whole other world. yes there's been legacy characters before, many, in fact, but there's a difference between succeeding an old identity (as miles did for Ultimate peter, it was even a plot point), and simply calling ANYONE the hero. They aren't even bothering to come up with new heroes anymore.

For example, there's been no less than at least 4 different Spider-Women. Jessica Drew, Arachne, Anya, Mattie Franklin, and the evil one made by doc ock. Just rarely ever at the same TIME. And for the most part, they were completely unrelated. But each and every one of them came into their own (Well kinda. Mattie was killed off, the evil one never showed up again, and Anya gave up her own identity to take Arachne's old costume and become Spider-Girl, while Jessica Drew is the "sole" Spider-Woman as Arachne became the new Madam Webb after the original died)

We already know Janethor wont last long (Thor will get the hammer back, and Jane will get her own hammer and identity, same as was done before with Thunderstrike, Beta Ray Bill, and Thor Girl.). Miles will likely get his own identity after a year or two because calling two people "spider-man" at the same time presents problems, and Kamala, while I still consider Carol to be Ms Marvel, is fine for the moment because Carol goes by CAPTAIN Marvel now. (Whatever, I'm just calling Kamala, Kamala, and Carol, Marvel). Hoping Kamala gets her own superhero identity though. She deserves it.

Seriously though, is that Squirrel Girl in new avengers? I can't tell. Looks like her, but I'm not seeing a tail or the facial markings or anything.