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@ Wow!! For all the hate Salvation got it was a decent movie, except for the fact that whoever was in charge of Marketing thought that giving away the big twist of the film in THE TRAILER was a good idea. And here we are, and they make the EXACT SAME MISTAKE!!!

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I agree with Clayface, Prometheus, Ivy, and Zsaz, but I'd rather Red Hood then Hush. As Red would have guns AND his knife and other gadgets. It'd be like mixing Nightwing, Batman, and Deathstroke from the first game.

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That is actually the original color scheme for the insignia. Or pretty damned close.

Personally I like the colors and hair for Superman, just not the Jeans and t-shirt look. WW looks great. some modern, yet classic looking armor, and a more warrior feel.

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He needs to do an X-Babies book, or just a little Marvel book!

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Keep them coming! I can't wait for Batman Vol 2 and Teen Titans Vol 1

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It makes perfect sense. however, doing this should leave him completely wiped out! If he's releasing the majority of the stored solar energy that basically powers him, then he should be at a much lower power level for a bit.

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I like it. And it makes complete sense with the story and all. Plus it helps to move Flash forward as a hero, and not just "the newest host of the symbiote" like Mac Gargan was. I am interested in seeing how this pans out especially when he makes it back to Earth. Now bring back Darkhawk and add him to the roster!!!

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Enjoyed War for it being an intro to this new unified movie universe, and I enjoyed Son of Batman. I do agree that the villains were under utilized in both. I thoroughly enjoyed Throne of Atlantis. Most of the issues that were pointed out are nitpicky in my opinion. If I did that with every movie I'd never enjoy anything. That said Black Manta WAS wasted. Interested to see what they do next for the JL in this universe, but I look forward to it. Was also glad to see Aquaman get the spotlight, much like Flash in Flashpoint Paradox, and Cyborg in War. I kinda hope they make these more character centric.

Now for your non-universe flicks, can we get like an animated Earth One story about Superman and Batman meeting? Or do one based on the Earth-2 comic!!

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That's my Badass Aquaman!!! Can't wait for Throne of Atlantis.