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Oh G-Man! You're so dirty!!!

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GA is good but I have to give it to Widow. On top of her training from the Red Room, she's had all that experience working for SHIELD and Avengers. And people in the Marvel U tend to rub off on each other or at least do more training together. Like Cap trained Stark in hand to hand combat, Spidey learned Kng-Fu from Shang Chi, etc. So I don't think it'd be a stretch to say she's sparred with and traded moves with some of the best combatants in the MU like Cap, Wolverine, Shang Chi and Iron Fist, and most likely Hawkeye. And therein lies my point. She has experience against a very accomplished bowman! So I think in the end Widow would pull out the win.

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@mynameiswill: Ok maybe not 50's and 60's but most have to be pushing thirty in the series, so let's 40's and maybe a few in their 50's.

Yeah it's ridiculous.

Like seriously? Zsasz and The Riddler being THAT much older than Batman? I seriously don't buy it. I want to like this show, but this super villain cramming is just going mess up these characters.

I can tell you right now, no one will be older than they have to be, even if they are, the idea that all of Batman's villains have to be his age is stupid.

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@soa: These characters are evolving into the villains that Batman will face in the future. Nothing silly about that. Lots of Batman's villians are sorta old anyway.

It's very silly when the Batman is supposed to bring out these villains in Gotham. It really lessens Batman's impact if he just followed the lead of villains before him instead of the other way around.

Also a lot of the villains showed in this show aren't even supposed to be that much older than Bruce. Like seriously, Zsasz being around 50 whenever Bruce is around 30? It just seems really weird to me. I just think that this show should be about Gotham before Batman and his villains, because before Batman there weren't these bad guys. I'm fine with cameo's and what not, but I feel like they're going to push it too far.

Seriously though, you think Batman got there and people just decided they'd be a villain ( a few did ). There had to be low-key story behind it. Even if they do use some of his villains, so what? It'll be that much more entertaining.

Before Batman, maybe there wasn't these bad people, but this show is basically demonstrating how these people were before they turn into what Batman faces in the future.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly. I always hated the Batman created the villains argument, and this is basically demonstrating that GOTHAM created it's own monsters, and a few heroes to save it in the form of Gordon, Dent and finally Batman. And at the most these villains will be 10-15 years older than Bruce or so, and that's not that big a difference in age. That's like saying 25 year olds and 35 year olds can't compete at the same level.

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Pyg is the Ballon Man from the next episode. I also like that Zzassz is starting out erly, and we're getting a young Harvey Dent soon (not Bruce, Selina, Ivy young) but more a contemporary of Gordon.

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@generaltekno No it's Red Skull, or Red Onslaught! Red Skull with Onlsaught's abilities.

The carnage Minis in general have been pretty good.

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I will be watching this!!! Got Constantine perfect, and I love me some Harold Perineau.

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Wait so collateral damage is good as long as it's a cartoon, but if it's in Man of Steel it's bad! Got it!

Personally I can't wait for this, for all the reasons stated above and them some! Plus Filion returning as GL! always good!

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I have the original infinity and it's pretty much the same. But it's a blast to play with a little one! So I can't wait to inject some Marvel mayhem into my Disney infinity world!!

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I can't wait for this.

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PG-13 for marketing reasons alone! Get it out there, and then give me the unrated version on Blu-Ray!!