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I voted for Black Panther. Like GoTG it would open up a whole new world for the MCU. Wakanda itself will be glorious to behold with it's mix of tribal and high-tech culture. I really look forward to seeing that world brought to life, not to say the least about the character and his supporting characters and enemies.

My choices for T'Challa are: Chadwick Boseman, Aldis Hodge, and Blessing Mokogohloa (from Spartacus War of the Damned). I always wanted Djimon Honsou, but now that he's in GoTG that won't be happening. I'd love to see Kevin Greivoux as Man-Ape.

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War was good for what it was, but it had more flaws than Flashpoint Paradox. FP was just INSANE!!! Great story and a chance to see an alternate DCU animated, and a great restart for the DCAU films to start a continuity. It had some of the most brutal battle I've seen animated and they were between HEROES!!! It was just a great flick, and I know a lot of people weren't too fond of the animation I personally loved the bigger than life look of some of the characters like Aquaman, Batman (Thomas Wayne) and Cyborg.

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I don't really make a distinction between Udon Taskmaster and regular Taskmaster. Other than the equipment and the one use of double speed, he's pretty much the same. And they've even said the double speed thing can only be done in short bursts, because his body isn't built for it. But what's the major difference between Pre New 52 and New 52 Deathstroke.

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Was going from Batman:TAS. Thanks though I love those 3-minute expert vids.

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It really needs all of those things to be a good book. It can tell stories involving other DCU characters, tell stories focusing on his family, and tell stories that are just badass. But it has to be well written. I actually liked what they had started doing with his New 52 book, but then the writing kinda fell apart. Slade should be like the book everyone wants to write. Write him as a hero in one story, a villain in another, but always have him stick to his code. I want the same thing for a Taskmaster comic!

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@cable_extreme Well I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree like I said. But no matter what it'd be a good fight!

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@hulkregime I was about to add that now! Of all the trophies I can actually see that one being there. Because the Joker is crazy enough to use it for something. I don't see Two-Face actually doing the penny thing and I don't even remember why there was a T-Rex. I wouldn't mind seeing the costumes in cases either, not just the Jason Todd Robin suit, but Bruce's first Batman suit along with suits to represent any other allies.

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@cable_extreme I'm not saying it's a disadvantage per-say, but more of a case where it wouldn't be the advantage it normally is. I will give you an example of what I mean. Wolverine's heightened senses. Normally they are a boon, helping him track and warning him of approaching danger, but when they're overwhelmed with too much it actually puts him at a disadvantage. Same principal here, and it's shown from that alternate version of Deathstroke that was like Deadpool. Also your argument of one staff blast, or one sword swipe could go for Slade as well. Deadpool is not going to sit there and take it. Sure he throws himself into danger headlong most of the time, but he is NOT stupid, and once he sees what Slade is bringing, he'll be less suicidal and more tactical. He is not the tactician that Slade is my any means, but he's no slouch at all. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree and wait for the results.

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@cable_extreme While Normally I'd agree that Slade's enhanced intelligence would be a benefit, I think that Wade's insanity will just overwhelm him in the end. Not only that but as a tactician Slade would be trying to predict what's coming next, and we all know there IS not predicting Wade. Trying to predict Wade in battle is a lesson in futility for a first meeting. Even if Slade went all out, it would be a waste in munitions because he'd survive whatever was thrown at him. And don't let Wade actually get mad, because then he gets focused and that is never good (for his opponent). Bottom line this is a fight I'd love to see on Death Battle or SuperPower Beatdown.