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Deathstroke is a badass! There is NO denying that. Not in the slightest. He's one of the most dangerous and cunning men in the DCU in ANY version! He's beaten more than his share of heroes AND villains, and even Batman doesn't take him lightly (not that he takes anyone lightly, but you know what I mean). All that said I have to go with Deadpool, and not just because I'm a fan. All I keep thinking is Taskmaster vs Deadppol, Taksmaster vs Deadpool. That should've been an easy fight, but Taskmaster lost to Deadpool's unpredictability. I see the same thing happening here. his mouth, and his antics and off-the-wall tactics are going to seriously mess with Deathstroke's focus. Deadpool isn't stupid either. I wouldn't be surprised between the gunfire. and the talking and dodging, he runs into a pineapple trap aka GRENADES!

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Apples to Oranges! That's what this comparison is. That said I have to go with Young Justice. It was everything great about Justice League/JLU and Teen Titans all mixed into one great show. Amazing story telling, a continuity that was deep but easy to follow, homages and Easter Eggs galore, and great characters all around. From classic Characters reimagined slightly like Robin and Speedy, to characters never seen on tv before like Superboy (Kon-El) and Miss Martian, you really got invested in all their backstories and relationships. They were able to spin a teen drama and call it an action cartoon. I was really upset when it was cancelled because the set up for the next season was great. This exactly what the natural progression of shows from DC was leading too. Such a waste that it didn't continue passed the second season would've loved to see them tackle Darkseid and Apocalypse. Reminds me of how "X-men: Evolution" AND "Wolverine and the X-men" ended with Apocalypse being introduced.

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NICE!!! Very nice!! I like the subtle changes. But is it me or does he look bigger? I swear he looks even MORE like Superman than he did before.

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OMG! That one was great. And the best part is you can totally see it coming, but when he delivers it is still hilarious!! I so want him to reprise the role at some point. "Oh Ird Boy your no fun anymore! All grown up and in your big boy pants. Oh well, better off than your replacement right. Hard to make with the yuks when you're worm food, hmmm?!?"

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@ninjablade09 - That was one of my favorite lines from that film, and yeah it's definitely up there for me too!! "Papa Spank!!!" LMAO!!! Hamill got to go nuts in that,

But I love DiMaggio in Under the Red Hood. That final confrontation and reveal was just too much. "Oh Oh, who's got a camera? Let's get one of you and me, then the three of us, and then one with the crowbar!"

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HOLY CRAP!!! My comment got used!!!

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@thanostomp - It's very hard to even come up with something original. Just about everything's been done before in one medium or another. It's why comics, and books are big for source material right now in Hollywood. Almost the closest thing you'll get to original.

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WHAT? I liked Predators!! I wanted a sequel to that!!

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Actually, the only thing I really love after all these years is Jack as the Joker. Keaton is ok as Bruce, and Bats, but it was jack that stole the show!!! "THIS TOWN NEEDS AN ENEMA!!!" That and the music!!! Prince's soundtrack rocked! and Danny Elfman's score was and still is amazing and the basis of so many batman themes.