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Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. And as with every comic based movie or event I get inspired to go look up stuff like the new IDW comic series (not so new) and realized that the change in origin for the movie that everyone is bitching about, came from the new comic. It didn't bother me much to begin with, and my daughter liked it actually, but I just find it funny fans are hating but they're not up on the new comic, cause if they were then they' have known that and cried foul way back when, and the comic would've been cancelled like the Image title was, but nope, still going strong and making changes along the way.

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I Love JR JR's art! Always have. Love his Spiderman Stuff, but his Wolverine was really good too. I'm interested to see his Superman stuff now. It's funny, because since Klaus Jensen is inking, his stuff resembles Frank Miller a little.

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Damn! What am I saying to impress you guys? LOL Old Man Logan was so good, it got a non-comic reader into reading comics. Seriously. I have a friend that literally picked it up and couldn't stop reading. She hadn't read a comic before, and X-men weren't her thing (She's a recent convert to the Geek Side). But Old Man Logan really drew her in. It's a great story. I wish Marvel would make a movie, animated or otherwise of this.

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Harley and Deadshot were my favorites! I really enjoyed the heist feel of this, and all the cameos, and seeing the locations from the game was great. I'd like another film set in the Arkham Universe, that centers on Batman and crew. We only get little bits of them in the game.

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It was so good! A movie needs to happen right now! Seriously! Hell I'd even settle for a full on CG flick like the test footage. Just give me a Deadpool flick already.

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Old man Logan!! Hands Down!!! "Enemy of the State" was a great story. Visceral, action packed, and with some breathtaking art by John Romita Jr., especially the massive fight scenes with Logan taking on whole armies of characters. Definitely one of the quintessential "Wolverine Goes Berserk!!" stories. Him not being in control, but knowing what he was doing was a good twist and added to the story. "Old Man Logan" however is just epic. In scope, in story, in it's art, and it's action. The twisted Villain Ruled world is as much a character as the main protagonist, and the "Road Trip" feel to the story added some needed levity, to some rather dark storytelling. It most definitely is a character driven story, and we get to see a side of Logan that is rarely glimpsed. It's also a truly tragic story as well. Finding out what actually broke him, and caused him to never pop his claws again is truly heartbreaking for readers because we know what it meant to him. This is why later, when Logan finally does, and The Wolverine is let loose again it is a glorious and anticipated moment. The final battle is not to be missed!! Also This is one of the few alternate future stories I really wanted to see more of. The end had a "Lonewolf and Cub" feel, and I could easily see Millar writing a story like that in this world, with Logan gathering up a new team to take down what's left of the villains. I has similar aspirations for Kaare Andrews' "Spider-Man: Reign," which was also very good.

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Sounds great! Does it connect well with the game universe?

@teerack Yes. It's 2 years before Arkham Asylum, and about 3 or so years after Origins.

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OMG!!! It's like a realistic (kinda) take on the Spider-Ham and other characters. Captain AmericaCat, Hulk Bunny, and more. It's gloriuous!!

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SUHWEET!! My comment got chosen again!! Week just got better!!! But all that aside....


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