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I will be watching this with my daughter most definitely!! And Lego Guy Gardner FTW!

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Agree with this article 100% I really hope they take the fantastical and mythological side of her seriously, and make it a major part of her stories. Those are the best WW stories in my opinion.

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I'm all for this!! I wanted Logan's death to affect more than just the X-men and Spider-Man was always a part of what I wanted to see. Logan has affected many heroes lives. Spidey being asked to teach at the school is the equivalent of Johnny asking him to join the FF. The X-Men aren't family like the FF were but they're the second closest thing, as they've had their share of people misunderstanding them. I look forward to reading this.

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ABSOLUTELY Cannot wait to take my daughter!! We're going to have a blast!!

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SUHWEET!!! I got quoted again!! And it looks like I wasn't alone in my thoughts. Bucky for the Win!

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Agreed 100% I've tried to re-watch the 80's version but it's just so corny most of the time. It has it's moments but damn, time has not been kind to my childhood. It's like that across the board with my favorite shows. Which is why I so HATE the whole "They're destroying my childhood" statement.

I dare all of you who are stuck looking at things through the rose-tinted lenses of Nostalgia to watch an entire season of an 80's classic and come back and tell me it's as good (for the same reasons you remember) as it was then, or it's as deep and meaningful with great storytelling. I still love my He-Man, and my Thundercats, and my Voltron, and my Transformers, but other than certain episodes, movies and such they really weren't that well done.

For example the set up of the original Thundercats basically had them being Cat powered superheroes, with episodic, generic "Stop the bad guy" themes. Sure there were messages in the episodes, but in the end the shows were there to sell toys. There was no real story to be told. And that is the difference with most of these new shows compared to the originals. The new shows were made to tell stories (toys are definitely involved, but there is a larger focus on stories when writing the series) while the old shows were made around the concept of toys, and there wasn't really anything other than what will get the good guys and bad guys fighting. Hell even the Michael Bay movies are only taking that and expanding it into a 2+ hr flick instead of 30 minutes (but he has a serious issue with character development, or lack there of unless they're name is Bumblebee or Optimus Prime). As a matter of fact it wasn't really until Gargoyles, Spider-Man (90's) and Batman:TAS that we got deep stories that had repercussions down the line.

In the end if we ever get a Thundercats flick, I want it more like this show (which had a great backstory and mythology).

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This show was amazing! Like many of the updated reboots of classic shows they did a masterful job of telling new stories while paying homage to the original. But like another reboot of a classic on Cartoon Network (Masters of the Universe), it didn't get the push it deserved and fell by the wayside. It seems like the only show to escape that trap was TMNT which is currently still trucking along with a great new show. The 2002-2009 versions were great too, mining stuff from Mirage and Archie comics both. Transformers: Prime, and to a lesser extent GIJoe: Renegades on Hub were also great reboots.

@frozenedge - I know right?!? Give me a movie or a mini-series or at least a frickin comic!!! Young Justice at least got to end the arc, even if it was open, as did Green Lantern! Damn you Cartoon Network!!!

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Gotta go with Bucky on this one. As good as Ollie is, Bucky has had a lot of experience between his Cold War days, and his time as Winter Soldier in the present, as well as being Cap for a while. He can be ruthless, but he's calculating and precise. He's a soldier, assassin, warrior, and Avenger. He's gone toe to toe with some of the most viscous characters in the MU, and come out on top. Not to mention if he gets in a good punch with that arm, it's game over. Ollie is no slouch but if you take everything that his last three combatants had, and then role it into one, you get Winter Soldier.

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Nice! Spider-Verse is a great event. And hopefully we'll get some kind of on going where we can revisit some of these characters like Noir, Spider-Gwen, and others. An ongoing Scarlet Spiders wouldn't be bad either.

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YES!!! He'll own this part!