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Well I will say this, the show certainly has picked up steam. It's been an ambitious venture linking the Cinematic universe to this show. Marvel is really thinking big. And then adding the Neflix shows. Personally I can't wait to see how this turns out.

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AMAZING STUFF! My favs are the galaxy ranger and Fili and Kili pic, just cause I wasn't expecting them.

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Looks loads better than what I was expecting. The action and the turtles will at least be decent. And I love me some William Fitchner. Hopefully this new take will bring some of the insanity that in TMNT to the big screen. The current cartoon and the last series (all 3 shows) were very good. Also liking how they're gear is cobbled together from stuff they'd fin on the street and in the trash. They have a slightly uniform look, but have individuality to them.

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WHOA! I'm getting a direct response. I feel super especial!! LOL SO wait did you write this like 2 years ago then? Cause the game is old now. My friend liked it a bit and it's pretty involved to a point. You're given one of three characters and then you basically build their powers as you level up.

I'd really like another Ultimate Alliance type game from Marvel, or even a better one from DC than the JL one they put out.

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Already had the X-men game, X-men: Destiny. Wasn't half bad. A Moon Knight Game would rock though if you throw in some supernatural elements as well like Werewolf by night, zombies, Blade, etc. A daredevil game would be pretty interesting, using his abilities would be like an enhanced detective mode from the Arkham games. Spidey has had some decent games lately, and I wouldn't mind another Wolverine game along the lines of the X-men Origins game, but comic based or something.

The Batman Arkham games are pretty much perfect so yes Tony we have Batman games.

A Green Arrow game set in the "Arrow" continuity would be cool, with levels in the present and in the past on the Island. A Wonder Woman game would be SERIOUSLY badass!! Have it be all Greek mythology with only cameos by Steve Trevor and any other non Amazonian cast. Green Lantern would be great, the movie tie-in game had potential but lacked substance.

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Can't wait. So glad Mackie got this role. Always wanted him for Black Panther but this is great. Aldis Hodge (Leverage, Walking Dead) or Edi Gathegi (X-men: First Class, Justified) for Black Panther!

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I loved Damian, but Tim was the best Robin. Dick IS Nightwing. He was the first, he set the bar, but Tim really made the role it's own. Everyone else was just a sidekick.

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BOUT DAMNED TIME!!! I love the animation. Gives the old school feel but with CGI 3D depth and details like fur and grass. Can't Wait!!!

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Well that sucks. I liked the show. At least both GL and YJ got to finish their arcs. Still want a Thundercats animated movie to finish up that story. I really liked the reboot. CN is seriously dropping the ball with their shows.

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Court of Owls is only logical. I think they should do a Court of Owls/Night of Owls 2 parter!